Analytical Skills Can Unlock Your Hidden Potential – Serial 2

Due to the strenuous nature of analytical thinking, some lightworkers don’t want to invest their energy in them, so they always think it is a disadvantageous practice. But depending on the knowledge you already have and how you were nurtured, analysis can be advantageous or disadvantageous.

Analysis can work for you or work against you

Scientists continue to think physics and philosophy is not related to economics or ecology. They need to change their core paradigms – they simply reject the higher realms and think national borders need to exist. They think intellectuality comes from their body instead of the higher realms.

They think we are random products of genetic mutation. This is a disadvantage of the “survival of the fittest” mentality, which also causes them to think humans are animalistic. This is an example of a disadvantageous form of analysis, due to an unsuitable vantage point.

Without analytical skills, will you be able to ask why the financial system is broken or even curiously ask the questions below? Spiritual knowledge might help you analyze all of these topics because that is a new perspective. That spiritual knowledge improves your ability to detect bugs in the current social establishment.

So selecting your vantage point, or reference point makes all the difference when you ask yourself the questions below. Scientists often reject the spiritual vantage point because they are beholden to some dogma. Questions stimulate analysis.

  • How did the lamestream media deceive us all this while?
  • How can you even contemplate what is the purpose of the money system?
  • Why is politics broken?
  • Why is it easy to forget or lose notice of the basic existential needs and the magic of numbers?
  • How numbers and language abused as tools to enslave humanity?
  • What does this all mean to me?

If you don’t even have the tiniest bit of spiritual knowledge, you won’t even be able to answer these hard questions or even think of those questions in the first place, as long as you are trapped in a disadvantageous reference point.

Some scientists and other academicians have no grasp of even the basic principles of spirituality. That means they analyze using an outdated reference point. So they cannot grasp what is really happening and tend to resort to the ideas of randomness, determinism and coincidence. Their minds cannot see the connection between various fields of study due to those ideas.

The problem is that scientists analyze based on broken paradigms as stated above. No matter what technology they create, they cannot get out of their cognitive abyss. In other words, to get out of that abyss, they should consider having spirituality as their reference point. Since dogma has blocked their curiosity they cannot freely travel to new places in the world of knowledge. This is why dogma makes analysis work against you.

Whether you notice it or not, the spiritual frame of mind helps you better solve the problems of why the world is in its current state. Therefore without noticing it, you are analyzing the current economic practices in light of spiritual principles. You have a strong emotion that is motivating you connect the dots. Thus with new knowledge, you can make analysis work for you.

For the masses, if you don’t have a spiritual frame of mind you will say “I don’t care how the world works or how politics is rotten”. So all you will care about is entertainment. Some people don’t have a strong emotion that enables them to analyze how the world works. So all they want is how they can get their next round of entertainment.

Why do you curiously think of those questions in the first place? You want to share your love and light because you care. You are inspired to create and improve things. You sense something is out of touch. You feel talented enough to share your love and light. Via emotions associated with those questions, your higher self drives you to explore solutions.

Mind rest and mind activity needs to be balanced

As the first step to bridging science and spirituality, we need balance popular meditation and analysis. Too much meditation may not serve you well, and as you may know, the best messages from your higher self can come from deep introspection and self reflection about how the world works. Therefore, your mind needs to have some active, but silent moments too.

Your mind also needs rest (smell the roses and meditate), and your mind also needs to be active (you write, analyze and think with inspiration from your emotions). That means mind activity and mind rest needs to be done in moderation.

Popular meditations tend to suggest too much mind rest while the workplace or academia tends to demand too much mind activity. You can only get the best of what your mind has to offer, when you balance these two. You can let your mind rest or be active, when you feel like it.

The ladder analogy

As long as humanity is trapped in those paradigms that is now plaguing scientists and academia, they need a useful form of analysis as some kind of ladder to the newer paradigm. Those dogma are like a deep abyss and is responsible for academic bells and whistles.

This is like crash landing on a planet. Trying to find ways to get out of it is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. To solve the jigsaw puzzle properly, you need some analytical skills. We fell via a deep abyss called the veil of forgetfulness, using our creative potential, we can build ladders to see the daylight again but we forgot how to. We can build that ladder only by recognizing what we are capable of (talents and personal abilities).

When we have successfully climbed up the ladder, meaning we have transcended the veil of forgetfulness, that is when analysis may no longer be useful. We cannot transcend analysis until we have fully climbed up the ladder.

But as long as you are in 3d reality, and due to the limited, and sequentially thinking human mind, we have no choice but to use analytical skills. To not use analytical skills to your advantage is to live like a monk, which means you can’t fully enjoy what physicality has to offer.

Not using analytical skills, which is a gift to every incarnated entity, will shoot you in the foot. It can also help in observing and letting things unfold.

The episode 3 of a movie or a game won’t make sense till you have watched (observed) episode 1 and 2. We all know new learning (new observation) builds on old learning (past observation or memories). Also, in mathematics you have to grasp algebra before you can move on to calculus.

Analysis and high quality images

Remember what would life be like if there was only black ink, but no color ink? Calculations and analysis can make things more colorful. but one must let go if your calculations are beyond expectations (unforeseen events).

Calculations can also help interpret the unforeseen event, whether it affects you positively or not – calculations can give one bonus step up the staircase, because it provides a colorful picture. You can use the analysis you have done so far as a point of departure. This is like completing episode 1 in the analysis process, now anything related to episode 1 will make much more sense.

Some lightworkers tend to downplay analysis and calculations. They might be strenuous but they give more color and detail to the picture. Think HD (high definition). Analysis can improve your ability to think calmly and get more down-to-earth with your insights because they can lead you up the ladder.

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