Analytical Skills Can Unlock Your Hidden Potential – Serial 4

Visualizing how your potential is gradually unlocked

This is an example of how being able to quantify helps in spiritual pursuits. To quantify means to use numbers to give a better picture. I will use my experience to describe the rewarding system of the higher realms.

When the veil of forgetfulness was placed upon you, it locked down most, if not all of your abilities, so amnesia was induced. This is the reward system to be explained below. It is also the way how the higher realms unlock your potential, step by step.

1. We will use comparative vocabulary:

So I can say that much of my efforts to increase my spiritual knowledge came from my higher self than websites and books. The external sources are: Universal Law website, forums, math websites and physics/math books.

I would say that my higher self is the largest contributor for my spiritual growth. To connect to me, my HS uses my current knowledge and builds on them. Messages from your HS can be a wild, original and innovative personal opinion or idea that you have suddenly thought of. Sometimes you feel like sharing them.

My HS uses external information to help move on to the next step, just as you need a bucket to better collect fruits from your backyard or goggles to improve your vision in swimming. With those external sources or my original insights I can make better choices where to move next. This enabled to write on my journal and produce essays.

2. Now let’s pick a reference point to help us imagine size:

Now let’s imagine that the volume (size) what I have learnt from external sources since August 2011 is the size of one standard size book. Think of the average pocket book. Let’s set this size as a reference point.

3. Now that a reference point is chosen, we can now start quantifying:

So I can say that what I have learnt from my higher self is equivalent to 3 standard size books. Again, what I have learnt from external sources is equal to one standard size book. So the ratio to what I have learnt from my higher self to external sources is expressed as 3:1

We can use basic statistics below. Things can be so basic we hardly notice it being used.

Now using statistics, we have to total the number books first regardless of type, whether external or from higher self: 3+1=4

This how we add the books regardless of type: 3 books from higher self, plus 1 book from external sources equals 4 books in total. The ability of our five senses, memory and survival instincts to detect similarities and differences between patterns are basic to statistics.

Now we have quite a similar wording with regard to statistics about people we hear from the mainstream media:

1 out of 4 books is from external sources and the rest (3 out of 4 books) is from my higher self.

In percentages you all learnt from elementary schools: higher self: 75% of books I read, while external sources: 25% of books I read.

Quantifying is helpful but is only part of bigger picture

But quantifying is not enough: it does not picture that learning new stuff most of the time requires older stuff. This does not mean quantifying or analyzing is useless for spiritual pursuits. It only gives a small but integral part of the big picture that, in turn, makes a difference to picture quality. Quantifying can sometimes better describe things, only if something is easy to quantify.

I have to read some external sources to facilitate the arrival of some insights from HS. This can be thought as HS giving you rewards for reading something. Think of the achievements service in games or completing a level to move on to the next level.

Analytical skills is still useful because the new insights can connect to your older insights and upgrade them, whether your personal ideas or ideas from a book. They tend to give you a fresh and new perspective on things. Sometimes you all analyze stuff without even noticing it. Sometimes insights learned from your best friend’s story can brighten up your day like never before, if you use you your friend’s perspective.

Going to new insight is like climbing up on a beautiful spot on the mountain. You can analyze the lower ground (lower level) based on the higher ground (higher level). How does your town look like from the mountain? How does your old knowledge look like from your new knowledge?

Ultimately it is an enhancement and refinement cycle of improving your insights, I have mentioned earlier that analysis is iterative and may involve trial and error. One must be patient and not fall to rosy esoteric colors.

To listen to what anyone has to say, then evaluating them for yourself via analysis is advantageous for consciousness development or personal growth. One must not be fearful to explore. So courage to withstand obstacles is also required. You can decide if you want to stall your growth. This just like completing a level in a game to get rewards and achievements: If you learn or experience something new, or pass through and obstacle you will receive a reward in the form of knowledge from your HS.

The language of silence helps facilitate this, a moment, to take a break from busy-ness and reflect on what you have done. This self-reflection can help you gain more insights.

Obstacles and dealing with confusion

Confusion is not a bad thing in the learning process. This is the source of discomfort as described in Serial 1.

It simply means you have met an obstacle before you can continue. This might be a side effect of the knowledge synthesis process. The good thing about it is that it is also a sign you are making headway in the synthesis of new ideas. There are some obstacles you need to conquer before reaching the next level of the game.

Confusion is only temporary and is part of the process, you may find it is worth being confused because it has made you question something. When you get the answers you will find that it was worth being confused for a short period.

You might need to let go of older ideas that may be causing confusion, for example scientists need to let go of the idea of vacuum to resolve their confusion with other topics. You might have consider as much possibilities as you can. So you will be rewarded by your higher self for letting go of old ideas.

You need to weigh your old ideas and new ideas so that you know what to eliminate. You need to choose your idea so that you can move on. Writing can help you with this. You need to analyze several viewpoints and possibilities to synthesize new knowledge. This means unhindered mental flexibility and attention to spontaneous new ideas. Knowledge from various fields can provide the flexibility you need.

Sure, mass media may try to confuse you more, but that is not a problem if you get hold of your personal ideas from your memory with conviction. Writing it down helps you get better hold of it. We might go around in circles when we are dealing with external information, so analysis can help us stick to ideas that benefit us.

We make the common mistake of thinking that the best way to resolve confusion is to stick to obsolete ideas and the normality bias. This is a lazy, destructive and counterintuitive way to resolve confusion. This is like deleting your saved progress in a game, meaning you have to start the game again.

This is a problem of the slow and sequentially thinking human mind. To resolve confusion while getting hold of your fresh new insights is a strenuous affair. You have to write down or paint an art just to move on to the next idea. So synthesizing new ideas with the help of your HS is another way but strenuous to resolve confusion.

Confusion is also another reason we ask questions to people that may be more experienced. But you have to make the answer blend with your old knowledge with the help of your HS.

It might take some time to resolve confusion the constructive way. You need to do it at your own pace. Others have different experiences because they are nurtured differently. The education system might be a good source of useful information, but one size fits all approach of the grading system in the current education system hinders creativity.


Channeled messages tend to say that the information you are looking for is already within you, though getting information from your higher self is an iterative process that may require prerequisite knowledge. So with the power of analysis, you can better process new information from your higher self.

That means analytical skills, when used properly, can help you see your full potential and personality to express your love and light in their full glory.

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