The Wonders of Meditation: Serial 7 – Synchronicity

In the previous serial, we have only discussed non-local mirrors on a worldwide scale. That serial is more focused on what we can observe with our five senses. Now this serial will describe how the astral realms help maintain the cohesiveness of like-minded people, which is beyond the five senses. Synchronicity is the key reason we practice group meditation, whether creative or maintenance.

Synchronicity is an umbrella term used to describe some phenomenon beyond the five senses. Thus synchronicity is a key part on the law of attraction, because you attract events that you least expect. So synchronicity can breed opportunity.

Despite the harshest conditions, we can use synchronicity to our advantage. The speed of how things will manifest depends on the collective. Even synchronicity may be found in unexpected places like advertisements. Sometimes number combinations will appear.

The more like minded the person, the more we atract desired art. Astral and soul links also have to taken into account. It is also possible we astrally arrange events via night dreams. All have experienced meaningful synchronicity in the forum, no matter how much we we think it all just happened by luck or coincidence.

This is why everything seems to be ordered when you expect disorder. The arrangement of events from the higher realms are precisely coordinated. Synchronicity cannot happen without personal initiative, when you see the opportunity knocking, you have to take part in it.

Support of like-minded people

Synchronicity complement plans. More impulses from higher self while doing work can be treated as synchronicity. This has happened in the forums. Sometimes other articles or channelings complement what you are doing. You just need to be at the right place (state of mind) and you will attract.

Mental flexibility is knowing when to attach or detach. Non-attachment as frequently mentioned in esoteric circles can be called mental flexibility instead. A set of thoughts for maintenance meditation can be treated as a hub to other thoughts.

To see where the center will flow, you need to plan it yourself or with like minded people. Synchronicity with like minded people complement the plan. You have similar thoughts with another when you least expect it. Synchronicity can enhance further development of ideas. So it only strengthen the morale of like minded people.

Developing our thoughts can lead to more synchronicity. This is good news if you look back at the non local mirrors previously discussed, where lofty plans can manifest slowly. One step at a time, no work is too small, better yet, good works can come in small packages.

Bits of telepathy

Lets face it, despite all the terminology associated with the law of attraction, some types of synchronicity can be called telepathy. Telepathy is more likely to happen in like minded people. It is the interactions between the higher realms and the realms we are now.

The higher realms works like an amplifier you see in sound systems. This is why they call it morphogenetic fields, also this is the reason for group meditation. If you think of a question, then someone asks the same question the next day, and the other person’s question is answered.

This way the higher realms do help, but it has to follow key energy optimization principles. That means keeping the game fair. The key principle is that anything too difficult will suffocate the person. They use the principle of one step at a time, at the right pace, they cannot overload you. Just like spiritual healers, the help can only work if you are willing to take the initiative to change yourself.

It is like didactic explanations. So any logical contradiction is already a good sign of progress in the upward spiral than no progress at all. It is already a sign you have taken the initiative, so do not berate yourself when someone has identified a logical contradiction. Still you have to work on opportunities to solve paradoxes. A bit of discipline will go a long way in achieving clear thinking.

When we talk about telepathy here, that doesn’t mean the other person will fully read your mind and every move. You might have passed through different ways, but lead to the same conclusion. It is just a matter of resonance (like minded people).

Things happen for a reason

Esoteric circles look at the law of attraction in a deterministic way. Determinism is based on this notion: “It just works that way, let’s not find meaning in it, or go deeper into it”. They usually get mixed up with the astral part and the empirical part of the non-local mirror. Synchronicity can happen more quickly than the non-local mirror described in the previous serial.

Finding meaning in anything can help connect fields of knowledge. You may not notice you attract synchronicity in your life. It can be treated as random chance, or luck, from a deterministic point of view. This is why some things are called lucky charms. They remind you of a constructive thought, so you attract more experiences like that.

Telepathy can help you better attract events. How do catharsis or dark nights of the soul occur? Some things happen for a reason and this is the wobbly side of synchronicity. When things seem to strike unexpectedly, there is a good chance you have attracted that event. You don’t know if it will bring you benefits. Even some meditation forums observe this effect.

We can always find meaning in every unexpected event. Some beneficial events also happen unexpectedly, often in a package you don’t understand yet. Some climax events caused by local (personal health) or non-local mirrors (environmental health) can be cathartic events.


The only thing we can focus now is what we can control, no matter what climaxes are about to take place. No initiative is ever too small, because every small step taken, can lead to big steps. Your work might be difficult to start, but as you reach the end, it becomes easier.

It is a chain reaction, it is like how Internet memes go viral: a person passes a meme to their friends, then it spreads like wildfire. The hundredth monkey notion in esoteric circles workss like that. It is a chain reaction. Mathematically, how the meme spreads worldwide over time can be modeled as an exponential curve.

The only difference is that personal change takes more effort than a short peek at a meme. Also, personal takes more effort. Many would look at memes rather than resolve downward spirals in their life. So one person awakened is never too small, they need more examples of personal change like you. Even if any climax approaches before a significant number wakes up, you still have to take the initiative to change yourself.

For some, synchronicity may happen every day that we can take for granted, and stop being thankful for the little things. The best you can do now is to live your example and be thankful for any synchronicity you may take for granted.

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