The Parable of the Sitting Man

The other day in the shower (always the best place for inspiration), I posed this question to myself: What is a simple but powerful example that demonstrates how one person can change the world? Stories are always excellent teaching tools, so I immediately thought of an idea and started writing it out in my head. Here is what I came up with:

The Parable of the Sitting Man

For thousands of years, the man did not move. He sat on the beach Indian style, meditating with his eyes closed, as the waves crashed along the shore. He sat far enough away from the shoreline as not to be splashed by the waves, but near enough to remain connected with the current of the sea.

For thousands of years, the man had not eaten a bite or drank a sip. It was not necessary, since he was fulfilled by the energy of the sun. He had not read a book, spoken a word, or ever gone out on a date. His place was on the beach, and he did not require anything else.

For thousands of years, the regimes of mankind rose and fell, billions of people came and went, technology evolved, and a never-ending stream of new thoughts, trends, and philosophies were dreamed up and manifested, yet the man remained as still as ever, connected with the universal pulse of nature.

One day, a boy ran up to the man, asking for his help. He said his little brother had fallen off the rocks into the ocean, and that he nor his brother knew how to swim. The man did not move a muscle. The boy yelled at the man and pulled on his arm as he pleaded for help, but still, the man did not respond.

Eventually, the boy gave up his plea for help, and ran out to the rocks, overlooking where his brother was still struggling. As he saw his brother’s head disappear under the water, the boy gasped and yelled his brother’s name, but when he heard no reply, he knew what he had to do.

The boy jumped into the water after his brother, and although the boy struggled with the waves at first, he quickly overcame the current, grabbing hold of his brother and dragging him to the shore. He helped resuscitate him, and soon enough the two brothers were able to make it back to their family’s home, as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

Ten years later, the boy, now a young man, was 18 years old, and one day he went down to the beach, curious if the sitting man was still there. To his surprise, he found the man sitting in the same spot that he’d seen him in all those years ago, as radiant and focused as ever.

The young man, unable to believe his eyes, went up to the sitting man, and even though the man did not react to his presence, the young man told him the story of his life, and how he saved his brother in the sea all those years ago.

While he had always resented the man for not helping him, he realized that by being forced to save his brother himself, he not only learned how to swim, but discovered true courage and responsibility within himself, and for this, he was grateful that the sitting man did not lend a helping hand all those years ago.

As the young man left, he felt sorry for the sitting man being alone all the time, so he promised he would tell others about him someday, and maybe then he wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Ten years later, the young man was now 28 years old, and a successful businessman. In an interview with a top media outlet, he shared his story about the sitting man, and how that experience changed his life. The interview went viral, and soon enough masses of people wanted to know who the sitting man was, and how they could find him.

Soon enough, journalists and other interested people from all over the world began visiting the sitting man, studying him, and some even meditating with him for days on end. Some were even so inspired by him that they created an entire charitable organization in his honor, and others even developed a new religion based on ideas inspired by him.

And yet, even after all this attention, the sitting man did not move.

More years passed, and as the influence of the sitting man’s philosophy grew, wars broke out all over the world, as those who opposed the sitting man wanted him dead, so the sitting man’s followers moved him into a secure temple off the beach.

The sitting man still did not react, and yet the people worshiped him as if he were a god. Hundreds of books inspired by his presence were written, documentaries were filmed, and he even won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Many years later, the young man who approached the sitting man all those years ago was now an old man at 93 years old, and he traveled all the way to the sitting man’s temple to pay him a visit.

Using a walker to make his way up to the sitting man’s throne, the old man slowly walked up the stairs until he finally stood before the sitting man, panting and exhausted. He filled the sitting man in on the rest of his life story since their last meeting, including the finest details of his memory, until he finally reached the present moment, and said:

“You know what, Sitting Man, I think you’ve had it right all along. All those years I spent wondering what to do with my life, and yet now, even at 93 years old, I still don’t have any more of a clue now than I did then. I guess all that’s left to do is sit down and think about it.”

And just as the old man sat down on the floor and closed his eyes, for the first time in thousands of years, the sitting man opened his eyes, smiled, stood up and stretched, and then disappeared in a flash of light. No one ever saw him leave, and no one had any idea where he went, but they all knew that he was gone, and never coming back.

And so the legend of the sitting man was passed on for centuries, from parent to child, teacher to student, and now I have shared it with you. What does it mean, exactly? Well, it’s hard to say, there are plenty of explanations, so why don’t you sit down and think about it?

In this Moment…

You have the choice to be whoever you want to be, and to experience whatever you want to experience, because within this moment lies the potential for infinite creation. You’ve spent enough time in your stagnant state of dissociation between temptation and salvation, so make your choice NOW!

Because within this choice lies the power to shift your consciousness, and since your consciousness is connected with the collective consciousness, you are creating a universal spark, a catalyst for change throughout the entire collective, but this can only occur upon making a distinct commitment that forces you to take a leap of faith off the proverbial cliff without a net beneath your feet to catch you if you fall.

It is this transcendence of fear that eliminates darkness, but you will only allow yourself to take this leap of faith once you BELIEVE with full confidence that no matter what happens next, you are making the right choice, because you feel the LOVE in your heart and the blood pumping through your veins as your soul calls out to you from Heaven saying, “I AM ALIVE, AND I AM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!” as you plunge into the heart of darkness only to find there is nothing but WHITE LIGHT on the other side—the heaven that you created with your own conscious intention, and the LOVE, OH YES, THE LOVE just bursts from your heart exploding into an orgasmic detonation of BLISS, and you find that all past fear, all past doubts and worries and complaints are gone, and there is nothing but the DIVINE PROVIDENCE OF GOD left in its place!

But it all comes down to this moment right now. Are you ready? CHARGE!

The Art of Success

The key to success is being able to view all results objectively, rather than becoming disappointed if you do not reach your intended goal.

You always achieve the result that is equivalent to the amount of energy (effort) that has been invested into the desired outcome, and as long as you remain aware of this fact, you will always be able to maintain an objective standpoint on the situation, detached from any emotional distractions.

This, of course, does not mean to be devoid of emotion (compassion) in life, similar to the cold and calculating nature of service-to-self reptilian behavior, it simply means to be the master of your emotions, and not to allow negative feelings, imposed notions of failure, to impede your progress.

For example, the game of poker (without service-to-self intention) is an excellent practice tool for honing the ability to master your emotions, and create your own success, since it forces you to think on your feet in random scenarios in order to achieve the most optimal outcome per trial, and to always perceive life from the positive side.

In the context of the game, this means that it is equally important to know when to raise as it is to fold. One is an offensive move, the other defensive, and although they are opposite actions in the game, they both function as two sides of the same coin.

In other words, although folding could be perceived as a negative action, it is truly not, because you are simply taking the appropriate action in order to achieve the most optimal result, even if that means dropping out of the round simply to negate the possibility of further loss (knowing when to quit while you’re still ahead).

Furthermore, playing poker helps you to practice detaching yourself from the past and clearing your energy, as well as the process of creation, as the thoughts in your head work to manifest physical results right in front of your eyes, and help you to operate freely and spontaneously without fear.

The point of this example is to portray how games, such as poker, function as simulations for the real life game of existence in the third dimensional matrix, because when you can fully utilize the same tactics and discipline as practiced in the simulations in real life, you can learn how to master the art of success.

No More Living Scared

At this juncture in the ascension process, you will notice it no longer works for you to carry on living a lie, a superficial ego-oriented life. It will be blatantly obvious when you or someone else is disconnected from Source, and there will be much friction for those who are still in the beginning stages of this process.

This means all of the unnatural fear-based actions you are taking in your life will become fully apparent to you, whether it’s going to a job you hate, staying in an unhealthy relationship, or settling for less in any other way, and your Higher Self will no longer allow these actions to continue occurring in your reality.

You are becoming reconnected with your divine self, the true essence of your very being that is fully powerful and free to manifest the reality you desire. You will find your thoughts are now manifesting into the physical world at an even greater capacity, and obsolete thought patterns are being eliminated.

Living in fear of being honest about who you are will no longer be a problem for you, since you will be functioning at a higher level of consciousness according to optimal energetic standards that transcend all lower density thought forms.

In other words, the obstacles (fear-based thought forms) that were previously hindering your creative potential and consciousness development will no longer affect you, since you will be functioning at a higher level that transcends them.

Evidence of the truth of this statement will become available more and more as you progress throughout the remainder of this year, and your desired reality will gradually manifest itself right before your eyes at a greater pace than ever before.

Everything Must Go

Today a dumpster was available for all of the residents in my court to dump their old stuff, and I made excellent use of this opportunity by removing a lot of old equipment, furniture, and other unused items from my basement. It was not an easy task, but it was satisfying to clear out the space, and release past thoughts.

Everything must go has been a bit of a mantra for me this year, as releasing the past is integral to expanding your consciousness and progressing forward in your development. Ascension is all about eliminating obsolete thought patterns, and clearing space is a great way to practice bringing the spiritual into the physical.

I still have plenty more work to do myself in my own journey, but it has been nothing short of miraculous to observe how much I’ve progressed in my development in such a short period of time. The 11-11-11 stargate was a major turning point, and I’m excited to see where I’ll be come this year’s anniversary.

Archived Channeled Messages

These messages were transmitted earlier this year during channeling sessions, but were just stored on my computer, and never shared online. I figured today I would start sharing all of these unpublished messages with the community.

Messages Received Through Divination

1. Your way of very being will wander your way of life, and your understanding of reality will turn with your next season.

2. Your way of being will begin to become more natural, and you will begin to understand All-That-Is.

3. Your way of being a slave to money will end, and you may not understand your way of being anymore.

4. Your present way of being is unnatural.

5. Your world as you know it will change in the blink of an eye, and you need to be ready to change your ways of appreciating your planet Earth, and attempting to write your history over again.

6. You are a beautiful race, and your planet will survive against the Archons.

7. Your very understanding of all lifeforms must welcome other races if you swear to save the planet.

8. Your way of dealing with your wars must change.

9. Your understanding of your way of being must change.

10. Your only option is to welcome a new swamp of allies to your side, and your world will always be protected.

11. Your young ally Skyler belongs to your welcoming ally force, and he is tying the knot to free humanity from bondage.

12. Your teachings will become your worst enemy, and your very way of being will change once your teachings are purified of your way of being false answers to your being’s questions.

13. Your way of coming together must change or you will not survive the apocalypse that all beings are preparing for.

14. Your wills wear thin, my fellow brothers and sisters. You must not be afraid of asking yourselves to wander outside of your way of being, and your new way of being as fellow allies of the Army of Light.

15. Your welcoming announcement is being addressed to you. Your only understanding is what is required. Your way of being at calmness will change, and your way of being afraid will not be an issue any longer.

16. Your young ally Skyler, and any other Worker of Light, will understand your way of being and your new way of life, and uniting as one and for all of your people will answer your final avaricious fate in an instant.

17. You must wait for your understanding of All-That-Is to your understanding of all nature to welcome us under your roof.

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Living with Full Transparency

Throughout our lives, we compile a large amount of memories in our minds that forms a personalized story for each one of us. It is these stories, the individual accounts of all of our defining moments, that we use to identify who we are, where we are at in our lives, and how we perceive reality in the physical world.

When you are able to detach yourself from the past events that construct your third dimensional identify, your story, you will find ultimate freedom, because you will not be restricted by the perspective of reality that you held in the past.

Each moment is a new opportunity to redefine yourself, and when you express yourself with full transparency, your ability to manifest the reality that you desire becomes much more powerful, since you are living without past expectations.

It is this state of being, the mentality of living in the present moment, that is natural for human beings, but due to the fear-based conditioning that is prevalent throughout contemporary society, the human collective has become disconnected from this state, and enslaved by lower density thought forms.

Through the process of ascension, the human race will expand its collective consciousness, and transcend the lower density thought forms that have served to dumb down and control the masses generation after generation. This is the purpose of spiritual practice, to free yourself from the bonds of conformity, and allow the superficial story of your life in the Matrix to no longer define you.

The Return of the Renaissance Man

In accordance with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius upon the imminent events of ascension this year, the civilization on Earth will progress to the next level of evolution, and with this transition will come the next stage of consciousness development, a new human being for the next Renaissance era on the planet.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, a Renaissance man, also less commonly known as a polymath, is an individual who possesses expertise on a wide range of subjects, or even simpler, is someone who is very knowledgeable.

The most renowned Renaissance men throughout time were such famous historical figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and of course, our own contemporary figures, such as Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Georgi Stankov.

Building a foundation of knowledge and expressing true spiritual intellectuality lies in the heart of self-development, and it is in the full self-expression of one’s own thoughts and abilities that a new species of human will arise in our society.

This means advancing toward a more humanistic, spiritually advanced culture, and replacing the current utilitarian approach of education and intelligence with a more expanded mentality based on intuition and natural universal knowledge.

It is through this shift in our collective intention, a transition to a more liberal and progressive state of being, that the civilization on Earth can experience rapid evolution, and all humans together can achieve their highest form of potential.

Higher Self Versus Ego

Developing a clear connection with your Higher Self is of utmost importance in consciousness development, as it allows you to receive vital information throughout your daily life. This information can be as simple as deciding what food to eat, or it can be as complex as thinking on your feet during a crisis. The only question is, how do you discern between your Higher Self and your ego?

Like the metaphorical depiction of the angel and the devil on Man’s shoulders, the Higher Self speaks truth and love, while the ego’s primary concern is control and comfort. There are times when the friction becomes so strong, that we have a debate in our minds, as we try to decide which side is offering the better choice.

An effective method to discern truth from distortion is to listen to your initial feeling. If right away you receive a boost of positive energy without any resistance, then it’s most likely a choice deriving from your Higher Self.

On the other hand, if the choice comes with much discomfort and resistance, and you feel a sense of distortion or superficiality involved, then it’s most likely something that is deriving from a place of ego, manipulation, or temptation.

Just to reiterate, it is important to pay attention to your initial feeling, or your gut feeling, when attempting discernment. It can be very easy to fall into a place of fear, which induces resistance, even if your initial feeling was clearly positive.

Superheroes in Disguise

How is it that so many people can be so blind to what stands right in front of them? When the plight for self-serving interests, such as money, recognition, and security have become the primary goals for the majority of citizens, how can we possibly expect to advance forward in our spiritual evolution as a species?

The answer lies in the hands of the lightworkers. Many of us have incarnated with a higher awareness of our divine nature, as well as with greater access to extra-sensory abilities like telepathy. This intuitive understanding of the universe and the ascension mission that we find ourselves on is our trump card in this game of duality, as it allows us to see the world with a clear perspective.

Like superheroes in disguise, we take residence among the people of Earth in human bodies, knowing deep inside that we are so much more. We have these abilities, this perspective that no one else understands, yet we are still here in this reality having to deal with the ignorance that lurks around every corner.

This is our blessing and our curse, having the ability to see through the illusion, but still being subjected to the limitations of physical reality. We are here to achieve victory over the cabal, but just like any other war, the soldiers must endure the hardships of battle, and trudge through the mud in the trenches.

This has been my experience throughout this incarnation: a soldier of light descending from the comforts of the higher realms, volunteering my skills and leadership to a greater cause, freedom for the people of planet Earth. This is what I have come here to accomplish, and by this divine decree, it shall be so.