Earth Journal August 8, 2012

The time has come for the way of the old to fade and the way of the new to rise. The moment that is upon you now is the time that you have been waiting for. The high frequency energies streaming from the Galactic Central Sun are encompassing planet Earth with great intensity, and all that was once dark will be illuminated with the shining white light of love once again.

The forces that have worked so relentlessly to manipulate the human collective, forcefully indoctrinating your society into thoughts of negativity, will be rendered powerless upon the explosion of light that is rearing to burst free from the womb of Gaia, fully enveloping the entire planet in one fell swoop.

We are as excited as you are to witness the transformation that awaits you, and we are greatly honored to have the opportunity to unite together with you once again in the higher realms as brothers as sisters of the cosmos. It is our great pleasure to provide you with all our knowledge and resources in a collective effort to restore your world to its pristine conditions, wiping away all pollution, corruption, and forces of destruction for the benefit of the entire universe.

All of the questions that you’ve been seeking answers for throughout your lives will be available to you in an instant upon receiving the reboot to your core systems, elevating your biological vessels to a new upgraded crystalline structure with all of the features that you have always desired.

Your extra-sensory perceptions will become fully available to you once again, and you will remember your true nature as divine beings of light, spiritual beings having a physical experience, and you will no longer be limited to the restrictive rules of the previous paradigm, as your entire experience of reality will change like a computer installing a new patch to its operating system.

Linear time will be abolished once and for all once the update is complete, and you will experience life from the perspective of the perpetual state of now, fully immersed in your infinite capabilities as sovereign creator beings.

This is the fate that lies before you, and we await your presence with great anticipation as the finishing touches to this dualistic experiment on Earth come to an end. We are your family from the stars, your brothers and sisters of the cosmos, and we love you with all our hearts, and smile with great joy as we make the final preparations to unite with you in the stars once again.

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