Earth Journal February 24, 2014

Here are the notes that I took during a meditation session today. I suggest to take these ideas merely as a starting point to develop your own philosophy and unlock/discover greater depths of understanding within yourself, rather than adopting them outright.

  1. All suffering is legitimate.
  2. Suffering is inevitable as long as there is lack of harmony/equilibrium between man and nature.
  3. All suffering is a result of disconnection from nature/spirit.
  4. Spirit = Nature
  5. It is said that negative human behavior (violence, greed, etc.) is human nature, but it is really only disconnected human nature
  6. Suffering is the cause of all disease.
  7. Disease = Disharmony
  8. Mastery is being at one’s highest level of consciousness., and is completely neutral without disease.
  9. A master is an individual who is able to achieve his or her highest level of consciousness on command, and maintain that state of being as long as required or even all the time, depending on their goals.
  10. In a state of mastery one is connected with nature, and thus acts naturally.
  11. A master is a natural at what they are a master of. For example, a master actor is so good at acting that they appear completely natural, as if they are not even acting at all.
  12. Suffering = Disease
  13. Your suffering is your guide to self-development. By transmuting suffering, you are neutralizing disease from your bodies.
  14. There are multiple bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), all of which need to be properly purified to function at the highest level.
  15. When you pray, you allow yourself to be the prey of astral (thought form) entities, i.e. you give your power away to other entities outside of yourself. This is the fault of religion. It teaches people to externalize their power to thought forms, such as Jesus Christ or Hindu gods. This is detrimental because it removes responsibility of the transmutation process from the individual to another entity, i.e. Jesus will heal your sins, rather than handling the problems yourself.
  16. Transmutation is a painstaking process. It is done by allowing your suffering to surface, and literally crying/sweating it out by sitting with it and thinking about it deeply until the emotional charge is neutralized. If you do not transmute your suffering, it will cause you much stress, and thus disease. This is what kills people, and is why the human life span is so short. People don’t know how to properly heal themselves, although referring back to #2, suffering will never end until equilibrium is achieved.
  17. Truth = Nature
  18. The truth is neutral. It cuts hard and swift like a sword.
  19. Truth can only be objective. Anything subjective, such as a person’s opinion of a movie, is a belief.
  20. Nature is the natural condition of things. It is without opinion or basis. It just is.
  21. The only way to advance spiritually is by clearing veils, which involves passing trials of suffering, fear, and egoic death.
  22. The more times you die (egoically), the more advanced you will become, thus those who are the most advanced are those with the most experience, especially at failure.
  23. Those who are the most evolved possess the most updated beliefs that allow them the greatest access to power and freedom.
  24. Is money important? It is not nothing, but it is not everything either.
  25. Phony (conditional) love is golden like a piece of jewelry but ultimately has no intrinsic value. Unconditional love is a source of amplification, and a catalyst of change/transformation.
  26. Conditional love is an emotion, and it is fleeting, much like success, whereas unconditional love is a feeling or state of being.
  27. You learn a lot more from suffering than love, much like failure and success, although both are valuable experiences, because they track progress of one’s current status in a trial. A trial can be anything that provides experience, ranging from a romantic relationship to an actual court trial.
  28. Why do we incarnate into physicality? It is a way to simulate experiences in an intensive manner in order to catalyze spiritual growth, much like acting in a play.
  29. We are all actors pretending to be human beings. We’re all really just one macrocosmic entity (God/spirit/nature) splitting into microcosmic physical forms.
  30. Spiritual development can be measured in frequency or vibration of thought. The higher the state of consciousness, the quicker and more powerful a person’s creative capabilities (ability to manifest thoughts into physical form) will be.
  31. What is density? Density is level of consciousness, which is determined by how many veils one has cleared. An open-minded person will be able to access less dense (more abstract) ideas.
  32. The more one is aware of the macrocosmic nature of existence and it’s subsequent levels, the higher his or her level of consciousness will be.
  33. What is a collective? A group of microcosmic entities that together form a macrocosmic entity, a singular voice that determines reality. This is why the most powerful (most energized) ideas win (manifest), because humanity is a collective.
  34. Influence = Power
  35. Power = The ability to manifest thoughts/ideas

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