Earth Journal August 21, 2012

The energies have been intense for me so far this week. I haven’t been doing much else besides sleeping, meditating, and reading, and my sessions in the dream state have been more lucid, leaving me more drained than ever before.

In a divination session today, I was told that I’m now entering the last phase of the light body process, and by next Wednesday, August 29th, the universe would unfold, and my understanding of All-That-Is would change drastically. I can’t say for sure what this message means, but it correlates with the symptoms that I’ve been enduring, and I find it interesting that I’d be given a precise calendar date.

This afternoon I was too tired to work, so I meditated instead, and eventually found myself in an altered state of consciousness, although I’m not sure if I was asleep or not. In my altered dream-like state, I was sitting in the front row of a nightclub with an audience as comedian Dave Chappelle performed his standup routine. I was sitting there watching him and looking around at the other audience members, and it was all so completely real, but then at some point I remember becoming aware that I was lying in my bed in my bedroom, and thinking that I was listening to a recording of one of Chappelle’s standup shows.

Eventually I regained full consciousness (perhaps the meditative music album I was listening to ended?), and when I came back to, my first thoughts were not that I had just awoken from a dream, but that I finished my meditation session, and I wondered, if this wasn’t a dream, then did I just imagine the entire standup show? The audience, the venue, Chappelle’s jokes, everything?

I was bewildered for a short while, and I had the thought that the timelines were merging, that the dream state and conscious state were now becoming one unified reality, and this type of spontaneous creation would become the norm.

We are such powerful creators that we can create entire worlds with our imaginations, worlds so realistic that we’d be unable to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. This is where we’re heading in our development as a species, and as we progress, linear time will fade, and we will live in a perpetual lucid dream-like state, fully aware of our potential as sovereign creator beings.

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  1. Linear time is deeply integrated into the vocabulary of many languages, which is the reason it is difficult for most people to transcend it. In English: past, future and present.

    I deliberately put “present” as last (instead of the usual pattern of “past, present and future”) because putting future as the last is why we perpetuate the obsolete thought patterns. What we create in the present is more important. What we describe as our future is usually based on past experiences and what we intend to create.

    If I use the analogy of the explorer or adventurer, it becomes clearer for my linear and sequential thinking why linear time is an illusion:

    The past is a record of what we have explored. Our past experiences can act like a map of places we have visited and how they connect.

    Software development analogy: Our past experiences are like software programs ready for public consumption.

    The future is the uncharted territory we have yet to explore. We get ideas from the voice of soul in the form of creative impulses on the next territory to explore using intentions. This is how to we get ideas on how to improve our past.

    What features must we improve in this software?

    The present is creating (exploring) by improving our past experiences as a point of departure. Or we can choose to be stagnant with our fears by not exploring uncharted territory.

    I am having a good time improving the features of this software by exploring uncharted territory even thought bugs may be added. Bugs are simply places to explore (point of departure).

    I might integrate this topic on my next essay, so this comment can be deleted if I have done it.

    • Aegil, your analogies are brilliant as usual. As a programmer myself, I’ve always found the comparison of this reality to a software program to be fascinating and right on par, and your thoughts on time are insightful as well. We really get nowhere as long as we’re stuck in the past or thinking ahead in the future. It is only through grounding yourself in the present, becoming fully present, that true immersion into the Source of All-That-Is can be achieved and your full potential as a creator being fully unlocked.

      • I disclose I have no experience in programming but that is what I usually notice in software version histories and the new features they emphasize.

        But for me, it is safe to say that habits themselves are programs.

  2. Hello Skyler,
    I just want to comment on what you wrote here. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but there’s something *really big* happening today, August 28th! Please tell me I’m not the only one experiencing this, am I?  πŸ™‚

    Last night was very strange. The inner sound I usually hear when falling asleep (which I worked out is the sound of the dissonance between my 3D body and the ‘portal’ into 5D, if that makes sense) was so loud and so strong that I just lay there, eyes wide open, wondering what was about to happen.
    I did have vivid dreams, but I don’t have much information to offer from them. πŸ™ – they’ve become harder and harder to ‘translate’, because no concepts, objects or images we have here in 3D have any similarity …… not even analogies work now. (I know that I’m a starseed who came to earth thousands of years ago, and used to think I ‘came’ from Arcturus, because that was the highest level of awareness I could perceive. Now I think, no: many of us go to much higher levels than the 6th or 7th dimension).

    I woke up feeling exuberantly happy, but really weird. As if we are THAT close – a breath, a movement, one touch on an inner switch – from shifting out of this dimension.
    On 11:11:11, though not expecting anything, I had a profound experience, while wide awake; a whirling vortex appeared in my room. It would take too long to tell here, but after some hesitation, I found I could step into it, with my intention. First I was in the border of 4D and 5D, then went into 5D. But suddenly it was like: ‘You’ve got to go back.’
    It seemed as if some kind of critical mass hadn’t been reached. My disappointment was crushing. πŸ™ And I had the impression that we would now be stuck on the ground till December 2012. I’m not saying that Georgi Stankov is wrong about our returning home before then …….. I too have had dates shown to me, and they invariably turned out to be ‘upgrades’, important energy steps-up; but not, so far, our ascension.
    (Sorry if this isn’t coming out very fluently …’s the best I can do at the moment. :))

    I saw/heard something when I woke up in the middle of the night, early on August 26th, that might be linked with the date you were given. (I agree, some people get a bit twitchy about divination, but it depends on the intent and soul stage of the one using the tool. Someone of your vibrational level using a pendulum as a ‘radio receiver’ is not the same as someone at an ouija board saying, ‘Hey, if anyone on the astral plane wants to come and play around with me, here I am!’)Γ‚Β Γ‚Β Γ‚Β πŸ™‚

    I saw the huge spirit being in charge of the cleansing of humans & the earth. (Same thing really, as it’s the human dross that’s making the earth upheaval/s a neccesity). I’ve only seen this being twice before in my life.

    She (I know they have no gender, but it felt like a she) showed me that we’ve entered into three steps/sections/segments, between now and December, and I realised with surprise that they corresponded with the astrological signs – Virgo to Libra, Libra to Scorpio, and Scorpio to Sagittarius. (I know quite a lot about astrology, but I had not paid much attention to it regarding the ascension process).
    These ‘sections’ don’t just bleed into one another ….,… it was as if each one was a much, much higher step upwards in frequency than the previous one.
    I was intrigued by this, and thought about it yesterday. Did she mean from 0 Virgo to 0 Libra, etc? I don’t know. 0 degrees of Sagittarius begins around Nov. 23rd. Or maybe these 3 phases were beginning right now?
    Thinking on this today, something occurred to me. You know how there are important cycles of 7? It is now 3 & a half months – the half sum of 7 – until the major stargate on 12:12:12 will open! I immediately wondered if that’s why you were given the crucial marker date of Aug. 28/29; because this perhaps marks the start of our final 3 + a half month phase? If we were on a plane, it would be taxiing down the runway, going faster and faster from this point onward. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I thought I’d run that by you, see what you think. Something is *definitely* happening today.

    Much love and light to you, in these very interesting days we’re living through!


    • Barbara,

      Your observation regarding the cycles is very insightful, and makes perfect sense to me. As you know, this is a process of energy optimization, and ascension can only occur once the appropriate energetic threshold has been reached, which relies on the consciousness development of the masses. In other words, the big event can only occur once the people are ready to handle it.

      Also, regarding the prediction of today (the 29th) being an important day, Hurricane Isaac occurred today, and it makes perfect sense to me that this is what we have all been feeling approaching.

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