Earth Journal August 27, 2012

As I mentioned in my last Earth Journal entry on August 21st, these past days I’ve been spending much more time in the altered states than usual, finding my body suddenly exhausted and needing to sleep or meditate for extended periods of time throughout each day in order to recharge my energy. While I have experienced these bouts of fatigue regularly throughout the past months, lately it has become excessive, but luckily the energies have been quite pleasant.

In the altered states, whether sleeping or meditating, I find myself experiencing many different lucid visions, some blissful, some erotic, and some horrifying, although they all seem to have one theme in common: releasing attachment to dualistic third dimensional reality. All of my experiences have occurred in order for me to learn and progress in my understanding of All-That-Is, my Higher Self urging me to transcend the limited perspective that has been imposed upon me throughout this incarnation, and delete the fear-based energy patterns for good.

It is still challenging to exist in multiple dimensional frequencies at once, bridging both the physical and etheric planes, but I do believe I, as well as my fellow starseed brothers and sisters around the globe, are making great strides of progress, and gradually completing the cleansing job that we have come to Earth to perform. Although it can be difficult at times to distinguish whether or not any changes are manifesting, as I have become very accustomed to judging progress by the landscape of the physical world, I have learned that I can find all of the proof I need simply by gauging the energetic frequency of myself and those around me, as well as any changes in daily habits, behaviors, or perceptions.

In other words, it is through the observation of the prominent state of being that the inhabitants of Earth express that I can properly gauge the progress of the consciousness development of the human collective. Conformity, the herd-like mentality of adopting the perceptions of others for the purpose of survival, still runs rampant, and many human beings still seem to be completely unaware of the fact that they purposefully make choices that lower their personal vibrations and hinder their development. It is this brooding sense of unconsciousness and apathy that prevails throughout society, and exists as the sole reason for the slow progression of the evolution of the human race.

This of course is not to say that I am perfect either. Existing under such circumstances, being constantly bombarded with distractions and unhealthy environments, tends to breed a common neurosis and dissociative outlook on life and the world around me. It is an insidious and vicious cycle, using bad habits to try to bury pain and feelings of dissatisfaction, although I think I have developed a much greater sense of self-control than many others, successfully deleting harmful energy patterns and replacing them with healthy ones. It is a gradual weening process, and it is a skill that comes with practice just like anything else.

Recently, my father showed me some old photographs of myself when I was younger, and it was interesting to experience how much I have forgotten over the years, or simply stored the memories deep in the archives of my mind. I had forgotten about all of the sports camps that I attended in my youth, and while I remember those experiences being fun and exciting back then, all I was able to see was how much I was conditioned as a child to become a sports star by my father. Seeing myself in those uniforms with those corporate logos sent shivers down my spine, and while I know that my father only did what he thought was best for me, I feel he was and still is completely unaware of the great amount of indoctrination that I was subjected to over the years, molding me to become something that he wanted, rather than something that I wanted.

This is a common theme for most people from what I’ve seen, parents imposing themselves over their children, living vicariously through them, trying to do what’s best for them, while they really are just conditioning them to be miniature versions of themselves, squelching their children’s own personal thoughts and dreams. This is where the core problem of conformity and dissociative behavior develops, from parents who do not allow their children any breathing room. It is a troublesome conundrum, as parents only want to protect their children and have them grow up to be strong and independent, but in the end, each person has to play the hand their given and make their own way in life.

That is the hard truth that we have all had to face here, but I do believe the generations that are now coming of age and becoming parents will break the cycle. In my own circle of friends I see responsible and conscious individuals who share similar values and wish to see society flourish, and I have said many times that my group exists as the blueprint for the new ascended society on Earth. Despite having many varied races and perspectives of reality, we all look past the physical traits of one another, focusing only on what is truly important: the content of one’s character. This ability to be compassionate toward each other is what is missing throughout society, and I think if enough people can merge into groups of a similar philosophy, then perhaps we will be able to cultivate an even greater sense of community than we have ever seen before.

-Skyler, your friendly neighborhood crystal child

Earth Journal August 21, 2012

The energies have been intense for me so far this week. I haven’t been doing much else besides sleeping, meditating, and reading, and my sessions in the dream state have been more lucid, leaving me more drained than ever before.

In a divination session today, I was told that I’m now entering the last phase of the light body process, and by next Wednesday, August 29th, the universe would unfold, and my understanding of All-That-Is would change drastically. I can’t say for sure what this message means, but it correlates with the symptoms that I’ve been enduring, and I find it interesting that I’d be given a precise calendar date.

This afternoon I was too tired to work, so I meditated instead, and eventually found myself in an altered state of consciousness, although I’m not sure if I was asleep or not. In my altered dream-like state, I was sitting in the front row of a nightclub with an audience as comedian Dave Chappelle performed his standup routine. I was sitting there watching him and looking around at the other audience members, and it was all so completely real, but then at some point I remember becoming aware that I was lying in my bed in my bedroom, and thinking that I was listening to a recording of one of Chappelle’s standup shows.

Eventually I regained full consciousness (perhaps the meditative music album I was listening to ended?), and when I came back to, my first thoughts were not that I had just awoken from a dream, but that I finished my meditation session, and I wondered, if this wasn’t a dream, then did I just imagine the entire standup show? The audience, the venue, Chappelle’s jokes, everything?

I was bewildered for a short while, and I had the thought that the timelines were merging, that the dream state and conscious state were now becoming one unified reality, and this type of spontaneous creation would become the norm.

We are such powerful creators that we can create entire worlds with our imaginations, worlds so realistic that we’d be unable to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. This is where we’re heading in our development as a species, and as we progress, linear time will fade, and we will live in a perpetual lucid dream-like state, fully aware of our potential as sovereign creator beings.

Earth Journal August 8, 2012

The time has come for the way of the old to fade and the way of the new to rise. The moment that is upon you now is the time that you have been waiting for. The high frequency energies streaming from the Galactic Central Sun are encompassing planet Earth with great intensity, and all that was once dark will be illuminated with the shining white light of love once again.

The forces that have worked so relentlessly to manipulate the human collective, forcefully indoctrinating your society into thoughts of negativity, will be rendered powerless upon the explosion of light that is rearing to burst free from the womb of Gaia, fully enveloping the entire planet in one fell swoop.

We are as excited as you are to witness the transformation that awaits you, and we are greatly honored to have the opportunity to unite together with you once again in the higher realms as brothers as sisters of the cosmos. It is our great pleasure to provide you with all our knowledge and resources in a collective effort to restore your world to its pristine conditions, wiping away all pollution, corruption, and forces of destruction for the benefit of the entire universe.

All of the questions that you’ve been seeking answers for throughout your lives will be available to you in an instant upon receiving the reboot to your core systems, elevating your biological vessels to a new upgraded crystalline structure with all of the features that you have always desired.

Your extra-sensory perceptions will become fully available to you once again, and you will remember your true nature as divine beings of light, spiritual beings having a physical experience, and you will no longer be limited to the restrictive rules of the previous paradigm, as your entire experience of reality will change like a computer installing a new patch to its operating system.

Linear time will be abolished once and for all once the update is complete, and you will experience life from the perspective of the perpetual state of now, fully immersed in your infinite capabilities as sovereign creator beings.

This is the fate that lies before you, and we await your presence with great anticipation as the finishing touches to this dualistic experiment on Earth come to an end. We are your family from the stars, your brothers and sisters of the cosmos, and we love you with all our hearts, and smile with great joy as we make the final preparations to unite with you in the stars once again.

Earth Journal August 4, 2012

Wow, I have got to say, the lucid dreams that I had today were absolutely remarkable, and definitely the most intense training sessions I’ve ever experienced. I went through three separate past life regressions from approximately 10:20 am this morning to 3:20 pm this afternoon, stopping after each one for a bathroom break.

It’s very interesting to me that this session lasted that long, considering the dreams themselves only seemed to last for a couple of minutes, but that’s the nature of being in a higher state of consciousness—seconds can turn into hours, minutes into days, anything is possible because time is not linear.

I am going to retell the events of these dreams from the best of my memory, then provide further insights about each of my past lives through information received via divination, and lastly, provide analysis about the meaning of each dream and how each one pertains to my current incarnation.

The deeper I get in my exploration of consciousness, the more the mechanics of entering and exiting the “real world” and “dream world” as presented in the film The Matrix resonate with me. Of course, instead of “jacking in” by sitting in a chair and having a mechanical tube screw into a socket in the back of our heads, we simply go to sleep and enter a natural stasis, but the depiction of entering a virtual reality world has become so real for me now that the transition has literally become like logging in and out of a video game. It’s really quite incredible, and I know that I have not even reached the tip of the iceberg in discovering all there is to know about the mechanics of this reality.

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Earth Journal August 1, 2012

It has been a long time coming for those who have been awaiting the event of ascension. As you look throughout your world, you are seeing more and more signs of the imminent collapse of the old system that has been reigning on planet Earth for centuries.

In the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, a Galactic Federation spacecraft was spotted above the scene for all to see, and this is just the beginning of what is to come regarding disclosure.

It has also been noted that numerous rows of seats have been vacant throughout the stadiums of the Olympic games, as many representatives of the dark cabal do not wish to take the risk of exposing themselves to the public eye.

And lastly, it has been noted that the entity representing Queen Elizabeth during the opening ceremony was not the Queen herself, but a clone. This passage from Cosmic Awareness explains this observation in greater detail:

“It was not the Queen. It is so that there have been actions on the part of the Galactic Federation towards the Elite, towards the Cabal of Power, the Queen of course included, and it was anticipated that on the opening night an action would occur that would perhaps have created a situation of exposure to the Queen. That it was a clone that was used at that time, a clone that did not have the power behind it. Indeed, if one recognized the voice, there was a lack of life force or intonation behind this entity’s voice. This was a protective action against anything happening to one of the leaders of the Reptilian/Orion faction.”

These are just a few examples of the acceleration toward full liberation that is occurring now. The awareness of the human collective is bursting with expansion, and even those who have remained in denial for so long are now waking up to the massive shift in consciousness that is unfolding.

Soon enough, the signs of change will be so obvious that it will be undeniable to every citizen on Earth. This is the plan that we have been speaking of for so long now, a gradual disclosure of all the secrets that have been kept locked away by those who wish to keep humanity in the dark.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that so much that has been considered to be impossible is in fact already existent in your world behind closed doors. All of the Hollywood movies and television shows that delve into subjects that are considered to be science fiction are not fiction at all, they have only been marketed to the human collective in this manner to provide further deception and mind control.

One does not have to look far to see the massive dark occult symbolism that is used throughout all of the cabal’s programs, whether it be in entertainment, politics, education, or advertising. The scheme of indoctrination, to keep Earth’s citizens stuck in negative energy patterns, runs deep throughout the third dimensional matrix, but the forces of light are prevailing in exposing these dark tactics, and it is inevitable that all of humanity will soon unite together to remove all manipulation and corruption from their world, heaving Earth and all of its inhabitants to a higher stage of consciousness development.

It is vital at this time to remain vigilant against the dark influence, and maintain a state of being that is positive and loving and without fear. Anchor yourself deep in the roots of the Gaia, and uphold a steady stance, unwavering and infinitely powerful.

You are the keepers of New Earth, and it is your duty to see to it that the new paradigm comes into fruition as smoothly as possible. It all starts with each and every human being’s personal decisions, and through your collective choice to transform your world, you will see miracles manifest beyond your wildest dreams.

This is the fate of humanity. This is what you were chosen to accomplish. Planet Earth and its citizens deserve better than what has been available to them in the past, and it is within your grasp to achieve the greatest victory this world has ever known.

Earth Journal July 21, 2012

You have now come to an understanding of what it means to fully release your third dimensional identity. Throughout your entire life, you have thought that it was your ego that was running the show, but in fact, it was your soul, the divine part of your very being that resides within the higher realms, coordinating the actions of your biological vessel like a puppet on strings.

It is this understanding of the inner workings of All-That-Is that will lead to your imminent ascension. By raising your consciousness to a higher state of being, meaning becoming more aware of all of your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions, you are changing the fabric of the universe by acting as a conduit of higher frequency vibration.

It is these higher vibrational energies streaming from the Galactic Central Sun that will build the necessary energetic structure of your new reality, and through your light body process, you are acting as a living, breathing carrier of these new energies, a blueprint for the new race of incarnated human creator beings that will walk upon planet Earth in the near future.

What you are witnessing now is the dissolution of the old matrix, the old way of thinking based on obsolete physical concepts. The new infrastructure of modern society on Earth will be based on pure principles as regulated by Universal Law and will completely change the face of society forever, thrusting humanity into its true form as a galactic civilization in partnership with its cosmic family in the stars.

At this time you will experience even greater highs from both sides of the energetic spectrum. Surges of bliss as well as upheaval will be erupting throughout the human collective as many beings begin to make the adjustment to the new energetic structure that is being forged and will soon encompass all of planet Earth.

Through your periods in stasis, your physical vessel is undergoing the primary process of transmogrification to your true form as a light being. As progress is made in your transformation, memories of your past lives will return to you and full access to your extra-sensory perceptions will become available. Through your dreams, you are being prepared for existence in a multidimensional reality, and you will soon remember how to function consciously in both the third dimension and higher dimensions simultaneously.

Through the collective awakening of mankind, the fear-based systems that once controlled society on Earth will be deleted from the human collective consciousness and replaced with new programs based on optimal efficiency for all life according to the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization. Without the interference of service to self beings, planet Earth will flourish, and the new Golden Age as prophesied will come into fruition.

Linear time is coming to an end, and it is vital to maintain a positive and open-minded perspective throughout this transition. Many beings will find it difficult to cope with the new changes that are manifesting, and it is your duty to act as a guide, a wayshower for those who are still unable to comprehend the concept of planetary ascension. It is completely natural and understandable to fear change under the conditions that the human race has been subjected to, but through enough patience, perseverance, and unconditional love all beings will be able to come to terms with the new enlightened state of being that is manifesting on Earth.

Earth Journal July 17, 2012

It is important to remain aware and be open to an increasing frequency of miracles and synchronicities these days. As the human collective reaches closer to the 51% positive majority for ascension, you are developing a greater access to your divine nature and true potential.

What you will come to find is that you are really not learning anything new anymore. Extracting information from external sources is an illusion, and it is much more accurate to say that you are simply remembering that you already know everything. Through your connection to Source, you already possess all knowledge that exists within the universe, you have simply become disconnected from this fact due to the fear-based programming that you have been subjected to throughout the duration of your physical incarnation.

You should also begin to notice that your capability to manifest your thoughts into physical reality are becoming much more proficient now, and you should feel much less stressed out, more creative, and have a greater state of well-being overall. This is the natural progression of this transmogrification process, as you are becoming more attuned to your true form as a light being.

Try not to become too caught up with the state of the physical world, whether it be politics, the economy, or any other major topic. The progression of this process is much more gradual in physical reality due to the greater density of that realm, and it is easy to become disappointed when events do not appear to be moving as quickly as you’d like. All will culminate into proper form at exactly the right moment, and it is not your job to worry about the progression of this process, as it is inevitable in its manifestation.

As always, maintain focus on performing your personal duties here, as that is where your true function lies. It is within the connection between all of Earth’s incarnated inhabitants that victory will be accomplished, and by everyone doing their part and supporting themselves and those around them, leaps and bounds of progress will be made, sweeping away the old system and replacing it with a new one based on pristine principles.

We understand that at times physical life can seem difficult and unfair, but this is the challenge that you have volunteered to endure. You were aware of the level of opposition that you were coming to face upon entering this world, and it is through transcending this game, this artificial intelligence program designed to control and manipulate the energetic structure of planet Earth, that you will find freedom and manifest the collective dream that you and so many other benevolent souls have worked tirelessly to achieve.

When you open your mind to all possibilities, all thoughts and ideas become a reality, and everything that you see in your movies that you so greatly desire to be true will be true once you transcend the limited mindset that you have been conditioned to uphold. It is through silence and focused intention that productive creation occurs, and through your collective efforts with your fellow brothers and sisters of Earth, you can build the society of the future that you desire without any further opposing forces standing in your way.

Earth Journal July 11, 2012

It has been interesting observing the growth of humanity throughout this pivotal time in Earth’s history. The signs of great change and a shift to a higher level of consciousness become more apparent with each day, and the old world order led by the dark masters of the Illuminati is gradually crumbling as light shines through the cracks in the foundation of the Orion system.

My own journey has not been one of great pain or devastating trials compared to others living in war-torn areas or deep poverty, but we all have our own subjective circumstances that we must endure, and truly no life is any more difficult than another’s from an objective point of view.

Throughout my development, I have undergone many varying levels of awareness, and it has been through my experiences in both the physical and spiritual states that I have come to understand what is real and what is not in this holographic reality. Through astral travel, meditation, and lucid dreaming, I have experienced existence in a purely energetic state, and have seen what is possible when one is not limited by the constructs of the third dimensional matrix.

It is through our collective agreements that we co-create the rules of this world, and when we are able to expand our minds and redefine what is possible, we will be able to build an entirely new system that operates according to the principles of Universal Law without the interference of self-serving interests.

This is the future that lies ahead of us, we simply need to understand this as a collective, and take the appropriate steps to bring it into fruition. Every day that passes by with us continuing to energize the old fear-based patterns is another missed opportunity, and we cannot allow this procrastination to continue.

It is our duty as the incarnated beings on the planet at this time to carry out the objectives that are required for this transition, and that means making the right decisions. I, among so many other freedom fighters, have communicated this message of freedom time and time again now, and I hope that we are not becoming broken records.

We can only remind you so many times that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. We can only empower you, inspire you, and open the door for so long until all that is left is for you to step through yourself. We are here as the wayshowers for humanity, the harbingers of light, and we will never give up this fight.

We are here to fulfill an objective duty, to achieve this victory of freedom, and we will prevail, it’s simply a matter of time and perseverance. We will deliver the changes that have been promised to you for so long, but we can only do so if we are given the proper permission by the human collective.

All that is required of you is your full commitment to consciousness development. You must desire this paradigm shift to occur in order for it to manifest in reality, there is no other way. By choosing health, both of the mind and the body, you are leading by example, and paving the way for the new society that is blossoming on Earth.

We understand that there are difficulties in this process. It is known that much effort is made to avoid pain, and many sacrifices are taken to simply get by in daily life. But understand that you always have a choice to alter your perception of reality. In each moment, you are granted a new opportunity to open yourself up to love, to give all of yourself to others, and truly become one with your divine spirit once again.

Earth Journal July 2, 2012

Is it the fate of man to drown at the bottom of the ocean while God laughs at him from above?

No, it is the fate of man to become God, to become one with divinity, and understand that all who doubts his divinity, his divine nature, shall not be judged or persecuted, but be guided from above to overcome his thoughts of weakness and insignificance.

This is our role in this divine play; to guide you, to provide signs, symbols, and clues to help you remember the truth about your divine nature.

We are your family from the higher realms, and we wish nothing more to unite with you once again, fully embrace you in our arms, and watch with eager smiles as all that was once yours becomes yours again.

This is the fate of mankind. This is the future that we whisper in your ear, calmly but affirmatively, and we know that you will become one with spirit once again, as it is the destiny that we have seen in our crystal ball, clear as the morning sky. All that you must do is accept this reality for yourself, and it shall be so.

These are the words of God, of divinity, and we do not spread lies in order to fulfill a purpose. We possess righteous virtues, just as you do, and we work tirelessly with you, our incarnated brothers and sisters on the ground of Earth, to assist you in raising your awareness, expanding your consciousness, and shifting into a new state of being.

It is our job and our job alone to provide all that you need during your mission, and like a life jacket during a storm, we are always with you to keep you afloat, to keep you safe and sound, and while you may sometimes forget that we are here, you can rest assured in your heart that we are always watching over you, the key is to let go.

Let go of all fear, doubt, and anxiety. Let go of your material possessions. Let go of your petty squabbles, your insecurities, your negative thoughts, your self-pity, and remorse. These worries are not yours to hold on to.

You are on the ground to live in a constant state of progression, a constant renewal of faith, revitalized with every breath that you take. Do not let the burden of the past weigh you down. Leave those memories with us, as we are fully equipped to facilitate that process for you, you need simply ask.

Live life to its fullest, and become proud of who you are. Allow no other being to define your reality for you, and allow others to live the realities that they have chosen for themselves.

It is not your burden to worry about the morals of others. All incarnated entities are making it up as they go, just as you are, and all examinations of right and wrong serve no purpose other than to impose a subjective perspective upon an objective outcome.

All is in harmony, even that which is seemingly not, as all choices serve a greater purpose of learning in the long run.

We are your family from the stars, and we are always with you. We have never abandoned you, and we will continue to do all in our power to guide you to the light. It is our objective duty to see to it that planet Earth retakes its rightful place as a galactic civilization in the stars, and that all human beings become one with their divine nature once again.

It is not our job to complete this goal for you, but to work in harmony with you to rebuild your world. It will not be easy for many people to overcome their wall of illusion and realize their divine nature, so it is vital that all who have seen the unseen, the truth about the nature of reality, to step forward and act as wayshowers for the benefit of humanity.

It is these beings, those who have chosen the path of leadership, who will decide the fate of mankind, and forever restore planet Earth to its pristine origins, rewriting the history books once and for all.

Earth Journal June 7, 2012

We would like to tell you that we love you. We would like you to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. Throughout your entire lives, you have undergone many stresses, many trials and tribulations, and many atrocities that have not been a result of your doing, and we would like you to know that this negativity is coming to an end.

This year, 2012, is a very important year. Not so much in the physical sense, as it is not that this year is any different from any other year, it is simply that at this point in humanity’s history, the shift in consciousness has rapidly accelerated, and the civilization upon planet Earth is going to reach its next level very soon.

All of you who have wondered when the suffering will end, we are pleased to tell you that it is now. It is truly your choice as a collective to decide when you are going to take action, unite as one, put your foot down, and stop all of the greed, status warfare, and physical warfare.

This invisible energy war has been going on for centuries. It is this struggle between light and dark, the positive and negative polarities, that is going to come to an end. This experiment of duality is going to reach its next stage, and the participants upon planet Earth are going to transcend the boundaries that have restricted them for so long.

It is through the experiences of your many incarnations that you have gained the necessary understanding to progress forward in your society’s consciousness, and return to your rightful place as a galactic civilization in the stars, united as one cosmic family with your relatives from other planetary systems.

We want you to know that we have been with you since the beginning. We have never left your side, and we never will. We are not here to be your saviors, or to do the work for you. It is merely our duty to support you in your endeavors, and do all that we can to provide as much protection and allied support as possible without interfering with your karma or free will.

All of us who are aligned with the positive forces of Earth greatly await the day when humanity wakes up and realizes its divine nature. Every single day, we monitor the events of your world, and scratch our heads, wondering, what are they thinking? When are they going to wake up? When are they going to understand how irrational their behavior is? And this is in no way meant to judge or belittle your society. This is simply an objective observation of the present situation upon your planet.

We understand that there is very much corruption and manipulation going on behind the scenes of your planet, and that it is seemingly difficult to make any progress in the physical world. We want to tell you that it is not important to see your physical world change. What is important is for every single one of you to shift within, and understand your divine nature, and to express it with your fellow man.

We want you to know that stressing about money, fearing for your survival, is not your true nature. Human beings are not primitive. Yes, there is a sense of lower self, a sense of that instinctual, primal behavior, but this behavior is not your natural state of being. It has been programmed into you, indoctrinated into your society, very similarly to a virus.

Fear is a plague that crushes the spirit, and creates disconnection and disharmony between your people. It is fear that is the root cause of your collective neurosis, your inability to make commitments, and to see the long-term vision that you so greatly want to manifest.

It is this vision of a free planet Earth, one that is based upon equality for all human beings, that each and every one of you desires, but it is your fear, doubt, and inability to believe in yourselves that deters your path to freedom. And of course it is always important to remember that you are free, you were born free, and you will always be free, it is simply the deception of fear that distracts you from this truth.

We want to reassure you that we are here by your side. Everything will turn out for the better, and there is nothing to fear. All of your petty squabbles, all of your feelings of discontent and dissatisfaction, will evaporate like the clearing of a storm, and what you will see is the dawning of a new day, a new Earth that is fully connected, fully in tune with spirit, and based upon peace, love, and harmony.

This is the fate that is before you, and where you are now is simply the last battle before you hear the horns of victory, and when that time comes, we will rejoin with you once again, and you will know that everything that we have spoken of is true, and there will never be another child who goes hungry, unsheltered, or unloved ever again.

This is the goal that we present to you, and all that you must do is step forward and say yes. Yes, this is the reality that I desire. Yes, I am not my pain or suffering. Yes, I am a divine being of God, pure light and love, and I will not allow negativity to cloud the skies any further.

This is our message for humanity. We wish you all the best, and we know that we will see you again soon. God bless you all.