Gnosis as a Personal Experience by Georgi Stankov
Published December 16, 2017

Georgi Stankov’s comprehensive essay “Gnosis as a Personal Experience” translated to English and compiled into ebook form by PAT member Lux.

Version 1.3 (1.19 MB)

Street-smart Spirituality and the Trivium by Aegil Santos
Published September 5, 2014

An eleven-part serial inspired by Mark Passio’s presentation, Street-Wise Spirituality, covering topics such as Natural Law, the fallacy of solipsism and the current social environment, and modern-day spirituality.

Version 0.1 (19.9 KB)

The Wonders of Meditation by Aegil Santos
Published January 3, 2014

A seven-part serial discussing the philosophy of meditation and the basic methods that can be practiced in everyday life.

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Serial 1: Semantics of Meditation
Serial 2: Uses of Meditation
Serial 3: Creative (Yang) Meditation
Serial 4: Maintenance (Yin) Meditation
Serial 5: Acceptance
Serial 6: Mirrors
Serial 7: Synchronicity

Version 2.0 (190 KB, contains 1 PDF file, 1 EPUB file, and 8 RTF files)

Paradoxes and Ascension by Aegil Santos
Published December 23, 2013

An eight-part serial discussing the nature of paradoxes in everyday thinking and the semantics of human behavior.

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Serial 1: Renaissance People and Paradoxes
Serial 2: Light and Dark
Serial 3: Proving Something to Anyone
Serial 4: The Fate of Human Behavior
Serial 5: Abhorred Behavior from a Neutral Point of View (NPV)
Serial 6: NPV of Deceit
Serial 7: NPV of Killing and Violence
Serial 8: No-Escape Paradigm

Version 1.0 (215 KB, contains 1 PDF file and 8 RTF files)

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind by Georgi Stankov
Published September 8, 2013

An eleven-part serial which establishes the foundation of Georgi Stankov’s theory of the Universal Law and discusses the concept of ascension and its associated processes.

Visit the official page for this book on Stankov’s Universal Law Press.

Version 1.0 (2.7 MB, contains 1 PDF file)

My Journey Into the World of Intentional Communities by Skyler Newman
Published July 3, 2013

A five-part article series detailing my six-week visit to five intentional communities based in the Washington D.C./Virginia area of the United States in the early summer of 2013.

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Part 1: Acorn Community – The Rebellious Teenager
Part 2: Twin Oaks – The Serious Adult
Part 3: Living Energy Farm – The Promise Child
Part 4: The Keep – The Trendy Cousin
Part 5: Light Morning – The Wise Old Grandfather

Analytical Skills Can Unlock Your Hidden Potential by Aegil Santos
Published June 18, 2013

A 4-part serial discussing the balance between abstract and logical thinking, the power of critical analysis, and the relationship between meditation and the creative process.

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Serial 1: It is Natural to Be a Curious Guidance Seeker
Serial 2: Analytical Skills Can Either Work for You or Work Against You
Serial 3: Managing Your Memory and Your Knowledge
Serial 4: Describing the Reward System of the Higher Self

Version 1.0 (163 KB, contains 4 PDF files)

The Magic of Numbers by Aegil Santos
Published February 27, 2013

A 13-part serial (plus introduction) on the semantics, origins, and logic behind mathematics, including segments on linear time, methods of measurement, and the relationship between mathematics and consciousness development.

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Introduction: What is Consciousness
Serial 1: Comparing is Based on Our Consciousness
Serial 2: Baby Steps to Counting
Serial 3: Dealing with Large Numbers
Serial 4: Number Writing Systems
Serial 5: Number Display Systems
Serial 6: Wrap-up of Vocabulary in Counting Systems
Serial 7: Units and Measurement
Serial 8: Everyday Mathematics – Basic Arithmetic and Fractions
Serial 9: Everyday Mathematics – Ratios and Basic Statistics
Serial 10: Everyday Mathematics – Angles and Basic Geometry
Serial 11: Our Perception of Time is Based on Counting and Waiting
Serial 12: Semantics of Linear Time and Cycles
Serial 13: The Origins of Money and How We Value Stuff

Version 1.1 (4.7 MB, contains 14 PDF files and changelog)

Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future by Skyler Newman
Published October 25, 2012

An oral presentation discussing the journey of my awakening, how society has been conditioned, overcoming fear, crystalline children, the evolution of humanity, and a vision of the New Earth that will arise after December 21, 2012.

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Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The Problem
Part 3: The Solution
Part 4: The Future

Version 1.0 (99.5 MB, contains 4 MP3 files and PDF transcript)