Earth Journal August 27, 2012

As I mentioned in my last Earth Journal entry on August 21st, these past days I’ve been spending much more time in the altered states than usual, finding my body suddenly exhausted and needing to sleep or meditate for extended periods of time throughout each day in order to recharge my energy. While I have experienced these bouts of fatigue regularly throughout the past months, lately it has become excessive, but luckily the energies have been quite pleasant.

In the altered states, whether sleeping or meditating, I find myself experiencing many different lucid visions, some blissful, some erotic, and some horrifying, although they all seem to have one theme in common: releasing attachment to dualistic third dimensional reality. All of my experiences have occurred in order for me to learn and progress in my understanding of All-That-Is, my Higher Self urging me to transcend the limited perspective that has been imposed upon me throughout this incarnation, and delete the fear-based energy patterns for good.

It is still challenging to exist in multiple dimensional frequencies at once, bridging both the physical and etheric planes, but I do believe I, as well as my fellow starseed brothers and sisters around the globe, are making great strides of progress, and gradually completing the cleansing job that we have come to Earth to perform. Although it can be difficult at times to distinguish whether or not any changes are manifesting, as I have become very accustomed to judging progress by the landscape of the physical world, I have learned that I can find all of the proof I need simply by gauging the energetic frequency of myself and those around me, as well as any changes in daily habits, behaviors, or perceptions.

In other words, it is through the observation of the prominent state of being that the inhabitants of Earth express that I can properly gauge the progress of the consciousness development of the human collective. Conformity, the herd-like mentality of adopting the perceptions of others for the purpose of survival, still runs rampant, and many human beings still seem to be completely unaware of the fact that they purposefully make choices that lower their personal vibrations and hinder their development. It is this brooding sense of unconsciousness and apathy that prevails throughout society, and exists as the sole reason for the slow progression of the evolution of the human race.

This of course is not to say that I am perfect either. Existing under such circumstances, being constantly bombarded with distractions and unhealthy environments, tends to breed a common neurosis and dissociative outlook on life and the world around me. It is an insidious and vicious cycle, using bad habits to try to bury pain and feelings of dissatisfaction, although I think I have developed a much greater sense of self-control than many others, successfully deleting harmful energy patterns and replacing them with healthy ones. It is a gradual weening process, and it is a skill that comes with practice just like anything else.

Recently, my father showed me some old photographs of myself when I was younger, and it was interesting to experience how much I have forgotten over the years, or simply stored the memories deep in the archives of my mind. I had forgotten about all of the sports camps that I attended in my youth, and while I remember those experiences being fun and exciting back then, all I was able to see was how much I was conditioned as a child to become a sports star by my father. Seeing myself in those uniforms with those corporate logos sent shivers down my spine, and while I know that my father only did what he thought was best for me, I feel he was and still is completely unaware of the great amount of indoctrination that I was subjected to over the years, molding me to become something that he wanted, rather than something that I wanted.

This is a common theme for most people from what I’ve seen, parents imposing themselves over their children, living vicariously through them, trying to do what’s best for them, while they really are just conditioning them to be miniature versions of themselves, squelching their children’s own personal thoughts and dreams. This is where the core problem of conformity and dissociative behavior develops, from parents who do not allow their children any breathing room. It is a troublesome conundrum, as parents only want to protect their children and have them grow up to be strong and independent, but in the end, each person has to play the hand their given and make their own way in life.

That is the hard truth that we have all had to face here, but I do believe the generations that are now coming of age and becoming parents will break the cycle. In my own circle of friends I see responsible and conscious individuals who share similar values and wish to see society flourish, and I have said many times that my group exists as the blueprint for the new ascended society on Earth. Despite having many varied races and perspectives of reality, we all look past the physical traits of one another, focusing only on what is truly important: the content of one’s character. This ability to be compassionate toward each other is what is missing throughout society, and I think if enough people can merge into groups of a similar philosophy, then perhaps we will be able to cultivate an even greater sense of community than we have ever seen before.

-Skyler, your friendly neighborhood crystal child

4 thoughts on “Earth Journal August 27, 2012

  1. You were such a CUTE little kid! How old are you in that picture? Also, I have those exact same shoes..

    And yes, it is definitely challenging at times. I feel like I’m just chipping away at all of my fear-based energy patterns, but I guess that’s still progress.

    • I’m not exactly sure what age, but probably around 10? In my experience, it all comes down to making healthy choices, and maintaining self-discipline as much as you can.

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