The Wonders of Meditation: Serial 2 – Uses of Meditation

Paradox: When many say there is no limit in our creative potential, why worry about limitations? (P2)

There is only a set amount of things you can do in a given day. This is very similar to the observation that your house has limited space. So meditation can be used to clean up thoughts that don’t serve anymore. This is like editing your train of thought for a given day. Simply put, we have to be careful with the trains of thought we choose. This is a key aspect of acceptance, as will be described in Serial 5 of this book.

We can use limitations to change our priorities for the better. If limitations are not respected, we might have short term instant gratification but long term trouble. This is an application of the LRCs of contiguous levels and systems. This is what yin and yang is all about.

Just like we can easily accept the computer limitations (processor speed, storage and memory) to make the best use of it, our mind and body has limitations to be respected. Linear and sequential thinking is the central aspect of this. This can be visualized as the day having limited slots because we eventually need to rest after a strenuous creative session.

Resting is maintenance meditation. This why we are compelled to rest after a long day of creativity. Similarly, the body maintains itself through homeostasis. The body also has a built in circadian rhythm for it. Not having enough sleep can lead to trouble. We can always continue exploring the fields of knowledge after a good night’s sleep.

Food quality is a very important factor in Being. It can also determine how much you can recuperate at rest time. Whole foods along with the basic noticing of your breath can make a difference in your meditation. Exerting your self at a long term period can lead to disease (yin and yang imbalance). All the fast food readily available adds insult to injury (dis-ease caused by work demands).

We need to accept our limitations to help explore the fields of knowledge in an upward spiral. Cleaning up is integral to the process. The more patterns we come across in the fields of knowledge as we explore it, the closer we can reach axioms. Some blanket statements such as “All-Is-One” are axioms. We shouldn’t be afraid of heights if we intend to reach the limit of human thinking (view of the summit).

We just need to achieve yin and yang with our body, so that we better pierce through the veil of illusion. Despite catch-22s, we can reach software ascension by achieving balanced yin and yang. We just have to look our surroundings in a new light. With that balance, there is no limit in the cosmic humor and art we can have. Then there is no limit to the number of parallel realities we can create after hardware Ascension.

Misuse of meditation in the current social environment

The current social environment has sophisticated methods to derail our train of thought (disturb). “They” usually target trains of thought that will center us with our higher self. First you were nurtured with the systems already in place. The social environment acts as a reminder in itself.

Their methods are the top charts in the music and movie industry. Also they advertise products that impede spiritual growth. They report fear based news in the mainstream media. Seduction from the establishment is one tool to keep us off-center. They place all those demands in the education system and the employment system. It takes the appropriate management and leadership skills to promote them.

This is how “they” derail our creative train of thought and lead us to self-destructive ones. It is so effective in distorting your interpretation that “they” have the audacity to include occult themes in movies and video games at plain sight. The spiritual point of view is nowhere to be found, they simply have to censor straight spiritual talk. They keep us in our base survival instincts. This means only the lower three chakras operate.

The festivals from the religious establishment were designed to keep the train of thought focused (centered) on consumerism. The infamous example is Christmas. When we are fearful of breaking some dogma (blanket statements), it is already just as effective as a meditative mantra. The Christian mass is already one form of group meditation, but is not known as such due to semantic tricks.

The funny thing about those type of festivals is that, it never focuses on the self sustaining natural cycles. If we can easily meditate on basic principles, why is it so difficult? They nurture you under the spell of compartmentalized semantics.

How can you make meditation work for you

As we can see here, our train of thought is just like a musical playlist. Based on the set amount of things we can do on a given day, we have a choice whether we want compartmentalized, prejudiced thinking, or holistic, big picture thinking. As mentioned in the previous serial, we can balance creative and restful meditation. Knowing the picture of meditation, we can create a world that works for everyone.

We can use meditation as sign of gratitude. Some cultures remind themselves of how to give thanks to the land, water and air (natural cycles) after a strenuous work day. Balanced yin and yang has the same meaning as optimization.

Solving paradoxes is one key part of forgiveness. Arranging, organizing and reconnecting perspectives requires cleanup. Meditation is about forgiveness (yin) and the overlooked part is the mental flexibility that can come with it (yang). This type of meditation is self reflection. Insight, forgiveness and mental flexibility go hand in hand.

The goal of this book is to connect words that are not considered to be related to meditation. It’s goal is not to eliminate words. Precise vocabulary can be used to make distinctions and some words with the same meaning can be redundant, so can be eliminated from the vocabulary. Some words, despite having same meanings, are deeply integrated into culture and ways of living. So, they have the same meaning but reminds you of different cultures.

The control paradox and creative spontaneity

Can mediation (intuition) and control (logic) work together? (P3)

As we progress in the veil of forgetfulness, our thinking becomes more streamlined thus, allowing us to plan the minute details (e.g., engineering). Preconceptions can be dead ends. The other choice is to observe things unfold. Observing things unfold doesn’t we should throw away our educated guesses (analytical thinking). Some meditative mantras, allowing easier meditation, are forms of control in themselves, but is not strenuous.

The guesses complement observation. Our accumulated knowledge allows us to have better educated guesses. It can help us better solve problems that may occur while observing things unfold, so it can add more fun. This is why learning is a didactic experience.

So we need not give in to analysis-paralysis (preconceptions), if we need to be courageous. We need the actual event such as traveling the uncharted land. Not knowing what will come next is already enough to make you excited, so gives a lot of enjoyment. The actual travel will differ from the travel guide.

We can be thankful for how control can lead to more spontaneity. Having the tools required for writing readily available is easy to control. Just having the tool makes you more spontaneous with your ideas. An idea can give fertile ground for other ideas. This is why we are so eager to learn how to use and control tools.

See if you can meet any demand you set on your self. If things unfold differently, learn from it, this will invite introspection. Do not place demands that will cause breakdown (too much yang) in the long run. The establishment places too much control on us, and is very stubborn to changing their methods. This is why smart activism is beneficial.

If something in this book are difficult to grasp, just continue doing your thing. Come back to it later when your suddenly reminded of what you cannot grasp. You may consult other sources along with this one. You can use any logical contradiction as signposts to something more wonderful, this will be discussed in Serial 7 of this book.

Spiritual readings

This is not to put into disadvantage spiritual healers. This is to give a new light to readings and make sound simple and less mystical. When giving readings, we have to be aware of balance and optimization also. We cannot overwork ourselves on giving spiritual readings.

Readings can only work if the person is taking the initiative to change their way of thinking. Sharing your story is already one form of reading but you have to focus (center) on the point of view of the person you are guiding. Their train of thought will lead you to the solution. So spiritual readings are much less of a mystic phenomenon. Even creating scenarios and plans is already a form of spiritual reading.

It is up to the other person to discover their own crystal (light) language. We don’t always have to prove everything to the other person, so we only show ways. Plus we have ourselves to maintain. Which is better doing approximately 400 readings in one year, or finding ways to let people meditate on their own?

This reminds us of the saying: “Do the fishing for someone, he will eat one day. Teach someone to fish he will eat for life.” So spiritual readings can be used as starters. Readings don’t have to be long sessions. Just think of the person when you can, anywhere. It is all about passionately remembering the person.

Thus the old-fashioned online forum is already a good place to do spiritual readings, but is a very basic form. Once you are authentic one-on-one, you are good to go. However, it is better to meet in person when available and set appointments. Body language enhances the conversation and makes the reading more effective.

If spirituality is about listening, and if readings are about listening one on one, then the regular forum discussions as simpler versions of readings don’t sound not far-fetched anymore. Even a conversation in the park will do. All you need is a heart-to-heart conversation. Spiritual readings are all about finding solutions.

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