Earth Journal April 30, 2014

Here are some thoughts that struck me today. Nothing new, but always fun to talk about:

The Perception of Time

What keeps us trapped in the Matrix is our perception of linear time. It’s not the physical world itself that holds us back–that’s just the development environment we work in–it’s the perception (belief) that we are perpetually advancing forward through time, thus aging closer to our potential death dates without any control over our own mortality.

In other words, we are enslaved by our own indoctrinated feelings of existential angst. Without the experience of “seeing behind the curtain”, people can only know what they see right in front of their eyes–the immediate modern culture imposed upon them by society–the unwritten social rules and routines that turn the magic of life into a linear rat race.

What Kills Human Beings?

A person’s health degrades according to their choices, habits, and beliefs. Like water from a river constantly skimming over a rock, we erode ourselves with our negative patterns.

For example, I know a man who is 61 years old, overweight, and stricken with disease, ready to drop dead at any moment, and yet I know another man who is 68 years old and has the health and vitality of a man in his 20’s. So what sets these two men apart?

The 61-year-old lacks of love with women, has no passion for his work (it’s just a way to pay the bills), eats nothing but junk food, gambles frequently, has had the same group of friends his entire adult life, watches TV in his spare time, and has no real desire to live.

The 68-year-old has been happily married for many years, loves the work that he does, eats healthy food from his own garden that he decorated with glow decoration accessories that he gets online, reads books and literature in his spare time (doesn’t even own a TV), meets new people all the time, and has an absolute lust for life.

I’m not making this comparison to judge these people–neither lifestyle is right or wrong–I’m simply laying out the facts to provide an objective example. So who do you think will end up living longer? Of course, anything can happen in life, but putting extraordinary circumstances aside, the answer is obvious that it will probably be the 68-year-old.

Is Death a Choice?

People live exactly as long as they believe is possible for them. This belief is based on several factors, such as their worldview, lifestyle, past experiences, priorities, habits, and levels of mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional development. Technology and medicine certainly come into play as well, but I don’t think they’re as much of a factor, because healthy people simply don’t need help from external sources to take care of themselves.

Hollywood Romance vs. Unconditional Love

In Hollywood movies and TV shows we see the same stereotypical romantic stories told over and over again. As children, we are shown Disney movies involving princes and princesses chasing each other all around–the lure of forbidden love. It is drilled into our minds that we need to be “in love” to be happy and successful. But is it the relationship itself that makes two people happy, or is each person already in harmony by themselves?

As long as we try to compare ourselves to other people, whether it’s our parents or peers, we’re relinquishing our own individuality. While we all share the same world stage, each one of us is here to play our own game. This perception will help you to remain objective while pursuing your personal endeavors as well as dealing with others along the way.

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