The Wonders of Meditation: Serial 6 – Mirrors

The mirror phenomenon or law of attraction has two main characteristics: In this serial, non-local or collective (people) aspect  will be discussed. Serial 7 of this book will discuss the second aspect, synchronicity with like minded people.

The law of attraction has been frequently discussed in esoteric and personal development circles, but only a few can find the connection between collective participation and synchronicity. The field (attractive) effect of thoughts can be called the law of attraction.

This brings us to the paradox: I have changed every aspect of myself, why my immediate surroundings hasn’t changed much? (P4) Lag-time or manifestation lag due to collective participation is a key aspect to that paradox.

Intention won’t make you instantly switch to your preferred reality instantly. Many things first have to be considered. The current situation has to be taken into heart first, only then we can see clearly the many pathways to the solution. You are where you need to be. The collective participation is the key challenging factor.

It is not like immediately pondering on something can make your reality switch instantly. The most challenging things don’t happen overnight. Some things are easy to do and some are not. It is very easy to ponder ambitious changes, while most neglect even the smallest habits like simply avoiding fast food.

Changing the social establishment is a very broad goal. It has sub-projects. Simpler ones you can easily control such as emptying your cellar to break a persistent habit of hoarding is much easier than that.

Intention, mirrors and switches

Intentions are not a switch you can just flip – the most ambitious projects are challenging, so they don’t happen overnight. An example is the project to end the normality bias. A project like that involves the participation of the masses. The mirror can be slow due to the lag-time, depending on how many participate. In the end, you can only set yourself as an example.

Neither you immediately see what is in the mirror. The outside environment acts like a mirror, so you might unknowingly be flipping switches, no matter what you resent or how embedded is the normality bias. So it is better to match your knowledge on how the mirror works by removing the veil of forgetfulness. Below, we will focus on what you can control, the personal mirror.

The mirror pays attention to any resentments that have played a role to any of your decisions. From the worldwide point of view, the collective resentments are considered. All-that-Is works in optimized conditions. The optimized conditions act as a mirror. Mirrors have fractal aspects.

Local mirrors

Having amnesia (veil of forgetfulness), we forgot how the mirror (outside environment) works. We are only talking about local mirrors here, this is the health of your body. Based on fractals and set theory, we will look later at non-local and the very interactive mirror phenomenon. It is simply a very big mirror that includes not only you but the collective (that means billions more). Many look at mirrors only at a street point of view, not worldwide point of view.

From the local point of view, complications of dis-eases are the result of switches being tripped blindly. Only when it is too late, it is the time of reckoning, or climax. The climax of smoking is lung cancer, for eating fast food, it is heart disease. Climaxes can lead to catharsis (personal clearing).

Now why do things fail? You simply took the wrong path in the maze, or there is something you have overlooked. It is the mirror giving its feedback, you might need to go back and patch up something. Being in the veil of forgetfulness needing to practice skills, you need the proper information to solve the problem. No need to go the beaten path, instead you can solve paradoxes in an upward spiral to find the Ariadne thread.

Manifestation and readiness of the social environment

Manifestation in this 3d/4d reality has lag-time. Lag-time is not only dependent on the effectiveness of the tools, but the participation of the people, if people are a significant part of the creation. Usually like-minded ones contribute best to your ambition. For something to manifest, it requires the (readily) available energetic conditions. It is much easier to change yourself, but groups people are more difficult to change.

Depending on the level of participation, it takes a lot of energy to manipulate, so it can be a challenging path ahead. For the level of collective participation, the collective health can be treated as an LRC, just like personal health. As we will discuss in Serial 7 this book, to best attract information from higher self and like minded souls/people, we have to take creative initiatives. Without emotional intent, you cannot plan a lofty project.

This is why engineering projects on building shopping malls are successful. They were not only carefully planned, but participation of the people keeps them alive. People play a bigger role in success than the managers behind the project.

The managers can only plan to how make people participate. People playing a big role often sound mysterious to managers, because some managers deterministic. Just like how spiritual healers need your participation, the pinnacle managers need your participation. They take participation for granted due the dominance of the money system and the broken education system. Thus the conditions for building shopping malls are readily available.

Shopping malls only survive because consumerism and the money system are dominant. They were also able to survive because the masses cannot comprehend the big picture of spirituality. Shopping malls were erected, and continue operating due to the precautionary measures and other personal insecurities. Yes, there may be many practical things found in shopping malls, but the advertisements that focus on personal insecurity are more dominant.

Envisioning and intent

Some say if you think of utopia, you will see utopia. But we still see consumerism, no matter how that intent occupies your train of thought for the day. The vision of the utopia is only the center, then a flow called the plan is needed.

Accepting the current situation of the collective is needed. As you can see patience is key here. When we consider the collective, utopia is not a single switch you can just flip, there are hundreds of them. The conditions for utopia are not yet readily available.

For the current conditions, ponder of war, you see war. The conditions are already switched on, the technology is (readily) available, we have the masses nurtured under destructive world views such as consumerism, or racial slurs. If you ponder more deeply of war, you will think of nothing but to improve those needless technologies. For war to be successful, you truly need a lot of blind supporters, thus it just like using people. But a person pondering war from a humour perspective, war will not manifest.

Similarly, if you think of iPhone you will see iPhone. It has already been fully developed as to be popular. The company behind it has a lot of fanatics to begin with, not only that, gadgets are often mistaken to define the identity of the person. Again, the conditions for manifestation are readily available here.

But on the other side, they say if you think of healthy spiritual living, you will see healthy living. Manifestation here is not as instant as it looks. You are easy to change, but others are difficult to change. Not many see the bright side of it, nor have experienced it deeply.

Unlike consumerism, there are only a few who are devoted to spiritual principles. This utopian idea will require a lot more ambition. The conditions for manifestation will require a lot of patience to make it readily available. So the paradoxes contained in manifestation topics can be cleared if we first consider the current conditions.

The manipulation of the “dark ones” can be noticed, but the only significance they give is the management skills they use. Having integrated the management skills and social dynamics (current situation) to your plan, they become insignificant. Politicians or the juridical system can become insignificant, if you have found a solution that will render the current authorities useless.

Also, the masses don’t know they are being used, so they all play a part to the diabolic plans. Politicians cannot work without their support. Ignoring climaxes only for this sentence, it takes a lot of energy to break that spell, one person at a time, it is possible, and may be easier said (planned) than done (haphazardly).

Non-local effect of mirrors

What is we have just explained here is the local mirror. The local mirror is the thing you can control, but for the non-local mirror with the shopping mall example above, is an ambitious thing to control, you might need devious methods. Synchronicity can help make things less harsh, as will be discussed in Serial 7. The non-local mirror will remind you of the saying: “We are in the same boat.”

You can only change yourself and your immediate environment. You are healthy. You can terminate relationships that no longer work. You might have developed something sustainable in your immediate personal or group environment (egalitarian communities).

Despite all the condition you have set for yourself above, you are still doomed to a reckoning cataclysm if there are not enough people living like you or thinking like you. You will see in the non-local mirror the sum of the collective thoughts. For your lofty vision to be significant, many will have to participate, otherwise you won’t see your vision in the non-local mirror. Your thoughts will look blurred in the non-local mirror, like needles in the haystack if many still support consumerism.

Due to the effects of the non-local mirror, the interdimensional split after the climax (cataclysm, mass catharsis) occurs sounds like a plausible solution. That means going to different boats, so you can execute your visions (e.g., egalitarian living) with less resistance.

We have yet to see a climax, only some natural events never expected in a long time, say hundred years. So all we can do is improve ourselves as a like minded person group. A little bit of synchronicity goes a long way. The many warnings that a climax about to occur is no excuse for not changing your habits. Take the many warnings as a different perspective to push you in planning to make your vision successful. At least use the local mirrors discussed here.

If those warnings exist for a reason, then use them as motivation, instead of dismissing them as doom and gloom. There is more to life than business a usual. The fact that you will eventually die is enough to help you envision a more meaningful life, instead of giving in to vices or esoteric fluff. Can the certainty of death bring meaning to life? (P5) This is not about the angst to die, but this is about how death can remind us to be thankful of the talents we have.

That may sound like the victim mentality to some, but that is the everyday truth of challenging goals. We still have to bear that we cannot prove everything to everyone and can only describe our experiences. We cannot manifest our lofty goals without the participation of the collective.

Despite all the problems stated in this serial, like minded people are not only mentally connected to us, but astrally connected to us. This is why lightworkers often talk of the hundredth monkey, it is a true phenomenon, but a hundred people first need to practice effective strategies and plans, not esoteric fluff.

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