Paradoxes and Ascension: Serial 4 – The Fate of Human Behavior

This serial will shed light on these paradoxes:

Why ascend when there is still a lot to do, isn’t that escapism? (P6)

This is very similar to the paradox: Aren’t we supposed to be in the now doing our thing instead of focusing on predictions? (P7) This will be discussed in the section about climaxes.

Lofty visions

When you have a lofty vision about changing the world, it will need a lot of participation, firstly especially like minded people. To nurture cohesiveness, people need to be enthusiastic. The masses are all resting on their laurels at the moment, simply because any mention about politics, religion and social issues causes a lot of mental stress they are not trained to handle.

Yes, everyone is in their own path. But their path is apathy if they are not aware of the consequences of apathy. They don’t know which switch they will turn on in an optimized reality, as will be discussed below. Working for optimization is our responsibility. This is the paradoxical side of free will: some free will paths can block other free will paths. Resting in your laurels is free will too, but that doesn’t exclude you from consequences.

Seeds can be planted, but the soil has to fertile (optimized) to allow the seed to fully mature. The seed has to land in an environment, where is it has the proper conditions to sustain itself. This means some prerequisite knowledge or skills may be needed.

Internalizing the current situation

Also we have to fully accept the nitty-gritty of the current situation to really be in the now. We can use the perspectives of science, economics and multidimensionality. We cannot neglect the fact that apathy is everywhere in the world due to nature of the social environment.

This is why ascension is not about escapism in the first place. It all starts with self reflection, which improves just like any other skill such as riding a bicycle. Apathy in the masses cannot breed participation. You want to coordinate but the masses are escaping.

Being obsessed with the predictions doesn’t mean we practice good habits and gain more knowledge or solve relationship problems when we still can. We use them to instill and inspiration hope in our hearts. It is just awareness of the fact that our actions affect each other. Mass apathy will truly affect everybody because we are all in the same boat.

Now why are some obsessed with predictions? We can better reconcile with them if we know where their ideas are coming from. It is not about doom and gloom, negativity or being cynical, it is about inspiring better choices in every living, rather that repeating in your train of thought: “My skills are not enough.” This is why it is good practice to embrace your negative thought in light of other constructive thoughts, this is transmutation.

It might look cynical at first glance, but it is about accepting the current situation with your best scientific knowledge about health, balance and optimization. Things are easier to grasp when they are connected. This is where you can open doors to hope and make better strategies of finding better ways of life and miracles.

Catch-22s and silent revolutions

Also the best thing we can do is brief the mission. It is up to them to the mission itself as stated in the Serial 2 of this book. It is up to them whether they choose enthusiasm or apathy to get out of our downward spiral.

We might complain: “No matter how I try show the revolutionary parts of my ideas at the best of my skills, they still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Their intellectual abilities may not be that advanced. We have no choice but only like minded people with grasp our complaint and some of those really open to new ideas. The best thing we can do is keep the door open. There can be little time left to grasp ideas before a climax.

There can be so little enthusiastic like minded people around, that all we can do is sit and do a silent revolution instead, while dealing with the light body process. This is a catch-22 because it can seem like escapism, but silent revolution also has advantages (language of silence). This where you have lots of time to sit with your higher self and refine strategies. It is all about energy focus and balance.

Overnight events, switches and climaxes

Some predictions seem to imply things can happen overnight, thus is a paradox in itself (P8). True, nothing happens overnight. But smaller events can culminate into a climax if we don’t notice we are making poor decisions for decades.  The smaller events can happen without noticing it due to escapism and apathy.

It clearly is an embarrassment to the next generations of children to think a dysfunctional system can go on forever, because we in turn pass the mess (economic and environmental) to them.

More importantly, we can notice that the situation is getting worse, that it looks like there is no time left. This one reason some people like to create prophecies. They are not simple prophecies, but educated guesses based on multiple fields of knowledge, a trait of Renaissance People. They are more like plans to build a complex machine factory.

Due to apathy, the consuming masses are not aware we are headed to self destruction. Most of us don’t see a crash till it is too little, too late. This is like turning on switches without knowing how the whole device works (this is the veil of forgetfulness at work).

Economic collapse is not a single event but is a climax. It is when all the smaller switches are recklessly switched on till the threshold is reached. This is similar to downward spiral of decay. Climaxes don’t happen overnight, it happens one switch or step at a time. It also depends on how many people open the same switch (participation).

The central banks are in a catch-22 now. If they stop printing money, the worldwide economy will collapse. If they continue printing money, hyperinflation will occur, making things more difficult to afford, also faith is lost in the the global reserve currency, the economy will also collapse.

Since the masses are too dumbed down, surely a coordinated effort to replace the current system with a holistic system based on natural cycles will not happen overnight. It will require the same amount of energy needed to cause the current societal decay in the first place. If it took decades to make a reckoning cataclysmic situation more likely to occur, then it can take decades to do the coordinated effort.

The masses can be so apathetic about sustainable living that it can take a societal collapse to convince them that they are unaware they are on a downward spiral. Also, they are unaware the cracks of the current system are already visible, no matter how slow the collapse happens. This the sad part. This due to the thought police as explained in the essay, Crash the System. The effect of policing your thoughts also has its consequences.

The societal collapse or cataclysm can be treated as a larger version of a dark night of the soul, or catharsis, since it can be used and opportunity to rebuild based on a healthier Weltanschauung.

Foreign aid can be used as a way to make sure we don’t remember our multidimensional personality. When you rebuild a city, though this is not very obvious, you also rebuild the underlying unhealthy Weltanschauung.

An overview of our current situation

– Poor city planning in some areas such as Metro Manila can cause lost time in heart to heart conversations (time for family and friends) due to traffic congestion. Thus the notion of “Taking away your energy” is not longer a mystic phenomenon. Also if there are more cars, more traffic congestion, if public transport is not taken as a high priority. It might require demolishing some areas to improve traffic flow in poorly planned cities. This further explained in the second last heading.

– Inflation of all world currencies is causing a lot of poverty. More people in the United States are living on food stamps than ever before. Also some people are forcibly moved out of their homes, with the intention of not improving the infrastructure of the city.

– Unemployment is rising in developed nations, those who are not socially prepared will act irrationally. It is not about anarchy anymore, but how we cooperate with like minded people to realize your lofty idea.

– To cooperate means not using your survival instinct in times of social breakdown. It no longer has to be at the expense of one another anymore (gangs fighting gangs).

– Many ivory towers have been needlessly created in academia, because they no longer think integration of knowledge is possible, as extensively discussed in the Serial 1.

– More importantly, so many distractions, whether it is the media, pop culture, gadget fads or entertainment. This is part of the thought police described in Crash the System.

Case study of city planning

Some people might have to be relocated to improve living conditions. This is how the living conditions in Singapore improved in the 1960s-1980s, with lots of government intervention. But we can further improve living situations throughout the world by removing national borders and central banks, since those things can stimulate crime. Singapore’s biggest problem is land scarcity.

But improved living conditions mean more abuse by the military-industrial complex: more forced participation on jobs you hate. This is Singapore was recently well known in 2012 as an emotionless society. As we can see here, improved living conditions can be used as a tool.

Building cities based on constructive paradigms.

Now we can see why we don’t need to feel victimized when whole cities are ravaged by earthquakes, we see it as an opportunity to build a better city or social environment based on a better underlying Weltanschauung.

If more people think globally but act locally, we surely don’t need those multinational corporations by working for them. They are dependent on the patent system, which prevents the ideas from reaching more well-intentioned people.

Some people know deeply in their hearts that it is irrational to commit crime, but feel they have no choice. Based on the axiom of reciprocal LRCs discussed earlier, the more restrictive systems (money system and patent system) are in place, there will be less social order (more crime), simply because the best ideas cannot spread evenly. Thus those systems are incapable of showing true love and have no soul.

As sovereign beings, everyone is their own boss. Our destiny is ascension.

Free will and Interdimensional splits

Now back to the consequences of apathy. If cataclysm has to occur, so how do we account for free will? (P9) From a multidimensional perspective, this is another paradox that is countered with the idea of interdimensional splits. It is just one of the solutions if our situations is to progress. Every one will be put into the environment for the best spiritual growth, as discussed with the evolutionary gap in Serial 2 of this book. This lofty vision will sound sour at first glance.

This leads us to another paradox: Why do we have to split when we are all one? (P10) This is about free will also, we can only try to brief by proving something to anyone as discussed earlier, but the mission is up to them, along with its experiences and consequences. It is already split when we let anyone do their own thing (repeal old friendships). Some links have to be severed to avail of something more wondrous.

Just some can arrive at the same conclusion about a topic, we all return to the Source, no matter which path we take, it is our main destiny.

More is discussed in the earlier essay Interpersonal relationships and Interdimensional Splits.

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