Paradoxes and Ascension: Serial 3 – Proving Something to Anyone

Paradox: If you say I have nothing to prove to anyone, why should I bother expressing my ideas? (P3)

Some people may find your ideas useful and can play a role in their consciousness development. It can even enlighten a curious lost soul, enough to help them continue the upward spiral.

Only you can best understand the essence of your ideas but as said in Serial 1 of this book, a person can reach the same conclusion as you, but traverse different paths. It is only you who can best understand your personal experiences. There might be someone who has experienced more of the same thing, especially if you both specialize in the same fields. As the saying goes, great minds think alike.

You might be criticized by apathetic people because usually good ideas can be controversial and require a lot of self reflection to integrate the fields of knowledge, as written in the first serial. Still it is worth the courage. Spreading your proofs can improve cohesiveness in a community of like minded people seeking to seed the connection between fields of knowledge. This is like building a mass rapid transit (MRT) between fields of knowledge.

To conclude, it is best to elaborate the best you can on your arguments to support a strong conclusion. No matter how strong your arguments and conclusions, it is always up to the other person to make up his or her own mind. Their joy or despair is no longer our responsibility after sharing knowledge.

More important is to have to keep the doors open to other choices by expressing yourself. You do the briefing, how they do the mission is up to them, as we will describe below. When a piece of the puzzle doesn’t fit yet, we can always pass that piece to another person.

It is a good practice to energize ideas by letting them take physical form

But lastly, if your insights are too abstract and need more fine tuning, you can always use the language of silence to see how they develop. Keep in mind when it is difficult to express abstract thoughts at the moment, there is no need to always prove anything to anyone. But also it is important to elaborate your proofs when the opportunity arises, this will boost the morale of someone looking for like minded people.

It is good to write your thoughts or paint because this is the way you best embody your higher self. When you write or paint, you think of the best form or structure on how they can manifest in this reality. Simply thinking of grammar structure and audience can help make your writings more effective. When words are the best way to share your thoughts, simply thinking of writing can help you proceed to the better ideas. Same for painting or music.

Putting your thoughts into paper or art into canvas helps your linear and sequential thinking move on to the next thought. Just like it is best to show your working to move on to the next procedure when you are doing mathematics exercises. This is called the effortless state of flow.

So you can prove anything to anyone, but drop all expectations about the success of your work because everybody chooses their path. It doesn’t matter if the path is apathy or diligence to their spiritual endeavors. Your courage can act as both a mirror and an acid test that can reveal the paradoxes they haven’t solved. By taking the first step, you can have more informed decisions on what strategy to undertake.

Theory is just as important as practice

Paradox: Doesn’t real action speak louder than words, then why do we discuss theory all the time in the forums? (P4)

Engineering consulting companies discuss theory all the time, but with occasional field visits. So the overall focus is on consulting. It is much closer to practicality than colleges because knowledge has to be applied before you can consult.

In colleges, there is not much focus on the usefulness and application of theory, thus making lecture sessions dry and difficult to grasp, because the textbooks don’t talk straight.

Also just the right amount of words can make plans go better. Words are fine when you discuss tried and true strategies on how to use science to manifest your idea. Missions statements cannot exist without the proper emotions.

It starts with emotion (5d), then about the idea or vision (4d), then the best scientific theories (4d), only then we can assemble the piece of technology using a manufacturing process (3d).

Some say, “In practice, theory only works in theory.” Yes, it is true, but is only a perfect description for the ivory towers of academia, where details lack an epistemological foundation (the big picture of love).

Behavior of knowledgeable people

Paradox: We often expect ascended masters or spiritual leaders to speak kindly. However why does it appear that some are harsh? (P5)

This has been discussed multiple times but there is a new explanation to this. We will use the analogies of mission briefing and tasting food. It will give a new perspective on the seed planting analogy.

Do you remember the times your parent may give you remarks you hardly expect, though they love you from the bottom of their hearts. So it is useless to expect how their behavior will be. You all know the truth can hurt your obsolete perspective. The packaging may not look good, but there are goodies inside. It is a lesson of not taking offense because all hurt is temporary.

Spiritual leaders or incarnated masters can behave in a way you don’t expect. They are way-showers and guides. Some people exist to show you the way. They can act in a way similar to your past life. For example you can use what you have learnt in your current life to make sense of why you have acted harshly in a past life.

They help you expand your perspectives. In other words they will always blow your mind. Blown minds aren’t always a thing to celebrate. They might make you cry because it can stop you from resting in your laurels (comfort zone). When you feel in the position to criticize, also think that only diamonds can cut another diamond, only then you can criticize fairly with self reflection.

Spirituality is about listening, so no need to shoot the messenger, but use your discernment. Discernment is emotion, ESP, vastness of your current knowledge, analysis and critical thinking. They can still win your critical acclaim if you fully put them in your shoes, depending if your soul contract allows it. You can expand your knowledge by putting them in your shoes (integration).

Uncomfortable situations can be treated as integration opportunities. They can help you get a big picture perspective. So you can say that you are not your feelings of embarrassment. Forgive yourself and others.

Also take into account that for you to appreciate or agree with something, you might have to solve paradoxes instead of contradicting your logic with weak arguments. If those harsh words encourage you to think, when not use them as meditation opportunities. Thinking of multiple perspectives is already a meditation. They allow you to arrive at higher insights.

Mission briefings

They can only brief you a mission, for example they brief you in how you can use analytical skills and critical thinking to improve your confidence. They cannot do the spiritual work (mission) for you, just like they cannot do your exam paper for you. You take the initiative (take it upon yourself). So it is not their concern whether you have succeeded the briefing.

How you do the mission itself is your responsibility. This is why the proof of the pudding or the culinary art is in the eating. The description of the taste only acts as the briefing. The mission is in the eating. However it is not as simple as this, your soul contract acts a briefing but the real mission objectives can still be met using different paths to the same checkpoint.

The briefing might be inspiring but you have not experienced the challenge that lies ahead. There is no turning to back old habits and ways of thinking once you have completed the mission. The briefing acts as a kickstart, so it is something to be thankful for, it might be useful for other missions.

So when you plan personally how to achieve a goal, you are essentially doing a personal briefing to help you focus better on the mission. The actual doing or mission can turn out to be different because you might have fell short or went beyond your expectations by finding treasures you did not expect.

An example of this are travel plans. The traveling of course went differently than what the travel plan has showed you. A debriefing is when you use introspection see if you have fulfilled your plans and how some things went beyond your wildest expectations.

Some ideas can seem advanced for your level, so respect your pace. So it may seem harsh that you out from them that you grasp intermediate level science. You were just briefed and it is up to you to find the path/mission to reach that advanced level of knowledge. It is up to your initiative (taking things upon yourself) to climb to reach the view of the mountain top.

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