The Power of Intention


Today I want to talk about the power of intention and how you can focus your thoughts in order to embed a particular idea or set of ideas into the collective consciousness.

By simply taking some time to have an open discussion with your higher self, or with God, nature, or the universe, however you prefer to perceive the macrocosmic entity we call existence, you can actively set events into motion.

You can clear disease and stress from your body. You can change the chemical composition of matter. We have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible to achieve with the human mind.

Events that we would normally call miracles are not necessarily extraordinary, as in impossible feats being realized, they’re simply occurrences manifested through conscious will power, which is the ultimate force of creation.

And this ability to manifest miracles can become a conscious skill once you become conscious on a spiritual level.

When you are able to activate the aspect of your soul that is universal in nature, that is cosmic, that is extraterrestrial, an entirely new set of extrasensory abilities becomes available to you.

And it is in the realization that we are all made of the same matter, that there is absolutely no separation when you look at existence from a much bigger picture.

It is only within this third dimension, this physical realm, that we view our existence as separate. And of course that is what we call the veil of illusion.

It is within this veil of illusion that we believe that we have to fight for our survival, but is that the truth or is it nothing more than a fabrication of the mind?

Because when you are able to fully utilize the extrasensory abilities that you naturally have within you, that which is normally impossible, becomes possible.

When we are able to focus and relax, become present in the here and now moment, we are able to direct our energy in order to manifest change.

We can create ideas that then take existence within the nonphysical realm, and then as we add more energy, more intention to those ideas, they can then manifest into denser realities.

Because if you think of a creation such as a book, it is nothing more than an inspiration of ideas, of a set of letters which create words, which then form sentences and paragraphs and pages and chapters, that all together combine to create what we call a book.

And that process is absolutely no different than any other form of creation. Perhaps the process is different—like in creating a child—but ultimately the cycle is the same. The conception of an idea.

So with this knowledge now available to you, with that which was previously veiled now open for you to utilize, literally anything becomes possible. It all has to do with your intention and the power of your belief.

So here’s an example: Say that there is a particular part of your body that has not been doing well. Say you’ve had headaches for a long time, recurring headaches that just won’t seem to stop.

Maybe you’ve tried taking medicine. Maybe you’ve tried going to a doctor. Maybe you’ve tried yoga or meditation.

Well, perhaps the one thing that could heal this is the focus of your intention on restructuring the cells of that part of your body so that they are no longer dysfunctional and disharmonious, but aligned with health, strength, and vitality. And you can focus that intent on creating a solution that is absolutely what you desire. But as I said, that can only come with direct focus and absolute belief that it is possible.

By making the effort and practicing this skill, over time any disbelief or doubt that you have regarding the power of your abilities will go away.

It is no different than any other skill like riding a bike or cooking. The more you do it, the better you get at it until it becomes natural for you.

So when we talk about being authentic, channeling the higher self, being absolutely uninhibited and fully in your power, we are talking about unleashing your full potential.

To be a creative, sovereign being, an aspect of universal consciousness that has simply been incarnated, brought down so to speak, into this physical dimension, to take a physical form within a biological vessel in order to be able to interface within this particular dimension of reality.

So the more power, the more emotion, and the more energy you put into your intention, the stronger the manifestation will be.

And I guarantee once you start doing this, you will find that openings in your life begin to manifest in miraculous ways.

You start experiencing breakthroughs in a way that you never thought was possible, because all you knew before was the way that you were originally taught and conditioned to think.

And that includes the notion that you are not capable of achieving miraculous feats. To be afraid of your own power.

Through our conditioning in modern society, we have simply been taught a particular way of thinking that doesn’t support true creativity, but as we progress in our consciousness as a collective, those abilities will be unlocked.

And this knowledge that has been hidden will rise to the surface, and that is when we will start to see the world really change.

The major breakthroughs and progress that we know are possible will begin to manifest because we will invite those occurrences into our reality.

This is why it is so vital to work on yourself in order to become more conscious of your existence on a spiritual level.

Just like how a flashlight needs enough power to shine, ideas need enough power through our collective will to manifest.

The easiest way to start is with a simple affirmation. I am grateful for being here right now. I am grateful for this opportunity to exist in a human body at this time. And you can build on these thoughts until you have created an entire story for yourself that can be set into motion in the future.

Never forget that you are not alone. The universe is on your side, because it is all you. And the so-called other people out there are also all you.

With that simple realization alone, that when you look into the eyes of another human being, that you are merely looking at a reflection of yourself in another form, then real compassion and empathy and understanding becomes available.

This perspective is not what we have been taught, and thus there is a lot of work to do to remain aware of it all the time. This comes with training and discipline, but it is possible if you are committed to achieving it.

That is ultimately what it takes to reach the next level of consciousness, to clear the veil of illusion, but you can do it.

We are all in this together, and we stand by each other to make this world a better place. It is what we came here to do, and it shall be so by the power of our intent.

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