Paradoxes and Ascension: Serial 2 – Light and Dark

Paradox: Why bother about the concepts of light and dark while we should focus instead on unity, not duality? (P1)

To solve that kind of paradox is to know how the origin of those terms, rather than entirely dismissing those concepts, which can make it difficult to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Or strictly speaking, what is the epistemological foundation of those terms?

The concepts of light and dark starts from everyday life, by deciding the healthiest choices to live and to thinking. Being in the veil of illusion, we always look for the best way to achieve a goal by solving paradoxes. We keep searching for upward spirals while we eliminate self destructive patterns of living. Upward spirals are about reaching the light at the end of the tunnel (enlightenment). Downward spirals keeps us in the dark.

Soul contracts and checkpoints are about peeling the amnesia of our divine nature. Note that some past life roles are not suitable for the environment (destructive) but we can use that role for a short tolerable period. We simply need to find better ways to use our role. This is just like directing our anger into something constructive.

Optimization is about health

It is all about energy optimization or the environment will self destruct, that also means us. Since All-that-is works in optimized conditions, some choices can lead to self destruction, so some actions are disadvantageous.

Choice is our greatest gift. If there are enough organizations that have a similar mission and vision to Freedom Earth, then it can put into disadvantage the entire soft drink industry or pesticide ridden agribusiness. The problem now is that due to apathy, there isn’t enough organizations like those, and neither can those organizations develop fast enough.

This concept of health is an application of the LRCs of contiguous (touching) levels and systems*. It simply states that some energy levels or systems do work at the expense of each other (tradeoffs). This is similar to the seesaw analogy described in the previous essay The Basic Question and why Human Evolution is Stagnant. An everyday example is that we have to trade healthy practices of light at the expense of unhealthy dark practices. Unhealthy means unoptimized.

No need to know what exactly is an LRC (long range correlation), we simply have to notice that the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law is already embedded in our very thinking. To be more exact, LRCs can can also be simply visualized as magnetic fields. Just like magnets attract metals, our social environment affects us.

The prominent example of that is health of an organization is dependent on the health of the people. This is where fractals, set theory (U-sets) and hierarchies apply. This is why revolutionary concepts work at the expense of obsolete concepts, and the old has to be cleared for the new.

The lower levels of the fractal hierarchy can influence the higher levels, when the lower levels are U-subsets of the higher levels. So the health of fractal levels can be dependent on the health other fractal levels. This means that health doesn’t just happen in our bodies, it applies to all of society. At the moment the current overall state of the planet is not healthy.

Win-win situations

It is not an us versus them (win-lose) situation if we decide to opt for self empowerment instead of apathy. Those current social environment can promote unhealthy lifestyles all they want, but none of their agendas will work without the participation of the people, that of course includes the appropriate tools and technology. Percentage participation is already an application of contiguous LRCs, as exemplified in the Occupy Movement.

“They” can do their twisted agendas all they want, but percentage participation cannot be kept low without instilling fear and keeping secret the information that can promote freedom. Fear instilled in the masses by making sure their train of thought keeps repeating the ugly scenario. This is further reinforced in the social environment and the hierarchical nature of habits.The promoters of the unhealthy agenda are gravely mistaken with the idea of a win-lose situation.

We as a collective, our homework is to show them that they don’t need to live at the expense of us, but they have to trade their abusive practices for that win-win situation. Win-win situations are all about being whole again. They also benefit in the long run from our homework. No bloodshed is needed here. This is not about the victimhood mentality, this is how ecology and the participation of people to a certain cause works. Also, it is about maintaining the health of the whole.

When there are significantly enough participants of the healthy paradigm, the leaders of those abusive systems will have no choice but learn from us. They could also be just like us, trying to get out of a rut, but are trapped in the veil of illusion. But it seems to them they have no other choice but to be abusive.

To create win-win situations, all we need is a clear vision; that means focus to create a lifestyle (way of living) that works for everyone (win-win situation), including “them”. The clear vision (Science of Imagery) needs to repeat in our heads (in an upward spiral), only then their twisted agendas won’t work. We can show the the way through action. This can only happen when there are someone courageous enough to quit giving energy to the crumbling establishment by using constructive emotions that drive introspection.

There are always mentors ready to share their ideas (planting seeds) for sustainable living. The proper emotions will make it fertile ground for the seed. Also, the seed can reconnect vital clues for freedom (pieces of the puzzle). This makes a difference to someone who is stuck but inspired. Also it can give more perspective to the blanket statements discussed earlier.

The more people participate (percentage) for healthy living, the better. That means the abusive systems have no chance of surviving. We have all heard of the saying that “When the buying stops, the killing can too”. To add to that popular saying: “When the buying of coral stops, the healthier our sea ecosystems will be.” It is simply how nature works.

So participation is required in both cases: Unhealthy ways of living or healthy ways of living. But why are there not so many participants in the healthy paradigm today? The system has sophisticated ways are explained in the essay Crash the System, to add to it, they keep us trapped in amnesia by keeping things secret (censorship).

Examples of LRCs in daily life

Here are more examples in daily life about the contiguous levels and systems, it is up to you to find other examples:

– The more thoughtful city planning is, there will be less congestion in transport.

– The less harm we do to plant habitats (forests), the more oxygen we have for breathing.

– The more people grow their own food, the less power agribusiness will have.

– The less junk food we eat, the better our health will be.

– The less compartmentalized thinking we have, the more streamlined our thinking will be.

Human intransigence or apathy is stopping us from achieving those examples, since we need enthusiastic participation. We will talk about apathy and its consequences in the Serial 5.

The so-called dark ones and the experiences they provide

Some say that the so-called “dark ones” are vital for the experiences we need for this 3d/4d reality. Yes, that is true, but they make it more difficult for everyone, including “themselves” since their roles contain self destructive behavior such as the eventual depletion of oxygen and the apathy of the masses. Their agendas have short term instant gratification. No plants, no oxygen, no respiration, even for those “dark ones”, game over (Lose-Lose situation). We have discussed win-win situations above.

Not only we need to integrate their roles, they too also need to integrate our roles as promoters of the healthy Weltanschauung. Many looking at oneness not from a big picture point of view tend to miss this. They have a choice to join us. Yes, we can also take into account that we have played similar roles as their destructive behavior in a past life, but that past life acts only as a piece of the puzzle of the big picture.

The more past lives we have experienced, the better we will be attuned to abstract thinking, so the less we need those destructive roles. At present, if there are something to integrate from “them”, they may be soft skills, management skills, and leadership skills, but “they” may be keeping it secret.

We don’t need those corporations and central banks to experience this 3d/4d reality if all they do is create propaganda that stimulates apathy, which is also human intransigence. Those systems nurture people to use their soft skills or leadership skills in a destructive way by perpetuating those broken systems while the more healthy ways are kept secret. They don’t know yet how to hone those skills to create healthy ways of living (hidden potential is locked).

All we need to experience this reality are the limitations of our body to experience the lower levels of creation, this includes linear and sequential thinking (the slow human mind), also we have no wings to fly. We are here to experience how it is like to live as a flesh and blood creature.

The dark visitors can intervene any planet all they want, but their actions can ruin the experience, by quickening the self destruction and stagnation of a planet. Through our actions, we can keep narrow the soul evolutionary gap and the collective amnesia. If the gap is too wide, it can cause the self destruction of a planet. Since some incarnated old souls act like young souls (amnesia), they should participate by unlocking their full potential.

It is our call now to narrow that gap to support the sustainability of this planet. Old souls should be old souls. Evolutionary gaps (soul age model) is related to the classroom analogy in the essay Interpersonal Relationships and Interdimensional Splits.

Nature and nurture

All we need is the guidance of mentors (more experienced people) that will help stimulate light language to bust through the amnesia. This is because babies need to learn from scratch but need to be nurtured in friendly and healthy environments. Not unhealthy synthetic environments with central banks, fast food and all the popular television fads.

We are born enlightened (with an open channel to our higher self), but it requires the proper nurture and environment to bring the best our of our nature (self expression). Nurture can make the incarnated old soul act like a young soul.

Fractals and set theory

Due to the incessant energy interactions in All-That-Is mentioned above, this leads us to another related paradox: Regarding frequencies, since there can be infinitely small frequencies and infinitely large frequencies, why do we have the ideas of higher or lower? (P2)

That observation shouldn’t fully discard the ideas of higher or lower or light or dark, because hierarchies exist (fractal interactions and dependencies) and there are incessant energy transfers and interactions among levels and systems that are based on sacred geometry (physics). For example, the body is a U-subset of the soul (higher self). Also consider that fractals and set theory are naturally integrated to human language, or semantics won’t work and things will be difficult to describe using language. This is also a reason some languages have a rich and precise vocabulary.

The ideas of higher or lower comes from comparing (relativity). We can compare by using mathematics to make sense of the relationships between dependent levels and systems. The idea of higher or lower also comes from the observation that, if systems don’t work in an optimized and healthy way, systems will self destruct. Regarding LRCs of contiguous levels and systems discussed above, what is higher or lower can be subjective, depending on how compartmentalized our thinking is. So we want a world that works for everybody, health seems to be a higher goal.

Set theory (statistics) and fractals work together. Also a whole set can have U-subsets as we zoom in. U-subsets include connections (the whole) between fields as an element. N-sets such as scarcity and vacuum exclude the whole (connection between fields of knowledge) as an element of the set, thus compartmentalizing thinking, this causes logical contradictions.

Layered or hierarchical habits

Some habits also work in layers, thus giving the feeling of higher and lower. Simply put, as long as authorities exist, layered habits will exist. The thought police (media, immediate people in the environment and authorities) also engenders layered habits such as peer alcohol drinking. So it is not only step by step clearing the obsolete habit but layer by layer. Just like the mini-bosses in RPGs need the final boss as their leader, or they will go awry.

Layered habits goes like this also: “Since we need to work to make a living, that also means we need the money system to live. I can’t think of alternatives to the money system because I don’t know.” The alternative here is egalitarian living. Egalitarian living is harder to think of when there is compartmentalized thinking. Think again. For this moment, don’t give your preconceptions a chance. This is why it is called Ascension, you have to bust through layer by layer.


* See page 42 of the book The New Axiomatics of the Universal Law.

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