Frequently Asked Questions

What does PAT mean?

PAT stands for Planetary Ascension Team, which is a name attributed by Dr. Georgi Stankov to a group of advanced individuals on Earth who are working to raise the vibration of the planet and facilitate the process of ascension. This article provides more information about this term and the group’s mission.

Are entheogens, such as cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, or ayahuasca detrimental to consciousness development?

Just like anything else, it is the intention for using the substance that determines whether or not it is hindering your development. If you find that you are using entheogens to escape from reality rather than to simply enhance your experience, then you should probably reconsider your stance on the decision, and explore other methods (such as meditation) to achieve the desired result.

How do I know if I’m awakened? What are the signs/symptoms?

This thread provides a lot of good information on this question.

How should awakened high school and college students approach working through the current institutionalized education system?

This thread provides a good recap of a discussion that was held on this topic.

What is LBP?

Light Body Process. Please refer to these three articles for more information.

What is a simple explanation for the concept of parallel realities?

Here is an excellent response to this question.

What will the planetary ascension transition to 5D be like?

Here is a prediction from a reader named Deborah about this topic.

Which books in the esoteric/spirituality field do you recommend?

This thread has a good list of recommendations.

What can I do to enhance my ability to have spiritual experiences?

Raise your vibration. Here is an article with some basic tips.

This page is currently in progress, and more will be coming soon. I suggest checking out the Law of One Study Guide presented on David Wilcock’s website for more information on ascension and other related topics.