Earth Journal February 23, 2012

I write this message out of love. I know the day comes soon when I will be free to pursue whatever wish I desire in a non-hostile environment. Living on this planet is unbearable, as the majority of inhabitants display aggressive, self-serving, egotistic, and superficial behavior. I have known for many years now that these traits are simply a bi-product of the fear-based indoctrination methods that are being projected upon the humans of Earth, but that does not make it any easier to exist in the lower frequency energy patterns that these behaviors produce.

Also, it is seemingly impossible for most Earth humans to comprehend the possibility that there are those of us on this planet in human vessels whose souls originate from other star systems and are extraterrestrial in nature. There are many of us here, the starseeds and lightworkers, who have come to Earth as volunteers to assist the planet and its inhabitants in their ascension to fifth dimensional frequency.

The humans are forced to live in restrictive conditions enforced by the power structure of the Orion empire whose sole intention is to depopulate and enslave the human race in order to maintain control of the planet. This insidious agenda has been apparent to me since childhood, although it has taken ample research and experience to piece it all together. Just like in the film, The Matrix, once you take the red pill, and become awakened to the truth behind the nature of reality on this planet, there is no going back.

Unfortunately, the system has become so well established, and the majority of the population has become so dependent on the system to define their reality, that most people don’t even realize that they are the ones who power the system everyday. It is not the external forces who enslave the people, it is the people themselves, which is why it is so easy for those in control to maintain their power. Every single facet of society has been infiltrated and corrupted by the Orion infrastructure, yet it is still the people who allow this tyranny to prevail.

Investing energy into materialism and status are superficial desires that feed the ego and keep individuals locked away from their spiritual nature and full potential. People become so caught up with looking good in front of others that they hide their true thoughts and feelings and then go on to bury their pain with personal addictions. Of course, moderation is key, as any healthy activity can become an unhealthy addiction when abused in excess or used with the intention to escape the underlying problem or arouse the ego.

The most important lessons that I have learned during this incarnation are to not judge others, never give my power away to external forces, and never be afraid to live within my own values. I have found that maintaining personal integrity is a major problem for most individuals, as they seem incapable to make their own decisions without external influence. This is a major bi-product of the Orion empire’s indoctrination methods, and it needs to be explored more intimately among the citizens of Earth. Individuals possess intuitive capabilities for a reason, but most people still require external third dimensional evidence in order to make decisions, and the debased empirical science and education systems use this tactic to maintain control over the basis of knowledge that is available to humanity.

Through the enforcement of fear, the people have become so programmed to live in denial and skepticism that they self-police themselves, causing there to be a disconnection even among families and friends, the people who are supposed to be the most trusted beings within one’s social circle. This situation has become the ultimate downfall to mankind on planet Earth, although a shift in consciousness away from the fear-based Orion system is now in full acceleration in coordination with Earth’s planetary ascension. Numerous resignations and arrests of corrupt individuals at high levels of the Orion empire’s infrastructure are being announced frequently, and new developments in technology, as well as social, political, and economic reformations are coming into fruition.

As an empath and sensitive medium, I can sense the shifting energies and inner turmoil within the humans of Earth rising to the surface and being released along with the toxins that pollute the planet’s environment. Memories of past lives and information regarding the true nature of reality, that humans are spiritual beings having a third dimensional human experience, are being remembered through both the conscious and dream states and are gradually penetrating the mass collective consciousness. Those who were once asleep and closed off to their true nature are now awakening, and the individuals who have had the ability to peer behind the veil, those considered to be the black sheep, conspiracy theorists, eccentrics, and outcasts, are now being seen as innovators and wayshowers of a new era.

All of the superficial societal structures are dissolving, and the people of Earth are taking back their planet. Earth will be cleansed and restored to pristine conditions, and will join the rest of the universe as an intergalactic civilization. The individuals who reside in human vessels, but are not native to planet Earth, will return home and rejoin their families from other star systems. These changes are happening right now and will begin to truly blossom with the dawning of the spring season.

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