Paradoxes and Ascension: Serial 8 – No-Escape Paradigm

What will happen if I revert to some of my old habits like eating fast food after integrating the fields of knowledge? (P13)

The convenience and efficiency of the new habit can be enough to stop you from going back to old habits, especially when your self expression can be demanding that it requires no-frills strategies.

When you have passed a checkpoint in the veil of forgetfulness, tasting fast food again will have no effect in your way of thinking. This is what the players in the current social environment are afraid. They do everything to stop you from remembering your multidimensional personality.

Nothing harms you anymore once you have remembered your multidimensional personality. Remembering disables some of the effects of fast food. It was also designed to slow down thinking.

It is not that they magically become completely harmless to your body, but you simply repel it. They may not harm your logical thinking, but you may even vomit, have nausea or a headache when eating again fast food again or smoke harmful cigarettes. This can happen after eating whole food for some time, a habit which you have cultivated to peel the veil of forgetfulness. Your higher self protects you.

But eating fast food, smoking or any other destructive habits is not something good to look at if you want to set yourself as an example of a person with constructive habits. It is best to walk the talk, even when such substances will no longer harm you, but your body may force you too and help you repel them. Of course, it is always best to take things in moderation.

When you encounter paradoxes, see the included discomfort as an opportunity to connect ideas. You have a choice here: give up solving it, or take that opportunity. There is no turning back once you have solved them. No need to worry because your higher self is closest in moments like those to support you in the creative flow that comes with it.

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