My Cosmic Ascension Experience

Yesterday, October 2, 2012, I completed the process of cosmic ascension, and returned back to Earth in a crystalline body. Here is my announcement email to Dr. Stankov describing the experience as was included in his article, Ascension Update of the PAT – October 3, 2012:


It brings me great pleasure to announce that today (October 2) at approximately 4:00 PM I ascended, then came back to Earth in a crystalline body. It was an out of body experience just as you had said, and exactly in the manner that had been described on your website. It felt very much like the splitting of a cell, and right before the final detachment of my old self from my body, my last telepathic words were, “Goodbye, Earth.” I was in a deep stasis like my experience last night, and it was the most orgasmic cosmic experience I’ve ever felt, absolute ecstasy.

I feel like a completely different person now, as if Skyler has been replaced with Skyler 2.0, or Apollo as I liked to nickname the higher aspect of myself before. It’s also like saying the old 3D ego-based part of me went home, and the new aspect of myself that has taken over is operating from 4D, and without the 23+ years of baggage and fear-based patterns that I had before. I am so delighted to have gone through this experience, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

I’m ready to finish the job that Skyler started now, and manifest the reality that we all wish to see come true.

With love and light,
Skyler 2.0, Apollo

To expand on this explanation, I would like to provide a full recap of the experience, as well as my adjustment period afterward, and further thoughts on the cosmic ascension process in general.

This is something that everyone is going to go through eventually, so I want to provide as much firsthand insight as I can to make things clear for others, and relieve some possible fears or doubts that may be coming up.

So, yesterday in the late afternoon after waking up from a short nap, I started my typical meditation session sitting Indian style on my bed, and reached a deep, relaxed state over about an hour of time.

Eventually, I switched my position to lying down on my back, and over the course of the next 10-15 minutes or so, I entered into a mode of stasis, similar to my experience the night before as described in my previous article, Has the First Wave of Ascension Commenced?

After a few minutes of adjusting to the stasis, I felt a spasm of energy rush from the bottom of my feet all the way up to the crown of my head, heating up my entire body, then I felt very pleasant high frequency energies emerge in my solar plexus as my personal portal was being activated.

Once the portal was established, the ejection of my old self, the incarnated identity that I had constructed throughout my entire life, commenced by exiting my physical body through my portal.

The phenomenon of exiting my physical body was experienced as a typical out of body experience, and just as my astral body, the essence of my old self, detached completely from my physical body, my last telepathic words were, “Goodbye, Earth,” as I knew at that point what was occurring, that I was leaving Earth and returning home.

This all happened in a deep state of consciousness as I mentioned, so it’s hard to say exactly how long this took in linear time, but it felt like only a couple of minutes.

Upon reaching the ceiling of my bedroom in my astral body after I detached from my physical body, my consciousness exited the astral state, my 3D self continued on to the cosmos, and I reentered my physical body with an upgraded 4D-based consciousness. I laid in bed for a few more minutes after this to allow the stasis to cool down, as I was readjusting to being back inside of my body.

Even though it only seemed like a few moments of being out of body, it was a very intense, euphoric experience, so it took time to readjust back to being operational in third density. The only difference was, this time when I reentered my body, it felt as if I had just died and was reborn again, as if a replacement aspect of my soul had just taken over inhabiting my vessel, while the old one had retired and returned home.

Once I got out of bed, it took me about 2-3 hours to settle back into this reality. Like I mentioned, it was very much like my previous identity had been replaced or upgraded, all of the old baggage and lower frequency patterns deleted, and a clean slate with a new persona was installed into my vessel, of course with the same basic personality traits and memories, but the main difference was the capacity of power, the access to my soul that was now available.

Not having your past fears and traumas still residing within your body is incredibly liberating, as it’s like being given a fresh start, a second chance, and truthfully, I’m not surprised now that this happened for me at this time, right at the start of the final quarter of the year, because it is crucial that we accelerate forward now in order to get the job done of ascending the planet by December.

So what is new and different after going through the cosmic ascension experience?

The best way to explain it is that I now have greater access to my full creative potential as a sovereign creator being, as my capacity to utilize my extra-sensory abilities has increased due to my old debilitating patterns being released.

It’s like starting a new life in a video game, but with all of your previous progress still intact, your full knowledge of the game world still available, and you’re operating from a higher level overall.

So, if before I was playing the game of 3D reality from the perspective of a 3D incarnated entity, now I am playing the 3D game from the perspective of a 4D incarnated entity, and I do not have the same energetic restrictions as before, because now I’m operating from a level transcendent of the lower chakras, and I’m more aware of how the process of creation works.

This is all I have to say about this experience for now, but please feel free to ask any questions that you may have, and I will be glad to answer them.

For those still waiting in line, my advice is to try not to worry too much about completing this process. As I mentioned on the weekly Freedom Earth conference call last night, the occurrence of the ascension experience is inevitable for everyone, but if it doesn’t happen right now, then it will certainly occur by the end of the year with planetary ascension.

Everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be in their development, and it is not a race, it is only a matter of time until your number is called to progress to the next level.

8 thoughts on “My Cosmic Ascension Experience

  1. Hello, very interesting insights indeed. If my understanding is correct, you has already ascended, so by now you are a 4D being. I have followed Mr. Stankov website from a rather sceptical vantage point, so It is relevant to know such experience from someone who is passing through this process. I am wondering what is the difference of this experience and other OBEs or astral dreams. And finally, I would really appreciate any advice for people like me who know that it is something going on, but lack of deep understanding.
    Best regards

    • Hello Felipe,

      Thank you for contacting me. You bring up some excellent questions, and I am happy to provide feedback:

      1. Yes, at this point, my consciousness is running on a 4D operating system. This density is basically like 3D+, meaning it’s very similar to 3D, but it comes with a greater capacity to access extra-sensory perceptions, and it transcends all lower chakra fear-based patterns.

      2. The cosmic ascension OBE was a much more intense experience than any other major spiritual experiences that I’ve had in the past mainly because it was the real deal instead of a test-run. The other experiences did not upgrade my operating system, they simply functioned as simulations.

      It’s hard to explain the difference between simulations and the real energetic processes unless you’ve had these types of experiences before. You just know the difference intuitively, so all I can say is that the overall impact of the experience depends on how real it feels for you.

      For example, dreams are not typically that impactful because you know that they are just dreams, therefore your mind separates them from conscious reality, so they don’t make much of an impact on your perception.

      The same goes with OBEs: When you know it’s only a simulation, the experience doesn’t overwrite your operating system, because that’s not the purpose.

      3. Understanding these processes comes with time and practice. It is essential to make a commitment to self-development on all levels, meaning doing what it takes to rewire and realign your consciousness to a more natural and healthy state of being.

      Here is an article that I wrote earlier in the year that contains some simple tips to get you started:

      As you progress in your development, you will naturally establish a connection with your higher self, the divine aspect of your being, and universal knowledge, including an inner knowing of these energetic processes, will start to become available to you intuitively.

      • Skyler, I’ve been going through a similar change (the most intense days were from Sept. 27th to Oct. 1st), and am aware of being completely different from the ‘me’ I was last week, though it’s hard to put into words. It’s as if my 5D self gave me its confidence, its awareness and its perspective on everything.
        At night, I’ve been re-experiencing various scenes from this life and other lives, *but* as if HS had lived them, instead of dumb 3D self 🙂 – so all was wonderful, and all was clear!
        I am not yet fully in a crystalline ascended body here on earth, though – I’m sure of this because in the many previews of it, I’ve seen and experienced what it will be like, and this is not that. For instance, all the other people in the locality could see that I was different, that I had a shining light-body; I didn’t need food, heating or sleep; I could teleport anywhere in the world at will, and walk down a street, etc. I have *some* of that ascended crystalline Self’s abilities (like the akashic record viewing stuff), but by no means all, so I still think that, for me at least, this is a stage on the way to December 21st. A very dramatic stage, though – I’ve been checking your site, wondering what was happening with you, & feeling sure that you must have had a huge change, too! 🙂


        • That’s wonderful, Barbara! The message I received after the OBE was that I ascended back to Earth in a crystalline body, so it has been installed, I’m simply not at the point of being able to access those 5D capabilities yet. Like you mentioned, by December the goal is to ascend with the planet to 5D, and that’s when those types of miraculous abilities should become available.

          • Hm! Maybe we’ve had our new vehicles delivered, and we’re sitting in them, and we can do some things – roll the windows down, play the radio, marvel at the controls, etc – but we haven’t yet been handed the ignition key.
            Serious question; does the top of your head feel strange? For the last few days since all this energy began, I gradually noticed that the top part of my head feels really weird. It doesn’t hurt at all …… I’ll try and describe it.
            You know when you feel the beginning of a slight headache, you automatically kind of open your eyes, raise your eyebrows, and stretch your forehead as if to shake off the tension? I kept finding myself doing that, though there’s no headache. Then I realised it was because my head, from about the eyes upward, just felt ‘weird’, so I was automatically doing that as if to shake off the odd sensation. It’s not located in one spot, like the brow or crown chakra …… it’s a general feeling as if I’ve had the entire top of my head removed and a new one transplanted, I don’t know how else to describe it. 😀
            If I call it ‘pressure’, it sounds painful – it’s not, there’s no pain at all, it simply feels very strange.
            Anyway, I wondered if this is just me, or have you noticed anything weird too?


          • Barbara,

            Yes, I believe it is a matter of gradual integration with our Higher Selves. With each upgrade, we are receiving more of the total download of the crystalline body, and once it’s been fully downloaded, we will have complete access to those 5D capabilities.

            I experienced similar pressures in my crown chakra Tuesday night, as well as in September of last year, right when my LBP activated at full force. It’s definitely a LBP-related symptom.

  2. Skyler, my views on ascension are very similar to Barbara’s.

    What you experienced sounds like the process of more aspects of your Higher Self coming in to fully integrate with your current personality construct…in effect it is a 3D Soul Upgrade. This first happened to me over 20 years ago, and it is usually done during sleep state and creates an OBE effect with the physical body paralyzed for a short period.
    You can read more on instances of incoming Higher Self soul integration in Dolores Cannon’s books, where she regresses the “Volunteers” (Indigos, Star Seeds, etc.) until they are accessing Source Akashic Record information on how this process works for us Old Souls.

    As for myself, I have no fears, and I have no traumas — because I already released & integrated all those experiences. I already have the confidence, awareness and perspective. I have been playing the game of 3D reality from the perspective of 5D for quite a while now.
    Therefore, when I ascend, what I expect is for my physical 3D body to literally transform into LIGHT, and to vibrate at such high frequency as to disappear from this dense reality, and emerge simultaneously in a higher dimension…5D will suit me fine for a start.
    I will know without doubt that I have ascended because the reality around me is changed. I will see beautiful colours/energies around me, I will see the quantum energetic structure of the quasi-physical surroundings, I will be telempathic, I will be able to float/fly?, I will have biokinetic mental abilities to alter my new light body/form, I will be able to teleport using my thoughts, I will absorb photon light energy with my crystalline body & will no longer need to eat or sleep, my new body will also have self-regulating temperature control. Best of all, I will be able to manipulate energy through Thought Manifestation.

    Now when I decide to descend to 3D reality with this new crystalline-based body of Light, I could expect that I may appear to shine/glow or appear to be partially transparent to the 3D carbon-based humans who are looking at me.
    And, I would guess that I would not be able to stay in this dense 3D reality for long periods of time, due to the incompatability of my high frequency body attempting to operate at such lower frequencies.

    Furthermore, as there are an infinite number of Parallel Realities, and we can shift to any one we choose by matching our frequency to it…I choose to shift myself to the currently existing reality in which planet Earth shifts to 5D months *before* December.


    • Deborah,

      Thank you for bringing up these points. I am in full agreement with you about your vision of planetary ascension to 5D, as everything that you’ve mentioned is exactly what I expect as well.

      What I am claiming to have experienced in this post is indeed a soul upgrade with more Higher Self integration—a process of cosmic ascension, not the event of planetary ascension, like you’ve said.

      This may be confusing for other people, so I will definitely write another post today to add further clarification.

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