Earth Journal August 4, 2012

Wow, I have got to say, the lucid dreams that I had today were absolutely remarkable, and definitely the most intense training sessions I’ve ever experienced. I went through three separate past life regressions from approximately 10:20 am this morning to 3:20 pm this afternoon, stopping after each one for a bathroom break.

It’s very interesting to me that this session lasted that long, considering the dreams themselves only seemed to last for a couple of minutes, but that’s the nature of being in a higher state of consciousness—seconds can turn into hours, minutes into days, anything is possible because time is not linear.

I am going to retell the events of these dreams from the best of my memory, then provide further insights about each of my past lives through information received via divination, and lastly, provide analysis about the meaning of each dream and how each one pertains to my current incarnation.

The deeper I get in my exploration of consciousness, the more the mechanics of entering and exiting the “real world” and “dream world” as presented in the film The Matrix resonate with me. Of course, instead of “jacking in” by sitting in a chair and having a mechanical tube screw into a socket in the back of our heads, we simply go to sleep and enter a natural stasis, but the depiction of entering a virtual reality world has become so real for me now that the transition has literally become like logging in and out of a video game. It’s really quite incredible, and I know that I have not even reached the tip of the iceberg in discovering all there is to know about the mechanics of this reality.

The First Dream

I am in a classroom filled with students, at least 30 of us like the standard public school classes that I attended in my youth. The teacher is a tall blonde woman who seems rather serious. I am sitting in the back of the classroom just looking at this entire scene like it’s a joke. The teacher is writing math problems on the board, equations that involve multiplying fractions or something like that—it was completely clear in the dream but hard for me to remember now. Anyway, the teacher moves on to the next problem, and by this point I am literally standing against the back wall of the classroom, arms crossed with a smug grin across my face thinking to myself how useless this class is, and once the teacher finishes writing the equation, she calls on me to solve the problem, and I take one glance at it and just make up a number, “Oh, I don’t know, how about 372?” The class starts snickering because it’s obviously completely wrong, and I can’t remember exactly what I said next, but I know I was blatantly defiant against conforming to participating appropriately in the class, and when the teacher demanded that I stop misbehaving, I egged her on, and when she began walking toward me, I sprinted out of the classroom, the teacher chasing behind me, and I ran through the halls of the school cheering and pumping my arms in the air, and when I came upon the exit doors leading outside, I pushed them open at full force, bursting out of the school into the parking lot, the sun shining down on my face, and that’s when I saw my hands. I was not Caucasian like I am now, but African American, and female. When my teacher finally reached me outside, I smiled at her and hugged her, looking up to the sky enjoying the perfect weather. I woke up shortly after this.

Further Insights

According to the information that I received via divination, in this past life I was a 13-year-old African American female named Andrea Weebly, who was attending a Catholic school in Washington D.C. in 1968. This was the year that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and I was an active participant in the Civil Rights Movement and considered Dr. King to be a great friend and ally. My teacher was a nun, and she was determined to indoctrinate all youth into the education system and religion. I was dressed in a white and blue uniform in cooperation with the school’s dress code. Apparently I was killed in this same year in a shooting by a Neo-Nazi group. I was a novice writer and one of the few African American students in my school.


While this dream was very liberating, I knew after I woke up that there was much more to it than what had occurred in the dream, and those details were filled in when I did the divination session. It’s impossible for me to say for sure how accurate the extra details that I provided are, but they make sense according to what happened in the dream, and this girl definitely sounds a lot like me, even being an aspiring writer, a freedom fighter, and an ally of a powerful dissident and doctor. I’ve always been a huge opponent of both religion and the Orion education system, and it is no surprise to me that this is something that I have been working to change throughout my incarnations.

The Second Dream

I’m in what appears to be a Russian hotel. I’m in my room. I’m really lightheaded for some reason, and I can barely keep my eyes open. I’m laying in my bed, and I look over to the right and see a young blonde girl, my sister maybe? I go out walking through the halls with my father. I’m still so drowsy. I’m walking and looking around at all of the people. Some man with a thick accent tells me there’s something wrong with one of the doors of the hotel or something. Now I’m walking with a group of people, someone calls out my name, “Sky!” and I turn around, and for some reason I am now seeing myself from a third-person perspective. I look like a younger version of myself with braces on my teeth, a blonde school boy, but it’s not this current version of me, it must be around the 1920’s from my clothing. Still so drowsy for some reason, eyes barely open, and then I faint on the ground, people gasping around me. I’m motionless in my body. People are lifting me up, carrying me down the hall. I feel jolts in my chest. Am I being revived by an EMT? Another jolt in my chest, and I spring up in my bed, awakened from the pulse.

Further Insights

From the information I received through divination, I was a 14-year-old Russian boy named Meaca Tzovelef visiting my uncle with my sister and father in a Turkish motel in 1925, my uncle being the owner of the motel. Apparently we had taken an underground tunnel to get there, as we were escaping danger back home, and I fainted due to either a health condition or panic attack, and the jolts were from someone performing CPR on my body.


The information I received through divination was rather unclear and contradictive, so I’m not sure if anything mentioned above is accurate, but I know what I saw and experienced in the dream, and it was interesting that I felt the jolt from the CPR in my current body—my first thoughts about that being that I had just experienced residual memories of past trauma being released, which is what this whole process is about.

The Third Dream

I’m standing in a vast dirt parking lot next to my vehicle, some type of truck or Jeep, waiting for my mother to return from a building in the distance. There are other people waiting in the parking lot too, a tall and skinny man who looks South American, and there is a group taking a caravan, about four people hanging on the side of the vehicle. I watch the caravan try to drive off but it looks like it’s going to tip over, but it eventually levels out and the group exits the scene, leaving only me and the skinny man in the lot. Eventually my mother comes back and the skinny man explains to me that he’s going to live in the jungle by himself. He seems like a holy man who wants to live like a survivalist or maybe go on a spiritual retreat and he’s ecstatic about the trip and my mother and I are very excited for him. Flash forward and I’m lying on my back maybe doing some kind of ritual or ceremony, and I see this off-white creature being brought into the room. The creature is the size of a fist with a rounded body and about four or five legs sticking out from each side, resembling some type of large tick, apparently a “nanobyte” I think they call it. I hear another person screaming in fear of the thing as its brought toward him, and at first the nanobyte is motionless, but once its set in the middle of the chest of the person it locks its legs inside of him. Apparently it’s painless and actually a tool for healing like a leech or something, and I see the person feels comforted after it’s done, and he says it’s not so bad, and the nano looks kind of like an unblossomed white lotus flower on his chest. Now it’s my turn, and I’m freaking out as the nanobyte is being brought toward me and then placed on my chest, and the next thing I know I’m crying and screaming hysterically out of the room as someone yells after me maniacally that they are going to use a live snake on me next, like an incredibly dramatic scene out of a movie, and I run out into the hallway and my mom comes chasing after me to comfort me, and eventually I crash onto the ground, staring emptily into the abyss of the hallway as she speaks to me, and then I wake up.

Further Insights

From the information I received, this dream was most likely not a past life regression but just a stress-induced nightmare. Here is a picture that I drew of the creature that I saw in the dream:



To be honest, this dream is quite baffling to me. Piecing together the story, it sounds like my mother and I went on a trip to South America to attend some type of shamanistic ceremony, and things went wrong, or at least I couldn’t handle what was going on. The term for the creature, nanobyte, came to me during the dream, and that was what I remembered when I woke up, although researching it now, I’m not sure what to think. The creature was very much like a larger version of a tick but lighter in color, and unless it was some type of cyborg creature, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be called something more biological. Maybe this was some type of vision of some type of insidious technology being developed behind the scenes by negative beings? I truly hope it was just a figment of my imagination, but anything’s possible, I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Earth Journal August 4, 2012

  1. Skyler! I had a similar dream yesterday as well! I was in a a young boy in a locker room in a school. It was quite big housing about 60 or so boys, I think we were all roughly 14 years of age. Everyone was going about their business when I decided to stand up and say to everyone “hey! Has anyone here heard of Astral Projection?” After receiving blank stares from my classmates I said, “Okay, well it is the process of consciously letting your soul leave your body and traveling around this Earth plane or higher dimensions etc” as I began to explain I started pulling in other examples of amazing spiritual attributes we all have.

    At some point one of the students came up to me and said “hey man, someone else tried to tell us this kind of stuff recently and it didn’t go over well, everyone lost interest” At this point many of the students got up and started leaving, leaving me standing on a bench in the locker room with just a few students left.

    I think the dream served as a reminder that only the individuals who are ready to accept the information, will accept it. Everyone else must evolve on their own until they are ready for the next level of information. My meditation yesterday also taught me “stop worry about what everyone else is doing, and worry about yourself” which is a big lesson for me to learn. By nature I am an altruist and have had to break the karmic pattern of putting others’ needs before my own, which creates an imbalance of energy that I am learning to stop. It feels good to remove that burden, and if others are experiencing similar things, I hope to teach how to liberate oneself from these artificial obligations as well.

    -Kevin (budlovindude)

    • Kevin, thank you for sharing this very representative and parallel dream with me. Indeed, it is a tough lesson to accept that everyone moves at their own pace in development, and there really is nothing that we can do about it besides act as wayshowers, opening the door for others to expanded fields of consciousness.

      Much patience and discipline is required in this dirty job that we are performing, and it is only through taming the ego that the pursuit to achieve some sort of success can be curtailed, leaving only what is truly important, creation through unconditional love.

    • Kevin,

      Reading this post, I realize that you and I are quite similar. The constant need/desire to putting others needs/desires before my own is ever-present. It is something I have had difficulty escaping until this year. My friends’ priorities ALWAYS came before my own and this is why my energies have felt extremely out of balance until just recently. Focusing on my own work life and spiritual life has definitely alienated me from my “old friends” as I now call them, but oddly enough I feel nothing. Most people I believe would feel regret or be “down” about the circumstance, however, it has been nothing but feelings of indifference. I do hope this year will be a breakthrough year of me learning to be the best teacher possible (still “studying” to get my degree) that shows love in the classroom and is able to separate from the old paradigms of educational practice.

      You are definitely not alone. Love and Light to us all.


  2. Skyler,
    You’re such a good writer – reading those, I felt as if I were THERE, experiencing it! I could feel the whole atmosphere.
    Although I’m caucasian, I can really relate to that schooling, and the distaste for religious indoctrination that it left you with …….. I went to a school like that in *this* life in the 1970s, run by nuns. People still don’t believe me when I tell them how they treated the pupils. : /

    What divination do you use? Now and then, if I want the answer to something and can’t get what my Higher Self is telling me, I use the I Ching. It’s great; sometimes you laugh out loud at how apt the answer is. 🙂
    Have you seen any more past life events since those? I’d be interested to read them.


    • Barbara,

      Thank you for your kind words. That is very interesting that you have that personal experience from the 70’s, as it definitely brings more credibility to my account. I usually have three to five lucid dreams every time I sleep, but most of the dreams are too abstract for me to be able to communicate clearly, so there are not too many that are worthy of sharing. Whenever I have a clear dream that seems to be a past life event, I will certainly share it in full detail on the website as I have with the ones above.

      I use a very basic divination method, just a pendulum and a character map. I’m sure some people would consider divination to be an occult method, but I see it plainly as a tool to access my consciousness and perform practices such as past life regressions. It’s useful for accessing information that I most likely wouldn’t be able to access through simple conversation with my Higher Self, and of course it can be dangerous if used for devious purposes, but I have practiced to the point of knowing how to be safe and effective.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I will be glad to answer them.


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