Life in the Dream

“I don’t think you want to do that,” my friend called out to me as I ran along the wooden planks of the bridge.

“I’ll wake up when I hit the water,” I called out back to him as I jumped high into the air off the edge.

Hovering high above the water, I looked down to the sea below. The water looked turbulent as waves folded and crashed into one another, so I figured I’d find another place to land.

“I think I’ll just fly around for a bit instead,” I said as my body rose from the water. I piloted my body telepathically like a remote controlled airplane, and flew over to a large carved stone structure that rose from the center of the sea like a monument. Water flowed over the sides of the walls, and I flew around to the back side of the structure, spotting a small compartment carved out of the stone resembling a back entrance.

I hovered before the structure, watching as water rushed over the compartment from the top. I accelerated forward, cutting headfirst through the stream, and landed my body on the stone floor inside of the compartment. It was dark inside aside from the light that shined from outside the structure, but the ground was dry, and as I walked forward, I saw a wooden door embedded in the wall.

A moment later, I turned my head in reaction to a noise that sounded like fingers tapping on the ground. Searching through the darkness, I spotted a disembodied arm walking toward me, and I stared in amazement at the odd sight for a moment before it made its move.

Jumping straight at my face with its hand stretched out like a claw, I knocked the arm out of the air with a swipe of my arms, gasping in surprise at the sudden movement. The arm fell back to the ground, regained its balance, then crept toward me again, making a second attempt as it leaped through the air.

This time I caught the arm in my hands, and struggling to keep its fingers from grabbing hold of my face, I maintained a strong grip, holding it out in front me, slowly making my way to the edge of the structure as the sound of the water grew louder with every step.

Once I was close to the edge, I made a quick thrusting movement with my arms, trying to cast the arm out into the water, but it fell short, and as the arm came lumbering toward me again, set to make a final attempt, I gave a swift kick to its front, sending it tumbling off the edge. I watched over the side as it grew smaller and smaller falling to the sea below, and once I heard the splash, I knew it was over.

I turned back around, and walked to the wooden door on the wall, looking closely for a knob. As I turned the knob with my hand, a bright white light streamed out from inside the room, and shading my eyes with my hand, I stepped inside, leaving my old world behind.


This was just one of several lucid dreams that I had today, and I think it serves as great proof of our progress in the ascension process. We are working to merge the spiritual world with the physical world, and in this dream you can see how I was able to be in conscious control of my actions, even electing to ignore the laws of gravity and fly at my own will. The same is possible in conscious reality, the problem is that we have written our own limitations into the software through our collective agreements of what is possible and what is not.

Also, the same friend who appeared in this dream is also a close friend of mine in real life, and earlier this year in the springtime, we went hiking at a local park, and had a conversation about the possibility of flying. I told him anything is possible, we are only limited by our perceptions, and while he agreed with that, he said that he still believed that there are certain physical rules, such as gravity, that cannot be overcome, and I stated that the same answer still applied.

We co-create all of the rules, even gravity, and it’s completely our choice to change them if we desire. This is our role as sovereign creator beings, it’s only a matter of becoming aware of our abilities and utilizing them to the fullest extent.

And lastly, regardless of anything anyone else says, even if it was just a dream, I flew today, and that is all the proof I need to know that anything is truly possible.

4 thoughts on “Life in the Dream

    • Interesting that that’s the name of a song, I wasn’t even aware of that before. The disembodied arm represents disconnection from oneness, and the hand was trying to cover my face, trying to blind me and impede me from reaching the door (enlightenment). The whole dream is very symbolic of ascension and overcoming fear.

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