Thoughts on the U.S. Election and the Days Ahead


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the election that I posted in response to Angela’s dream here:

Of course, everyone in this group has been sufficiently prepared for this type of event since the inception of the PAT for years now, but the slumbering masses are shell-shocked right now, as if the next 9/11 just occurred.

People are genuinely frightened about what will come in the days ahead, so it’s important that we remain steadfast in our roles as wayshowers, and do not succumb to the hysteria of the masses.

I’ve been waiting for a call to action like this since 2012. We’ve been in a stasis period since then as things have been gradually building up, but it seems the new updates are starting to roll out now.

Anyway, below are my thoughts about the election from reddit:

I intuitively predicted that Hillary would be the next president (back before the Presidential election) and was very surprised last night. I have no attachment to it, but my predictions are rarely wrong, and I immediately sensed that a miracle had occurred (in that something impossible happened).

It was indeed an apocalyptic event (by the true meaning of the word, a great change or paradigm shift), and we entered an alternate timeline. This was not supposed to happen, but clearly it was necessary for humanity to have this experience for the sake of their development.

It’s not really about Trump, just what he represents, and those who were still attached to the Matrix have been severely shocked out of their collective coma, and are now grieving in a way similar to 9/11.

As weird as it sounds, this abrupt change is a good thing for humanity, you just have to look past Trump and see that this change is exactly what humanity needed to be woken up and made conscious to the reality of the situation on Earth.


Yes indeed, as Wanderers this is part of the great shift that we came here to observe.

And just to explain further for others who may be confused about why this event was necessary, I just want to reiterate that this is not about Trump, it’s about humanity waking up and realizing that giving your power away to false idols and establishments, such as politicians or governments, is futile, and it’s time to grow up and start living as your own sovereign master outside of the Matrix.

Lastly, you need to leave the old fear-based paradigm behind and accept that change is inevitable and necessary. It’s not important whether you perceive the change as positive or negative, only that it must occur in order for the next stage of events to transpire. You have to see the bigger picture, and even if that means going through some trials and tribulations in the process, ultimately it will lead to a new system, which is necessary in order to advance to the next stage of peace and prosperity for everyone.

Info on Cosmic Disclosure and the Secret Space Program by Corey Goode and David Wilcock


Update 1/13/18: Season 6 has been reuploaded with new HD source, and Season 7 episodes 1-8 have been posted. There is a new page for the episode links here.

This past weekend I came across David Wilcock’s latest update, which included information provided by insider Corey Goode on the Secret Space Program (SSP), and I found out Corey and David have a web series on Gaia called Cosmic Disclosure. I started watching the series and have been blown away by Corey’s intel.

I’ve been doing research into this stuff for several years now, and this is the first time I’ve encountered someone with such a breadth of information who appears to be completely genuine and without any motive other than to do good in the world and bring full disclosure to the planet, but don’t just take my word for it, watch it and decide for yourself.

This is life-changing information, as Corey’s intel is one of the first real major steps to full disclosure, and will fundamentally assist many people in completing the necessary paradigm shift in consciousness.

The series really is that powerful, as he goes into full detail into the history of the SSP, along with ETs, advanced technologies like spacecraft, the training he went through as an Intuitive Empath, the different factions in the SSP, stargate/portal technologies, and much more.

I can’t stress enough that everyone make time to watch this series if you want to stay up to date with the latest developments. I guarantee it will blow you away and greatly expand your consciousness.

Click here for episode links

Introducing the Basic Income Project

What would you do if you had a basic income? Would you work at the same job, live in the same city, eat the same food, drive the same car?

Recently, I met Mark Witham, the founder of the Basic Income Project, and he asked me this same question, and as I listened to him share his vision of a world with basic income, a lightbulb went off in my head: Hey, I’ve thought of this same idea before!

Of course, I didn’t have the same name for it at the time, nor was I even aware that the concept of basic income already existed, but I was thinking of the same idea without even knowing it. As I thought about the current situation on the planet, and what we could as a people to create more freedom, I realized that the structure of our financial system was a major problem, and that if only each citizen could receive an ongoing unconditional income, then our global situation would change drastically, and many of these problems could be solved.

Is this just a fantasy? Could this ever truly happen? It’s easy to be skeptical, but when I found out about Mark and the Basic Income Project, I started to see a real possible solution unfolding before my eyes.

Is basic income the answer? There’s no way of knowing for sure, but I am willing to give it a shot, and Mark is the type of guy who I believe has the integrity and positive intention that is necessary to make this happen.

So, what is the Basic Income Project exactly?

Right now, the Basic Income Project is a mobile application available exclusively on the iPhone 4 or above with iOS5 or greater, and it’s currently in the beta stage. In the future, we are planning to expand its distribution to include both Android devices and web browsers.

What does it do, and how does it work? Here are the details from the Basic Income Project website:

Once you have registered for an account, a 300 “value” will be added to the balance of your account. This is done so that everyone who registers for an account starts off with a basic income. Each week, a 300 “value” will be added to your account (*basic income).

With this balance, you will be able to transfer to and receive from other people who have this app. An example of a transaction might be: you do work for a friend, they pay you directly from their account just by sending it to yours through the app. As long as both parties agree that it can be used to pay for services, products or labor. Hopefully, in time you will be able to buy produce from your farmer friends, goods from producers or hire someone for their labor. It takes people agreeing with this system for the benefits to really work.

But what do you mean by “value”? Is it money?

Basic income does not use any form of traditional physical currency it is a digital currency ( please refer to links above to learn more about digital currency ). However, we recognize that users need a “term” to distinguish what it is exactly that is placed into their digital wallet within the app. For this reason we refer to those “funds” as “value”. We may think of a more clever name in the future. Stay tuned. Door prize to someone who comes up with something really awesome. 🙂

Who could really start using this app?

  • Time Banks
  • Countries interested in promoting basic income as their social security.
  • Towns and Communities that print their own currency. e.g.
  • Intentional Communities
  • A family could use it to trade internally for chores around the house. 🙂
  • Favors and exchanges between friends.

So, now that you know what the Basic Income Project is, here is how you can get involved:

If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more about the project, please feel free to get in touch.

New Site for Kadmon Academy Now Online

I have thrown up a very basic website for Kadmon Academy at, and I will be developing it more in the following days. If you’re interested in the project, please feel free to contact me, and we can talk about it more in-depth.

Obviously, this is still in the very beginning stages of development, but I am starting to work on it now, and I have a feeling it’s going to take off very quickly. I already have a possible lead for a location in Staten Island, New York that I’m going to investigate, and I will be working on the philosophy, curriculum, and other structural works of literature to start shaping this idea together into a more formal plan.

I’m completely open to hearing your ideas, and I would love for this to be a collaborative effort. I have set up a subscribe form in the sidebar, so you can get the latest news updates right away, as well as a donate page if you want to contribute some working capital to the project.

Every inspiring comment and conversation helps keep me going, so please feel free to speak up if you want to get involved. More news on the way soon!

Is Free Energy Technology for the Masses Finally Here?

Earlier this month, HopeGirl posted an announcement on her blog fully disclosing the details of a new initiative that would allow people to build their own QEG (quantum energy generator). All they would need to do is download the QEG plans, which have been released open-source, purchase the required parts, and assemble the device themselves.

Of course, anyone who has been following the story of free energy technology knows that it’s been a long and arduous battle to release it to the public on a mass scale, but this claim appears to be legitimate, as it’s backed with extensive evidence proving its reality.

Obviously, most people do not possess the technical knowledge to build a QEG on their own, but this is a major step forward in making it possible for those who do to begin producing them on a mass scale for others to purchase.

Just like any other technology, in time the design will be improved and innovated, and soon enough—barring any government interference—each one of us will be able to purchase our own QEG online or in a store, just like any other modern appliance.

So what does this mean for the average person? It means that we will no longer have to be chained to gas and electric utility companies to power our homes. We won’t have to submit to legislators pushing Agenda 21 bills, such as the Smart Grid/Smart Meter initiative, and we’ll be able to take our power back as sovereign citizens.

This is all still in the works, and a long way off from being in every home as conveniently as a washing machine, but the potential is looming on the horizon, and that is what makes this so exciting. Even if we have to wait another five to ten years for it to happen (which is probably a realistic timeline), at least there is hope for greater progress in the future.

Riots in Ukraine – The Next Sign of Global Collapse

In my previous article, Are We Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World?, I discussed the idea of our current status as a society being post-apocalyptic, and I think the recent riots in Ukraine have brought forth the truth of that argument even further.

While there have been many other similar protests and riots throughout the globe recently and over the past decade, this one really hit me in a different way for some reason, as if to say, “See, I told you so!“, like this is what is to come in the future as long as the old power structure remains intact, and the tyrants remain on their respective thrones.

The photos and video footage of the riots look like something out of a movie, and it’s just surreal. One of the videos showed a Polish reporter marching in the crowd with the protesters at the beginning of the riot, and it reminded me of scenes from the movie Gangs of New York, as the protesters were dressed in all types of makeshift armor carrying homemade weapons as they charged ahead to face off against the police, throwing molotov cocktails and any other objects that could cause some damage.

It looked brutal and real in a way that shook me up unlike other riots that seemed more like a few punks causing trouble, or at least that was how they were depicted by the media. This was more like two rival gangs meeting up to brawl, and the people just seemed so nonchalant about it, as if this is just what they do and it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

I think watching movies and even simply the news has really desensitized and filtered my perception, as everything always seems so much farther away from reality, because it’s not happening in my backyard where everything is always business as usual. It simply made it real for me in a way that hadn’t occurred before—that this is happening in the world, and it could very well be in the streets of my neighborhood soon enough.

So tying this in with my article on the post-apocalypse, this particular riot seemed to have surfaced in a way that proved my article was accurate, and it makes me wonder just how far away we are from the next stage of collapse.

This is all, of course, necessary in progressing forward to the next stage of development on the planet, as the old must fade away before the new can arise, but the question that we’re always left with is what do we about it in the mean time? How do we live with this situation?

Well, my answer to this before was to simply endure and survive. To add on further to that answer, I say don’t just survive, but live life as if you are on a perpetual vacation. When you’re on vacation, you’re in a relaxed state of mind. There is no stress, because there is no rush, no place you have to be on time, or if there is, it’s not a big deal if you’re late or experience some kind of mishap.

When you’re on vacation, your focus is on being present and enjoying yourself as much as possible, even though you’re still doing all of the things you typically do, anyway.

When you eat your food, you taste it more, because you’re not in a rush to get back to your busy life. If you start doing something and get interrupted, it’s not a big deal, since you can just finish the task later. You’re not so hard on yourself, and you’re not so stressed out.

If you can make your entire life a vacation, then you’re winning the game. There’s no score, no one keeping track, but you know the difference—there is no fooling yourself.

So, while life in this crazy world may not be perfect, within your own life you can strive to maintain harmony and experience gratitude in the moment. It’s a simple switch in your state of mind, but it is everything. Enjoy the wasteland!

Winter Solstice 2013 Message

Wholesness, balance, and good vibrations to everyone! Let this be a day that we all remember why we are here at this time, as we work in harmony to rebalance the energies of planet Earth. The human race has spent centuries in bondage, incurring much trauma and suffering throughout the globe as we endure the many problems brought on by the forces of darkness that lurk behind the veil.

But as we continue on our path toward righting the many wrongs that have occurred throughout history, we must remember that it is only through working on ourselves that we can change the world.

While there is of course a global mission to create world peace and restore health and prosperity to all people, it is in the microcosmic mission of self-realization that each one of us has agreed to accomplish that real progress is made.

It is in this perspective that we can gradually chip away at the big problems that seem so insurmountable to us. Because let’s face it: Is it Gaia herself who is incurring the manmade pollution? Is it Gaia who is killing her own children with drone strikes and other such atrocities?

It is within each one of us as a collective that disconnection occurs, and with that disconnection comes the actions of negativity that compensate for the lack of love that is being received.

For example, why does a kid in grade school bully other kids? Is it just his “natural behavior” or is it a method of compensation for a lack of love that he receives at home, a way to get attention and feel good about himself by dominating others?

It’s no different than what’s going on in the White House or the military. These individuals who feel the need to harm others only do so out of disconnection and insecurity about their own existence as seemingly mortal creatures.

But would they act the same way if they were loved and fully connected with divine consciousness? These people are the living embodiment of the negative thoughts we all endure.

So if we can learn to accept the negative thoughts we all have and deal with them in a mature and responsible manner, then they no longer have power over us, and then cease to exist entirely.

The best gift you can give to yourself and to others is your acceptance and gratitude. Focus on these acts alone and you will help to make great strides of progress toward freedom and prosperity.

Be well!


Winter Storm "Saturn" Deemed an "East Coast Beast" by the Cabal

My god, does the Satanic influence get anymore obvious? This is just ridiculous, and of course people eat it up not even realizing that it is through the collective’s co-creative ability that the weather is determined in the first place.

This is metaphysics 101, the basic application of Universal Law which states Energy = All-That-Is. The weathermen are not oracles, they simply broadcast the idea of a particular event to the masses who go on to energize its creation.

And even more so, they present it in a fear-based manner which influences people to give their power away to the imposed authorities like some demonic rain chant, creating memes like, “Get ready for Saturn’s wrath.”

It’s just flat out insidious yet darkly brilliant at the same time. I’m not telling people to start fighting the weather, I’m just saying you always have the free will choice not to buy in to the fear-mongering and think for yourself.

Is Public E.T. Disclosure Finally on the Way?

In Dr. Stankov’s recent article Should We Expect Stunning Revelations On Aliens on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Beginning January 23, 2013? he reported:

“There are rumours in circulation in Russia coming from semi-official sources attributed to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that suggest that the Prime Minister Medvedev is intending to press on Obama on the World Economic Forum beginning in Davos, Switzerland tomorrow, January 23, 2013 to participate in a worldwide disclosure on the existence of aliens on the earth, who have worked for decades with the elite and the dark cabal on power. If Obama rejects to participate in this disclosure, Russia will make these announcements on its own.”

Along with this news, the upcoming documentary Sirius featuring the work of leading ufologist Dr. Steven M. Greer of The Disclosure Project is currently in post-production and has been projected to release this spring.

Are we on the verge of a major breakthrough with public extraterrestrial disclosure? It certainly looks this way, and if Medvedev follows through with pioneering the announcement, it seems only logical that Obama and all the rest of the officials will have to do the same. Let’s hope for the best, my friends!

My Response to Obama's Latest Speech Regarding the Shooting in Newtown, CT

Update: This article on Georgi’s website provides more intel on this scandal.

I wonder when people will finally stop listening to public figures. The people give them power by thinking their titles mean something, but they are no different than any other celebrity. What if Tom Cruise went up there and did a speech? What’s the difference? Because it’s not about the individual person giving the speech, it’s about the objective result achieved by the action.

The Elite use this problem-reaction-solution tactic (David Icke’s words) to control people, using public figures to express authority, but they’re all just puppets, and Obama is no different.

Obviously, the shooting is a tragedy. That is undeniable. But like Sam said [in the thread], do we need a guy who orders drone strikes for a living to be talking to us about compassion? It’s totally insidious, and most people don’t even know it.

Now people are screaming for stricter gun control laws, and that’s exactly what the Elite want. Bottom line is, as long as the Orion system stands, there will be chaos on this planet. The only real solution is to collapse the entire establishment and start fresh, and this is exactly what the ascension process is meant to accomplish.

Here is the link to the post regarding this topic on the Freedom Earth subreddit.