Further Information on My Latest Upgrade

On Tuesday, a reader named Deborah commented this statement in response to my latest article My Cosmic Ascension Experience that provided further clarification of what I experienced:

What you experienced sounds like the process of more aspects of your Higher Self coming in to fully integrate with your current personality construct…in effect it is a 3D Soul Upgrade. This first happened to me over 20 years ago, and it is usually done during sleep state and creates an OBE effect with the physical body paralyzed for a short period.

And this message from April in Dr. Stankov’s article The Ascension of the PAT has Commenced also confirmed this information:

For those of you choosing to return to guide/teach “on the ground” for a time, you are stuck here among the timelines until at least December. At that time, you will have an opportunity once again, to determine how and where you would like to serve. I suspect that most of our crystalline youth along with a good size number of core PAT will take this on.

So like I mentioned before, this experience served as an upgrade that boosted me to an upgraded version of 3D, which I’ve been referring to as 4D. This was part of the overall cosmic ascension process, although it was not the planetary ascension transition to 5D that has been predicted to occur by the end of this year.

Here is how Deborah described her vision of the planetary ascension experience:

Therefore, when I ascend, what I expect is for my physical 3D body to literally transform into LIGHT, and to vibrate at such high frequency as to disappear from this dense reality, and emerge simultaneously in a higher dimension…5D will suit me fine for a start.

I will know without doubt that I have ascended because the reality around me is changed. I will see beautiful colours/energies around me, I will see the quantum energetic structure of the quasi-physical surroundings, I will be telempathic, I will be able to float/fly?, I will have biokinetic mental abilities to alter my new light body/form, I will be able to teleport using my thoughts, I will absorb photon light energy with my crystalline body & will no longer need to eat or sleep, my new body will also have self-regulating temperature control. Best of all, I will be able to manipulate energy through Thought Manifestation.

Now when I decide to descend to 3D reality with this new crystalline-based body of Light, I could expect that I may appear to shine/glow or appear to be partially transparent to the 3D carbon-based humans who are looking at me.

And, I would guess that I would not be able to stay in this dense 3D reality for long periods of time, due to the incompatability of my high frequency body attempting to operate at such lower frequencies.

Furthermore, as there are an infinite number of Parallel Realities, and we can shift to any one we choose by matching our frequency to it…I choose to shift myself to the currently existing reality in which planet Earth shifts to 5D months *before* December.

I hope this article provides further clarification regarding the technical side of my upgrade experience. My goal is always to provide the most accurate information possible, so I just wanted to set the record straight for anyone who may have been confused.

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