Paradoxes and Ascension: Serial 5 – Abhorred Behavior from a Neutral Point of View (NPV)

Here are human behaviors that are frowned in society, we will look at them in a neutral point of view (NPV). It is the middle way. It is a different but peaceful way to look at the frowned behaviors, if we want to transcend drama. All drama are originated from goals and motives, which evoke emotion.

It is better to see them as tools, but that doesn’t mean they are good tools for optimization. We don’t have to use often the worst ones. There are more ways. Viewing them as tools, we can see better the paradoxes contained in them.

When we combine them with the multidimensional perspective that we are aspects of source and are immortal beings, the neutral point of view will be easier to achieve. The more you look at something something from the big picture, not compartmentalized and unreflected thinking, the more neutral that point of view is.

Just because they all are abhorrent with regard to practicing good deeds, that does not mean there is harm looking at them from a neutral point view. It is worth looking at them one more time in light of higher perspectives to have more peace of mind with all the drama that surrounds us every day.

Lying (deception) and killing are prominently used by the PTW to ensure their unsustainable agenda keeps going forever. Since they are huge topics, thus will be discussed in a neutral point of view in separate Serials.

Taking things personally

When we mean don’t take things personally, we often mean look at the thing from a neutral point of view, and if you can’t, use introspection or reflection to see where the person is coming from before criticizing. Also it can mean, don’t let the drama affect you (needs enough self reflection also).

On the other hand, not taking things personally can also sound like you need to take care of something and get involved using your talent, but as stated before, we don’t always need to prove anything to anyone. It is also about reducing our involvement and responsibilities to keep the balance. This why the language of silence is necessary.

1. Censorship

 It is known in esoteric communities that the current establishment is using excessive censorship to make sure holistic practices (alternatives = choices) are not heard. How can we use just a bit of censorship to maintain balance? Practicing this bit of censorship is called community moderation. It is all about everyone’s benefit.

In forums, there are likely to be newcomers curiously exploring the discussions. So basic etiquette needs to be practiced to avoid discouraging them. This is like the house analogy, do you need a trouble maker that can cause imbalance, when you need to meditate to regain balance? This is one reason forums have to be moderated, but that doesn’t mean there is no tolerance (setting limits).

Behaviors that don’t contribute to the discussion are name calling and trolling. A limit (perhaps 6 times) has to be set for those type of behavior, if we want more constructive discussions in the foreground (center of attention). If it crosses the line, introspection and outrospection (the language of silence) is a more constructive behavior to trolling. No need to worry, usually moderators, will give you a chance and remove the ban.

Take any banning as an opportunity to use the language of silence. Practice better behavior when you see opportunity, this is where you can use the power of choice. Then come back when the moderator has given you a chance to make up your mind.

Vent when you need, but it has to give an powerful idea (constructive). You can write it in your journal if you are not sure about sharing it (your thoughts can be off topic), this is a form of self moderation. Venting is a powerful tool for release (get some things off your chest). Share if you feel it is appropriate, there will always be someone who likes to offer a perspective and take your thoughts to the next level.

How can we use conflict to reach understanding? (P11) This is a paradox in itself. By thinking of the big picture (dialectics and connectedness) via outrospection. The conflict simply reveals opportunities to change your habits and where your thoughts come from (layered habits connected to upbringing and the immediate environment). You might find something wonderful in yourself.

This also brings us to the paradox: Why censor even with some tolerance, when that is not a way to express freedom? (P12)

Freedom also means putting the old practices aside and giving the new alternatives a chance and giving into the flow of the new practice. For example, introspection has more benefits in the long run than unreflected trolling. Freedom is also about maintaining balance. This is why it is called moderation in online communities.

2. Physically hurting someone

Though this may not have happened in the forums, this will be included to allow a didactic explanation. It also may have happened to some as they try to awaken more people (light warriors).

Spiritual leaders are not in a position to do this unless they need self defense (peaceful protesters dealing with police), though this rarely happens. This why protesting at landmarks may be ineffective, so it is better to do a silent but group revolution (meditation) by using websites and forums to lower the chances of injury.

When someone wants to hurt you, you at least need to defend yourself. No need to use weapons that can cause long term injury to the person.

It is better to discuss the issue verbally than to use violence. Better to be angry than to hit. Some can feel threatened enough to hit you when their established Weltanschauung are challenged.

Mental pain can last longer than physical pain, since the mental pain can be replayed as a train of thought. Though too often physical pain comes with mental pain. So violence is not effective in solving the world’s problems.

3. Badmouthing someone

This is the the least harmful of the abhorred behavior and we may have no choice but to use it. At the same time words are powerful, especially if your charisma is good. This can work well with body language. Semantics and interpretation also role to play here. Temporary discomfort is part of the process to bust through the veil of illusion/forgetfulness.

When you want to be brutally honest to someone, you might come across as a badmouth. Your emotions are hurt, but at least that is another perspective you have to consider. The pain is temporary. You may first need to feel hurt when you need to get out of the train of thought that encourages them to resting in laurels.

For some people it is very natural to use more charming words instead of harsh words in their speaking or writing. It really does depend on the personality on whether you use charming or harsh words. It too depends on the situation around the person. The person might have a headache due to LBP symptoms and can be irritable, so can vent unexpectedly.

Both the charming and harsh perspectives may both fit together in the puzzle, so that means they can work well together. The harsh perspective might not have occurred in your mind. Simply integrate the harsh perspective since beautiful and fluffy words are not always the truth.

What is considered as positive or negative in the current social environment can be very superficial, so reflects compartmentalized thinking and not the big picture. As part of the upward spiral sometimes you have to revisit an older place in light of the brighter place you have recently visited.

The question is, how much can you handle the true side and embarrassing side of yourself? Sometimes you are shy to see your own past essays. Sometimes thinking of what others think can make you shy to review your past works. So take uncomfortable situations as integration opportunities. They can help you get a big picture perspective. So you can say that you are not your feelings of embarrassment.

4. Sexual talk

I don’t need to give examples about this since society tends to hide sexual activities, desires and orientation due to conditioning. They are not really of a big issue compared to the others discussed here. In this age where there are no need to make secrets, just look at sexual talk from a neutral point of view. Not all those kind of talk are perverted.

All sexual activity is fine, as long as they are not combined with violence such as rape and agendas such as distorting a person’s sexual orientation as to make him more accepted by the people.

Use sexual activity to enhance creativity instead. If you can use sexuality as an inspiration, then that is fine to be used as a tool. Though this rarely happens.

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