The Wonders of Meditation: Serial 4 – Maintenance (Yin) Meditation

As mentioned in the previous Serials of this book, maintenance meditation (yin) is about taking a rest after a long day of creativity. This allows us to focus again when our mind is slow. They seem to be the only type of meditation in today’s esoteric circles.

To keep concentrating we need affirmations. We can center ourselves on a point of departure that will help us take a rest and lose ourselves in rested flow. Blanket statement affirmations can be used as effective centers.

For maximum focus it requires the language of silence, where disturbances can be eliminated. After some sufficient moment, it can make you feel relieved and make you ready to take your creativity to the next level. You can feel anxious when you have too much rest.

You can include just about anything that makes you feel rested in this list.

List of maintenance (yin) meditations

– Noticing your breath.

Music: solfeggio tones, meditation audio tracks with instructions.

– Reciting mantras.

– Noticing and reflecting on your workflow.

– Guided meditation tracks.

– Decorations on your house and desk.

Looking at nature.

Cultural rituals based on gratitude.

– Enjoying someone else’s work.

– Reflecting on what happened during the day.

Ancient practices such and qigong and tai chi.

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