My Experience Visiting Sirius

A few nights prior to November 22, 2012, I received a notification message during a divination session stating that I would be visiting my home star Sirius very soon, and on the night of November 22nd, this is exactly what happened.

This experience occurred while I was in a deep state of altered consciousness, so I’ve only been able to recollect bits and pieces of the experience, but here is what I’ve been able to gather through memory and further inquiry through divination:

In my astral body, I found myself sitting at a brown table inside of a large room. Through divination, I learned that this room was on a mothership, and when I asked for more information, I was told I was not allowed to be given further information about it at this time, and just to think of it as an access room.

After a few moments, I met with a female member of my star family in the hallway outside of the access room, the same woman I had met in a previous encounter and described in my article Ascension Transmissions 11/9/12.

After our meeting, I remember soaring through the ship, going through walls and windows until I had completely left the vessel and made it out to space.

I was floating inside of Sirius, and I was completely encompassed by magnificent shades of purple and blue. It was an absolutely blissful experience, the ultimate sensation of freedom, a harmonious feeling I can only express as being home.

The last thing I was told via divination was that I had completely dematerialized for a total of three minutes Earth time during this experience, and that this would be happening more regularly in the following days/weeks to come.

Is it true? Did I actually dematerialize during that time? I wish I had evidence to prove it one way or another. No one else came in my room during that time, and I didn’t have a video camera set up, so there’s no way for me to know for sure.

All I can say is, I was not surprised when I received this information. The feeling I had when I returned to normal consciousness after my previous experience described in my 11/9/12 write-up was exactly like what you see in the movies when people return to 3D reality after teleporting. It’s startling when you come back, and it takes a few moments to readjust yourself to this density again.

It was the same feeling of being teleported as before, and at this point, I’ve had so many paranormal experiences that nothing really surprises me anymore. All of these concepts that the general public considers to be impossible, like time travel, teleportation, and extraterrestrial contact are shown to us frequently in science fiction movies, so it’s not really that hard for me to comprehend that most of these seemingly unreal concepts are, in fact, very real after all.

Further Information on My Latest Upgrade

On Tuesday, a reader named Deborah commented this statement in response to my latest article My Cosmic Ascension Experience that provided further clarification of what I experienced:

What you experienced sounds like the process of more aspects of your Higher Self coming in to fully integrate with your current personality construct…in effect it is a 3D Soul Upgrade. This first happened to me over 20 years ago, and it is usually done during sleep state and creates an OBE effect with the physical body paralyzed for a short period.

And this message from April in Dr. Stankov’s article The Ascension of the PAT has Commenced also confirmed this information:

For those of you choosing to return to guide/teach “on the ground” for a time, you are stuck here among the timelines until at least December. At that time, you will have an opportunity once again, to determine how and where you would like to serve. I suspect that most of our crystalline youth along with a good size number of core PAT will take this on.

So like I mentioned before, this experience served as an upgrade that boosted me to an upgraded version of 3D, which I’ve been referring to as 4D. This was part of the overall cosmic ascension process, although it was not the planetary ascension transition to 5D that has been predicted to occur by the end of this year.

Here is how Deborah described her vision of the planetary ascension experience:

Therefore, when I ascend, what I expect is for my physical 3D body to literally transform into LIGHT, and to vibrate at such high frequency as to disappear from this dense reality, and emerge simultaneously in a higher dimension…5D will suit me fine for a start.

I will know without doubt that I have ascended because the reality around me is changed. I will see beautiful colours/energies around me, I will see the quantum energetic structure of the quasi-physical surroundings, I will be telempathic, I will be able to float/fly?, I will have biokinetic mental abilities to alter my new light body/form, I will be able to teleport using my thoughts, I will absorb photon light energy with my crystalline body & will no longer need to eat or sleep, my new body will also have self-regulating temperature control. Best of all, I will be able to manipulate energy through Thought Manifestation.

Now when I decide to descend to 3D reality with this new crystalline-based body of Light, I could expect that I may appear to shine/glow or appear to be partially transparent to the 3D carbon-based humans who are looking at me.

And, I would guess that I would not be able to stay in this dense 3D reality for long periods of time, due to the incompatability of my high frequency body attempting to operate at such lower frequencies.

Furthermore, as there are an infinite number of Parallel Realities, and we can shift to any one we choose by matching our frequency to it…I choose to shift myself to the currently existing reality in which planet Earth shifts to 5D months *before* December.

I hope this article provides further clarification regarding the technical side of my upgrade experience. My goal is always to provide the most accurate information possible, so I just wanted to set the record straight for anyone who may have been confused.

My Cosmic Ascension Experience

Yesterday, October 2, 2012, I completed the process of cosmic ascension, and returned back to Earth in a crystalline body. Here is my announcement email to Dr. Stankov describing the experience as was included in his article, Ascension Update of the PAT – October 3, 2012:


It brings me great pleasure to announce that today (October 2) at approximately 4:00 PM I ascended, then came back to Earth in a crystalline body. It was an out of body experience just as you had said, and exactly in the manner that had been described on your website. It felt very much like the splitting of a cell, and right before the final detachment of my old self from my body, my last telepathic words were, “Goodbye, Earth.” I was in a deep stasis like my experience last night, and it was the most orgasmic cosmic experience I’ve ever felt, absolute ecstasy.

I feel like a completely different person now, as if Skyler has been replaced with Skyler 2.0, or Apollo as I liked to nickname the higher aspect of myself before. It’s also like saying the old 3D ego-based part of me went home, and the new aspect of myself that has taken over is operating from 4D, and without the 23+ years of baggage and fear-based patterns that I had before. I am so delighted to have gone through this experience, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

I’m ready to finish the job that Skyler started now, and manifest the reality that we all wish to see come true.

With love and light,
Skyler 2.0, Apollo

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Life in the Dream

“I don’t think you want to do that,” my friend called out to me as I ran along the wooden planks of the bridge.

“I’ll wake up when I hit the water,” I called out back to him as I jumped high into the air off the edge.

Hovering high above the water, I looked down to the sea below. The water looked turbulent as waves folded and crashed into one another, so I figured I’d find another place to land.

“I think I’ll just fly around for a bit instead,” I said as my body rose from the water. I piloted my body telepathically like a remote controlled airplane, and flew over to a large carved stone structure that rose from the center of the sea like a monument. Water flowed over the sides of the walls, and I flew around to the back side of the structure, spotting a small compartment carved out of the stone resembling a back entrance.

I hovered before the structure, watching as water rushed over the compartment from the top. I accelerated forward, cutting headfirst through the stream, and landed my body on the stone floor inside of the compartment. It was dark inside aside from the light that shined from outside the structure, but the ground was dry, and as I walked forward, I saw a wooden door embedded in the wall.

A moment later, I turned my head in reaction to a noise that sounded like fingers tapping on the ground. Searching through the darkness, I spotted a disembodied arm walking toward me, and I stared in amazement at the odd sight for a moment before it made its move.

Jumping straight at my face with its hand stretched out like a claw, I knocked the arm out of the air with a swipe of my arms, gasping in surprise at the sudden movement. The arm fell back to the ground, regained its balance, then crept toward me again, making a second attempt as it leaped through the air.

This time I caught the arm in my hands, and struggling to keep its fingers from grabbing hold of my face, I maintained a strong grip, holding it out in front me, slowly making my way to the edge of the structure as the sound of the water grew louder with every step.

Once I was close to the edge, I made a quick thrusting movement with my arms, trying to cast the arm out into the water, but it fell short, and as the arm came lumbering toward me again, set to make a final attempt, I gave a swift kick to its front, sending it tumbling off the edge. I watched over the side as it grew smaller and smaller falling to the sea below, and once I heard the splash, I knew it was over.

I turned back around, and walked to the wooden door on the wall, looking closely for a knob. As I turned the knob with my hand, a bright white light streamed out from inside the room, and shading my eyes with my hand, I stepped inside, leaving my old world behind.


This was just one of several lucid dreams that I had today, and I think it serves as great proof of our progress in the ascension process. We are working to merge the spiritual world with the physical world, and in this dream you can see how I was able to be in conscious control of my actions, even electing to ignore the laws of gravity and fly at my own will. The same is possible in conscious reality, the problem is that we have written our own limitations into the software through our collective agreements of what is possible and what is not.

Also, the same friend who appeared in this dream is also a close friend of mine in real life, and earlier this year in the springtime, we went hiking at a local park, and had a conversation about the possibility of flying. I told him anything is possible, we are only limited by our perceptions, and while he agreed with that, he said that he still believed that there are certain physical rules, such as gravity, that cannot be overcome, and I stated that the same answer still applied.

We co-create all of the rules, even gravity, and it’s completely our choice to change them if we desire. This is our role as sovereign creator beings, it’s only a matter of becoming aware of our abilities and utilizing them to the fullest extent.

And lastly, regardless of anything anyone else says, even if it was just a dream, I flew today, and that is all the proof I need to know that anything is truly possible.

A Second Out of Body Experience

On December 27, 2011, I felt the common fatigue associated with my undergoing Light Body Process flood my physical body once again. This fatigue is unlike normal physical fatigue, as it is purely energetic, and I’ve found that it also usually signifies incoming transmissions of new information related to my mission from the higher dimensions.

Too exhausted to meditate, I laid in bed for about 2-3 hours going in and out of a light sleep state. Eventually, upon awakening once again, I felt very powerful healing energies emanating from my heart chakra. I laid awake in bed for about 30 minutes encompassed in these blissful energies, until I started to receive telepathic communications from the higher dimensions.

Similar to my first out of body experience, I was reassured that I could leave my body whenever I wanted to, that it would be a pleasant experience, and that my body would enter a deep state similar to sleep or meditation and would be protected throughout the process. And just to clarify, this is not a typical physical voice that can be heard audibly. It is simply energy that I receive telepathically encoded in light language. It is a distinct dialect and voice that is entirely pure and transcendental of third dimensional distortions.

After receiving these communications, I closed my eyes and entered a deep state of relaxation then lifted out of my physical vessel. I flew around my room going side to side and flipping upside down, exuberant like a child in a toy store, then went straight through my ceiling. I drifted up into space and saw what appeared to be a bookshelf – not a physical one, but the form was created out of energy.

On this bookshelf, I saw an illustrated portrait of what I’ve now identified to be two Sirians, as they had almond-shaped eyes, long straight golden hair, and light slim facial bone structure. This was the first time that I can recall seeing my galactic parents in any form during this incarnation, and my entire body radiated with the most loving and joyful light that I have ever experienced. Even writing this now and thinking back, I cannot help but to tear up, as I’ve always been very homesick on this planet.

Eventually, my visitation period ended, and it was time to re-enter my body. Instantly, I awakened from the deep state and laid in bed with tears in my eyes, joyful and content as I’ve ever been. I knew that someday soon I would be able to go back home, far, far away from this treacherous and toxic planet, and that is what I work towards everyday of my life. And not just for me, but for all of my fellow star seed brothers and sisters that are on this mission. Our time will come, we just need to be patient.

A Fourth Prophetic Dream

On December 29, 2011, I had a fourth prophetic lucid dream regarding the emergence of extra-terrestrials and disclosure on planet Earth. Here is what happened in the dream:

I was in my room, sitting on my bed, when outside of my window I saw a purple and metallic black extra-terrestrial spacecraft drift through the sky. The spacecraft was very reminiscent of the Phantom dropships portrayed in the Halo video game series (image). Mesmerized by the site of the spacecraft, I immediately scrambled around for my smartphone to take a picture, but had trouble loading up the camera app for some reason.

After a few moments, I began to hear static audio frequencies in my left brain portal similar to the frequencies that are often attributed with Light Body Process. I found these audio frequencies to be rather uncomfortable, and flinched in discomfort upon receiving them.

Shortly after this, I was led to my father’s bedroom across the hall, and stood outside of the doorway. When I looked in at the television playing in the room, I saw an African American man on a talk show sharing his reaction to seeing an extra-terrestrial spacecraft during a sporting event. I wasn’t able to identify who this person was, but I remember having the inclination that he was some type of American football player or commentator.

I woke up shortly after this, and when I woke up, I saw what looked to be a helicopter with flashing red and green lights on each side and a white spotlight underneath circling around in the sky of my surrounding neighborhood area. Seeing that helicopter directly after having the dream felt like a major confirmation for my vision, and I believe that these events serve as even greater evidence that extra-terrestrial contact will occur in the near future.

A Third Prophetic Dream

This morning I had a third prophetic lucid dream regarding the upcoming events of disclosure and ascension on planet Earth. In particular, this dream focused on the concept of death and the overcoming of the fear of death.

Here is what happened in the dream:

I had just woken up and was lying in bed when suddenly I felt drawn to look outside of my bedroom window. When I looked out, I saw a dark entity that looked like the black-hooded serial killer from the movie “Scream”, the Grim Reaper, standing in the backyard as it rained heavily. Upon seeing this entity, I received a massive psychic shock through my body, then ducked down below the window to hide myself from its view.

After taking a moment to gather myself, I slowly raised back into view and stared at the entity through the window for an extended period of time, convulsing with fear and anxiety as the entity’s dark energy surged through my body.

Eventually, I was able to overcome the fear that I had for this entity, and I was then drawn to look down at the deck below through the window. When I looked down, I saw a student film crew gathered on my deck, using it as a set for their film. Upon seeing the crew, my thoughts shifted from fearing the dark entity to worrying about the film crew since they were shooting in the rain.

After watching the film crew for a few moments, the crew wrapped their shoot, and I opened the window to greet them. They acknowledged me, and I watched as they cleared off the deck joyfully and smiling, regardless of the rain, and I could sense the happiness that they shared between them because they loved what they were doing. I woke up shortly after this.

When I analyze this dream, I realize that the fear that I experienced in the dream was not created by the dark entity, but by me, and that the fear related with the concept of death is completely an illusion. Seeing the allegoric representation of death, being afraid of it, then dissolving that fear and replacing it with love is exactly what must be done in order to awaken and transcend the third dimensional paradigm.

A Second Prophetic Dream

This morning I had a second prophetic lucid dream regarding the upcoming events of disclosure and ascension on planet Earth. In particular, this dream focused on the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) and the signification of my time to go public about my life mission and spiritual nature.

Here is what happened in the dream:

I was sitting in a classroom that did not resemble any other classroom that I’ve been in before in my current life. This classroom did not look abnormal in any way, although it had a much different energy signature than any other classroom that I’ve been in before. I eventually realized that this was a fifth dimensional classroom for the members of PAT (the Planetary Ascension Team), and they were represented as superheroes.

A male member dressed as Iron Man was pacing frantically around the classroom, venting his inner turmoil for being discriminated against by the public for being outspoken. He was complaining that they didn’t understand how hard it was to carry the burden of being a superhero, and I sympathized with him and felt the same way.

Once he settled down and took a seat, I made a comment to a female friend sitting next to me who was dressed as Aquagirl, stating, “I feel lucky that I’m a mutant, and that I don’t have to be ashamed of my physical appearance.” Upon admitting this to her, she took my hand and looked into my eyes, and for the first time we expressed our mutual love and understanding for one another telepathically, as if we had been waiting to do so for a long time.

After sitting together hand-in-hand with her for a short while, the 1968 song “Sky Pilot” by The Animals began to play in the classroom, and another friend of mine, despite being female, was singing the song exactly like Eric Burdon. Once the chorus approached, another PAT member stood up and introduced me to the classroom like a talk show host, announcing, “and now, the true Sky Pilot!” and I sang the chorus from my seat, then gave the floor back to my friend. I woke up shortly after this.

When I analyze this dream, I can identify several allegorical references pertaining to my life and the current situation on the planet:

As an incarnate of the indigo ray, it is my job on Earth to break down old systems that no longer serve the collective’s infrastructure and ideals. The public school system is a major example of one of the systems that require an upgrade, and I’m not surprised that a classroom was the setting of this dream, considering grade school was an incredibly traumatic experience for me, and is a system that I adamantly desire to change.

Having the members of PAT being represented as superheroes and labeled as mutants is also not a surprise to me, considering light workers inhabit many special gifts and often feel like outsiders, no different to fictional comic book characters such as the X:Men. Throughout my entire life, I’ve felt that I had to keep my esoteric knowledge and gifts to myself due to fear of other people’s misunderstanding. When I was younger, I was made fun of for being very pale and looking different than everyone else. Of course, as I grew older and became more secure with myself, I found that being different from everyone else was quite an exceptional gift.

The member dressed as Iron Man represents the leader of PAT, who is oftentimes outspoken and misunderstood. He is an incredibly courageous and passionate individual, whom I have much respect for. After doing some research on Aquagirl online, I found that she was adopted and raised by the Atlantean Royal Family after the death of her parents. I find that fact alone to be significant and in correlation with the current state of events.

The public announcing of my presence among the members of PAT represents my call to public action. For far too long, I’ve had the desire to express the truth about my spiritual nature openly with others but have been too afraid of being ridiculed and accused of lacking credibility due to my young physical age (22). No longer can I keep this a secret as the shift is approaching and humanity needs as many leaders communicating and empowering others to ensure ascension for as many souls as possible.

Regarding the song, “Sky Pilot”, my parents played this song for me when I was a child, and it has significant nostalgic value to me.

Here are the lyrics, I’m sure you’ll find that they are as relevant now as they were in 1968:

A Prophetic Dream

This morning I had a prophetic lucid dream regarding the emergence of disclosure and ascension on planet Earth. The message was very clear to me that massive change is on the horizon, and I intuitively feel that the opening of the 11:11:11 stargate is going to commence the shift.

Here is what happened in the dream:

I was playing center field in a baseball game at the start of a new inning (we were warming up) with the same people that I had been playing ball with my entire life, one of which was an old close friend of mine, who, in the dream, was playing right field rather than shortstop, the position he normally plays in third dimensional reality. I noticed this fact in the dream, and just went along with it, knowing that third dimensional perceptions tend to get mixed up in the dream world.

As it so happened, once the new inning began and we resumed play, a fly ball was hit to right field, and my friend made an extraordinary over-the-shoulder catch. While the play itself was an amazing feat of athleticism, what really caught my eye was the ease in which the play was made. My friend made it look easy, maybe even a little too easy, and I remember saying to myself, “Wow, that was a miracle,” and you can see how this is starting to tie together.

After a lapse in dream time, there was now a runner on third base, and I remember calling out to the other outfielders, “Fly ball shooting four.” On the next pitch, the batter hit an incredibly high fly ball to center field, and I didn’t get a good jump and reading on the ball. I tried to track it down, but the ball was tailing away from me, and is it came down, I completely missed the catch, and I had to chase the ball all the way to the back of the outfield.

Once I picked up the ball and turned around, I noticed that all of the players were lined up with their respective teams in the middle of the infield as if the game was over and the teams were about to shake hands. I remember feeling confused as I trotted back to the infield and asked, “What’s going on? Is the game over?” To which one of my old coaches replied, “We’re starting over.” I asked why, and he replied, “Because they weren’t playing right.”

At that point, I was totally bewildered about the situation, and when I turned to look at the other team, I noticed that they were a bunch of dark-skinned small children with large penetrating eyes wearing long black suits, and I immediately knew that they were, or at least represented, extra-terrestrials. I then cracked a joke, saying, “What are you guys, Bunk Moreland (the black detective from the HBO series,The Wire)? They all gave me blank stares, so apparently they didn’t get the joke. I woke up shortly after this.

When I analyze this dream, I can see many clear signs pointing to disclosure and the upcoming shift. My friend making that “miracle” catch is a sign of human awakening and evolution, leading to knew abilities and expanded consciousness. The “high fly ball to center field” and “small children with large penetrating eyes wearing long black suits” represents an emergence of extra-terrestrial activity in our skies, and a message for us to prepare to “look up” when the time is right. The abrupt ending of the game between the two teams represents the end of duality, and of course the dialogue is very straightforward, telling us that the Powers-That-Were have not been playing the game fairly, and it is now time to start over.

I hope this message brings hope to other light workers who may feel skeptical about ascension because they are not receiving signs personally. Just remember that by simply reading this material and being here, radiating your light and being the change that you want to see in the world, you are contributing to the shift in global consciousness.

My First Out of Body Experience

Last night I had my first out of body experience. While meditating, I experienced a feeling as if I was being pulled through a vacuum. Once I finished my session, I laid down on my back, still in a very relaxed, focused, meditative state, and before leaving my body, I heard a calm androgynous voice say to me, “It’s okay, you can leave if you want to, we’ll help you, we’ll take care of you.”

Once I left normal consciousness, I found myself in my kitchen. I was in astral form, but completely aware and in control. I then went straight through my kitchen window/wall and was floating in the air. The experience was very intense, and I became frightened, so I came back into my body, and I was stuck for a few moments, similar to the feeling of sleep paralysis. I was screaming at the top of my lungs in my mind, but my body was not responding.

Eventually, I calmed down and realized that I could “wake up” whenever I wanted to, and then proceeded to do so. I have never felt more free in my entire life. I will never be the same again, and I am eternally grateful. I’m very eager to engage in this practice more frequently and travel to the Moon, Saturn, distant galaxies, who knows!