Paradoxes and Ascension: Serial 6 – NPV of Deceit

Lying is too disgusted that hardly anyone looks at it from a neutral point of view. This shouldn’t stop us from being aware of the overlooked aspects of it, which are the same time its paradoxical aspects.

Practically it is not a reliable tool for most cases, if you want to maintain the integrity of your character. But it is only best for maintaining the element of surprise.

Using deceit to preserve the veil of forgetfulness

It is widely known in conspiracy theory and in lightworker websites that the establishment lies to further the agenda of keeping the masses enslaved (trapped in the veil of illusion).

The thought police are making sure that the masses do not pass through checkpoints in their soul contract because total independence from the Matrix has never happened before – means downfall of the thought police. As explained earlier, the hardware (nature, hidden potential) is only good as the software (nurture), despite all measurements of intelligence quotient (IQ).

Advertisements use a lot of deceit and exaggeration to charm the masses into buying the product. Subliminal messages maximize how they entice. They only work when carnal pleasures dominate your train of thought.

Religions heavily distort the truth to keep the masses afraid of their hidden potential. They help make sure that they keep apathy in our train of thought. The key tool here are semantics. Religions were discussed in more detail in The Basic Question and Why Human Evolution is Stagnant.

Politicians and the media lie that the economy is recovering, but there are many underhanded tactics like money printing. They need the masses unclear about the big picture of how the world works, so those tactics relies on compartmentalized thinking.

Using deceit to circumvent the obsolete juridical system

Activists or whistleblowers are very susceptible to prison terms for their bravery. Some prison terms may be undeserving due to the poor living conditions of the prison, where they may be hardly room for consciousness development. This where some details may not be told in court (too honest), especially when you get a long prison term, or you have to keep your emotions at a low profile (charisma).

There may be better opportunities for spiritual growth than using prisons. There clearly are more solutions (never tried before) than maintaining prisons. As explained earlier, try removing the money system and patent system and see if crime will drop. Thus the whole Matrix itself is a prison.

Now here are the overlooked aspects of lying:

Deceit in ecology

In flora and fauna species, deceit is used for the survival of the species. Carnivorous pitcher plants emit a sweet smell to lure insects, which are its prey. Stick insects use camouflage so that they will be unnoticed by their predators. There are more examples we can find the mainstream documentaries.

Didactic explanations

Deceit is rarely used when some things are too technical to understand that we have no choice but to use an explanation that is just close enough to convey our abstract thinking.

Sometimes we have might have to exaggerate or oversimplify an explanation to allow a didactic explanation of something technical, only then we can go deeper with the explanation. Besides, we simply cannot find another explanation. For example, stating that hyperthreading technology doubles the number of microprocessor cores can be too exaggerated. So we don’t have to beat ourselves when it is the best way we can explain at the moment (explanation not fully developed didactically).

White lies

White lies are used when things can be misinterpreted, they can also be used to give the element of surprise. Usually they are part of a well-intentioned greater plan. The reactions and undesired feelings misinterpretation can cause may not be suitable for the mission. It can be very difficult for a truth teller to use white lies to gain the upper hand.

This is like the scene where Obi-Wan tells a false story of Darth Vader, as to not cause undesired reactions in Luke that may affect his morale, then later tells the truth at the right moment (Star Wars Episode 5). It is just like the game of chess, where many moves have to be calculated, or RTS games, deceit and deviousness can give us the upper hand.

Some truths should be told at the right moments and conditions, only then it can be effectively absorbed. Picture this: There is a pathway where deceit is used once but is successful in meeting the checkpoint (big picture). There is a pathway where the truth is told early but the checkpoint is not met early.

White lies frequently occur in relationship issues. We may use them so that the person doesn’t react too badly. The truth told too early may make the person infertile for the new information. When there is no other way, and we simply have to do things instead of thinking too much about sneaky, devious pathways, we eventually have to tell the truth. There are also some details not relevant for the situation.

Despite the moves we can calculate, There is only so much we know at a given moment, so it is it not always worth obsessing over details. Some writers start not knowing how to be a good writer, but they didn’t let their apathy ruin their enthusiasm about writing. Feeling they are not experienced (not appreciating the gifts of the higher self) ruins their enthusiasm. So there is always a new path to try with enthusiasm. Do not worry, just try to find a way that doesn’t involve deceit.

Cosmic jokes and humor

Amnesia fools us into thinking the current reality we live is the only that exists and there are no other parallel realities. This is part of how we get lost in our creation. It is a journey of experiences through multiple lifetimes to break through the veil of forgetfulness (the pieces of the puzzle come together) and remember the middle way, the view of the summit.

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