Age is Determined by the Mind

You are the same as you were at sixteen, it is just the collective consciousness and the illusion of the physical world that makes you think differently. I’ve met twelve year-old children who are more consciously aware and mature than middle-aged adults.

Physical age is merely the calculation of the perceived time that a soul has been united with a physical body. This calculation is commonly attributed to correlate with wisdom, and while this correlation is certainly relevant, it is not accurate. Wisdom has nothing to do with age because time does not exist, thus the calculation of physical age is irrelevant. The only time that truly exists is the present moment, therefore every being is the same age.

Physical appearance is simply the internal self represented in the external world, which is why we base our initial judgments on looks. Looks are a quick way to judge a person’s current state of mind, and this is reflected in their posture, tone of voice, clothing selection, etc. The mind analyzes every detail instantaneously, and draws a conclusion based on the perceived data.

For example, if you see a frail man with gray hair and wrinkled skin walking hunched over with a cane, your mind will automatically conclude that the man is very old in age. What if that person has an accelerated aging disorder, and is actually only thirteen?

Humans are led to believe that time is what determines physical age, but it is the mind that makes the decision. The concept of aging is a human creation, and it exists due to a conscious agreement which states that over time the human body will deteriorate, and eventually die. This is an idea supported by the collective consciousness, and is therefore realized in the external world.

Past Lives in Present Life

I have found that the more I consider my own past life progression, the more insight into my present life I have. I am able to view the people in my life in a much different perspective than the typical conscious mindset. I am able to detect both the physical embodiment of the person that is present in this life, as well as the spiritual presence of the person’s past lives. When I pay attention to the signals and energy of those around me, I am able to determine the role or roles that each person has played towards me in previous lifetimes. I find this ability to be very useful because it allows me to view people objectively and without influence from their physical age.

For example, while my mother and I have a mother/son relationship in our present life, we also commonly play the roles of brother and sister.

It is no coincidence that we instantly develop strong connections with certain people. It is not uncommon to hear someone remark that they feel as if they’ve known someone they just met their whole life, and the reason is because they actually have known them, they are simply just remembering it now in their present life.

If you pay attention to an individual’s choices, you can detect which role is currently at the forefront of their mind. Choices that we typically regard as being made unconsciously are actually decided subconsciously, and these decisions are influenced by our motivations. You can identify the role that another person is most in line with by identifying which person they relate to most in their current life.

For example, I have a friend who commonly talks about his uncle, and shares a healthy relationship with his uncle. It is no surprise then that he naturally plays the role of uncle in most social situations. Of course, many different roles are portrayed by each person, but I have found that there is always one that fits each person most accurately.

Due Diligence

We are all capable of writing beautiful, profound words, for this ability exists within us naturally upon entering this world. It is merely a matter of releasing all external influence from your mind, and remembering who you truly are, a being of pure light and love.

Greed and ego are minions of fear, and they are unhealthy and unnecessary states of consciousness. We are happiest when we are free of negative thought, and work only for the satisfaction that lies within.

Writing comes naturally to those who do not require external acceptance of their thoughts and ideals. Let your inner voice ring true, and your pen will flow with the ease of the wind.

Are We There Yet?

When will policemen no longer patrol our streets? When will soldiers no longer fight? When will war cease to exist? When will everyone start looking out for one another, brace one another, rather than fear one another? This time can be now, but only if every being in the universe says so. Until then, we will remain in bondage, controlled by our egotistical nature.

Forever Young

We are all writers, musicians, artists, athletes, and scholars. It is only our external experiences that make us forget the Truth, and cause us to stray away from our true passions. When we stay true to ourselves, happiness is the only possible outcome.

It is important that we never forget, no matter what age we become, that our inner child still exists within us. The external world makes us think that we are supposed to act a particular way, and that we are supposed to desire money, power, and material possessions, but that couldn’t be further from the Truth.

Carnal pleasures come easily to those who do not require them. The force of non-resistance provides all that man needs, but of course, it is those who desire these pleasures the most who have the toughest time attaining them.

Let the burden of power fall upon those who need it most. Let them bask in their glory and bathe in their desire, so that they can eventually learn to live without it.

Let go.

Thoughts of an Idealist

If marijuana is legalized, everyone will become distributors. Marijuana poses a significant threat because it’s so easy to grow. Anyone can grow a plant. Most families used to be gamer self-sufficient gardeners, and even if they weren’t gardeners, they were still entrepreneurs and business owners.

Entrepreneurship is the true point of business for every man. Most people think that they grow up without any skills of their own, but that is not true. Generation Y knows better than this online gaming. We know how to access information quicker than any other generation in history. We are more connected socially, but not necessarily spiritually, due to the massive amounts of propaganda that is thrown in our faces through advertising.

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The Internet provides us with the ability to be our own entrepreneurs easier than ever before, since anyone can create their own website. Technology has opened the LoL door, but we are too distracted and subdued by our focus on material possessions and greed to make it a reality.