Earth Journal February 26, 2013

The purpose of life in the incarnated state is simply to experience life as an individual aspect (microcosm) of Source connected with nature (macrocosm).

When you eliminate all subjectivity (egoic thought) and perceive 3D reality from an objective standpoint, it is apparent that all individual creations simply perform the tasks required in order to maintain existence.

This conclusion is the same for all individual creations, human beings or other animals, the difference for humans being that the egoic mind contorts objective existence into something subjective.

In other words, the ego adds an emotional filter to everything based on the individual’s characteristics (worldview, upbringing, past experiences, etc.) which makes human beings very susceptible to distraction and manipulation.

This is how the forces who desire control of this world have managed to effectively disrupt the stability of the human populace, even to the point of destroying the family unit.

This is why there are so many broken families in modern culture, and keep in mind I’m only referring to the technocratic, empirical societies like in the big cities of the USA. Other tribal and (what modern society calls) primitive societies have maintained the solidarity of the family unit because they have not been corrupted by the dark influence of modern culture.

People in modern societies have been purposely indoctrinated into a mindset based on superficial material/monetary status, disconnected from higher consciousness thinking and what we call the bigger picture, the macrocosmic/universal awareness that all is Source and there is no separation.

This is the primary difference between those who are awakened and those who are not, or still stuck in the Matrix as we like to say, and is exactly why Earth is in such a disharmonic state at this time.

Of course this is nothing new, as people have been repeating this like a broken record for decades now, yet progress seems so slow. This stagnation is another aspect of the indoctrination by the dark forces to maintain control of the populace.

Through numbers and language people are imprisoned in the illusory mind construct of linear time, which along with egoic social expectations creates a very stressful existence for most people. Throw in more emotional manipulation through the entertainment industry and advertising, plus toxins in food, water, and daily use products and it is very easy to see how people have become so toxic, unhealthy, and disconnected from their natural state.

Another point I’d like to address goes back to my first statement regarding the objective purpose of life. Modern society has been manipulated to think that personal happiness and success is the most important thing in life, and once again this is simply a function of the dualistic egoic mind reinforced by the outlets of the dark forces. This may be tough for some people to comprehend, but let me explain further how this belief system is destructive.

Happiness is subjective and dualistic in nature, therefore a person can either be happy or unhappy at any given time. Since a person’s happiness (which is egoic in the first place) is based on his or her emotional filter, it is very easy to be pushed one way or another based on the surrounding environment, which in the case of modern society is typically an environment that is unnatural and bombarded by dark influence.

Most people truly have no idea how deep this dark system has been ingrained into society. If one simply looks at the major corporate logos you will see the pentagram being used as a portal (based on sacred geometry) to influence subliminal disconnection from Source and devotion to Saturn (Satan being the personified form of this astrological energy).

All of the sports teams are branded to invoke devotion to their respective corporate/Satanic entities and related archetypes, all reinforced through uniformity (to replace a natural family with a superficial one) and designed to manipulate people emotionally so that they will give their energy away to a specific team (corporate/Satanic entity) and grow its power further.

This may as well be called sheep herding, because this is exactly what is going on when people choose to participate in these energetic rituals called sports events or any other major corporate/Satanic event like the Oscars or a presidential election, for example.

If the people of Earth want to take their planet back they must start by becoming aware of their energetic investments and stop buying into the deception of pop culture.

Am I saying everyone has to move into a temple and live like a monk? Well, that would be nice, but obviously that’s unrealistic. I’m only suggesting that people make an effort to focus more on activities that expand their consciousness rather than keep it at the same place or debase it.

The more time one spends connected with Source and his or her own divine nature, the more enlightened he or she will become and be able to share that vibration with others for the benefit of all.

So if the objective purpose of incarnated life is simply to exist in the natural state, the pursuit of happiness can only lead one so far until it is realized that the carrot on the end of the stick can never be reached, since it is illusory in the first place.

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