Paradoxes and Ascension: Serial 7 – NPV of Killing and Violence

Let us now take a look at why suicide or genocide is really something to abhor. Similarly to lying, being abhorred, there are overlooked aspects of it in Nature, this is the paradoxical part.

At the same time we are all immortal beings with a soul. Killing is simply one way to exclude souls from participating in a reality. Wherever we look, bloodshed is not necessary. Suicide and genocide can prematurely abort already mature soul contracts. The star players need to hold the light.

However, maintaining a soul contract doesn’t mean we should have angst to die. The systems uses fear of death to keep us in the veil of forgetfulness or illusion. This train of thought usually runs in the agnostics. This has been discussed in detail in the essay Basic Existential Needs, Obsolete Thought Patterns, and Ascension.

Genocide maintains the veil of forgetfulness of the masses

Never has mass awakening happened on this planet due the destructive systems put into place. It is afraid of it happening and they do whatever they can to prevent it. Genocide is used as a tool to maintain the veil of forgetfulness. Usually prominent people wanting to promote freedom are targeted, prematurely aborting or delaying the soul contract.

Killing is a tragedy, but when the system causes apathy to a large number of people, it is a bigger tragedy. Especially when we are doomed into a downward spiral.

Why do they want to commit genocide? The masses are easier to control using a centralized system. A centralized system has its limits. Higher numbers of people are more difficult to directly control using a centralized system.

To begin with, instilling fear in the train of thought as described in the essay Crash the System is already effective but they are not satisfied, the PTW want total control. To achieve that, they set up FEMA camps to place even higher restrictions on freedom of self expression. That scenario is similar to the popular dystopian literature, e.g., 1984 by George Orwell.

What scares the system the most is when the masses remember their true multidimensional origin, where there is no turning back, no matter what you do. One of the ways to remember your true origin is achieve inner consistency in thinking. The effects of this will be discussed in the concluding Serial 8 of this book.

There are better things to do than to voluntarily kill a sentient being.

Terminating life for systemic regulation

First we will look at how killing can be beneficial in Nature. Some things have to die to ensure the survival of the species or system. This is also to ensure regulation can be achieved in the ecosystem. We have to eat plants or the herbivore, but it is more effective to eat plants.

Introducing an animal species not native to a certain geographical area can disturb the ecological balance of that area. The species have to be culled because they thrive at the expense of the native species.

It also happens in the immune system of the animal body. Apoptosis (programmed cell death) is one way the body is regulated. Also when the immune system is getting rid of cancer cells. For it to be effective, the immune system must be supported with proper nutrition.

Another paradoxical aspect: Maintaining order

An extreme example from the Bhagavad Gita is when a tribe has no choice but to wage war on another tribe, after weighing all decisions. We need to be forgiving enough to fully embrace the extreme examples from a neutral point of view.

The other tribe has taken the first step to hit another tribe. This is done so that they can avail of new pathways. Short term trouble for long term harmony. One tribe has a very connected view of the big picture of the microcosm and macrocosm. The other simply acts on survival instincts. This is like the immune system waging war on cancer cells.

Think of the scenario, where a robber wants to attack you with a knife. You quickly use pepper spray or a taser before he hits you to make the robber lose control. You successfully used a something that doesn’t cause permanent damage, so the robber has second chance on a rehabilitation center.

Despite all these extreme examples, it is better to find ways to avoid bloodshed. The first step is reducing reliance on survival instincts and busting through layers of habits (authorities are one cause of layered habits). The existence of a money system can be responsible for the desperation that causes robbery. An example is when the money system uses inflation, which can drive up the prices of goods.

So true war only happens on the mind (4d).

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