My Experience Visiting Sirius

A few nights prior to November 22, 2012, I received a notification message during a divination session stating that I would be visiting my home star Sirius very soon, and on the night of November 22nd, this is exactly what happened.

This experience occurred while I was in a deep state of altered consciousness, so I’ve only been able to recollect bits and pieces of the experience, but here is what I’ve been able to gather through memory and further inquiry through divination:

In my astral body, I found myself sitting at a brown table inside of a large room. Through divination, I learned that this room was on a mothership, and when I asked for more information, I was told I was not allowed to be given further information about it at this time, and just to think of it as an access room.

After a few moments, I met with a female member of my star family in the hallway outside of the access room, the same woman I had met in a previous encounter and described in my article Ascension Transmissions 11/9/12.

After our meeting, I remember soaring through the ship, going through walls and windows until I had completely left the vessel and made it out to space.

I was floating inside of Sirius, and I was completely encompassed by magnificent shades of purple and blue. It was an absolutely blissful experience, the ultimate sensation of freedom, a harmonious feeling I can only express as being home.

The last thing I was told via divination was that I had completely dematerialized for a total of three minutes Earth time during this experience, and that this would be happening more regularly in the following days/weeks to come.

Is it true? Did I actually dematerialize during that time? I wish I had evidence to prove it one way or another. No one else came in my room during that time, and I didn’t have a video camera set up, so there’s no way for me to know for sure.

All I can say is, I was not surprised when I received this information. The feeling I had when I returned to normal consciousness after my previous experience described in my 11/9/12 write-up was exactly like what you see in the movies when people return to 3D reality after teleporting. It’s startling when you come back, and it takes a few moments to readjust yourself to this density again.

It was the same feeling of being teleported as before, and at this point, I’ve had so many paranormal experiences that nothing really surprises me anymore. All of these concepts that the general public considers to be impossible, like time travel, teleportation, and extraterrestrial contact are shown to us frequently in science fiction movies, so it’s not really that hard for me to comprehend that most of these seemingly unreal concepts are, in fact, very real after all.

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