The Wonders of Meditation: Serial 3 – Creative (Yang) Meditation

As mentioned in the previous Serials of this book, creative meditation (yang) is about using tools for creativity. Strenuous thinking or doing is not called meditation in today’s esoteric circles. But it is also meditation because the end result is refreshing despite the temporary discomfort.

To keep concentrating we need affirmations, Affirmations have to be applied to a particular problem here, if not, they are only blanket statements. We can center (start) ourselves on a point of departure and lose ourselves in the creative flow.

For maximum focus it requires the language of silence, where disturbances can be eliminated. It involves body strain and mental strain, which requires maintenance meditation as recuperation. When daily tasks become a bit mundane, it can be a combination of creative and maintenance meditation.

You can include just about anything that makes you feel lazy to this list. Even thoughts such as planning are prayers.

List of creative (yang) meditations

Household chores.

– Fixing machines.

– Planning how to diagnose appliances (and other household equipment) and any form of planning.

Analytical skills (explained in Serial 3 of Analytical Skills Can Unlock Your Hidden Potential).

– Introspection and outrospection.

Practicing any skill.

– Creating informative essays.

– Writing in your journal without thinking of grammatical errors.

– Editing and correcting grammatical errors in any text.

– Writing poems or other forms of creative writing.

Putting art into canvas.

Composing mediation music.

– Group discussions on planning.

– Developing a new version of your software.

– Books can be treated as strenuous form of guided meditation.

– Organizing your room to make it support maintenance meditation.

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