Earth Journal February 27, 2012

When I look into the sky, I see home. It is not this planet Earth that is my home, but the stars above. Earth has the potential to become a dreamlike paradise, but there are still many distortions that must be cleansed. I am now having daily communications with my star family in the dream state, as I am currently undergoing training sessions to further expand my consciousness in preparation for my graduation to the higher realms.

This mission has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to advance my development in the crash course of duality on planet Earth. My light body nudges me to allow it to take full control and part with the vessel, but it is not yet time for this occurrence to take place, as my contract on Earth has been prolonged in order to assist other beings during the harvest period.

To be a wanderer is to be an undercover agent. There is an agenda that is to be seen to completion in all calls to action. In most cases, maintaining the health and well-being of the individuals within the proximity is the primary task, and providing shielding and healing energy is mandatory. These tasks often take place in the form of balancing energies throughout the premises by circulating one’s energy throughout the surrounding area and transitioning from one being to the next until completion.

In social situations, it is common for me to be placed in the middle of a group of people or in close proximity to a particular individual in order to uphold the balance of energies. Those who also possess this function are typically “chameleonic” in nature with their energy, and have the ability to shift their frequency to which ever vibration is required for each scenario. This is why many of the beings who share this function are typically performers, as the ability to shift the energy of others is vital to the success of a performer. Thom Yorke of the musical group, Radiohead, is a prime example of a being who shares this function and has extraterrestrial heritage, as many of the lyrics in his songs express his yearning to return back home to the stars.

Telepathy is another ability that comes naturally to wanderers, as it is the primary form of communication in the higher realms. It is impossible to lie or hide one’s true feelings from a wanderer, as one can sense the lower frequency energies that are transmitted when an individual is acting out of fear. This form of communication, the transmission of emotions through energy, is already the primary form of communication on planet Earth, although most people are not consciously aware of this fact because they have been taught to listen to the spoken word, rather than the body language of others.

My primary function is what one would consider a channel or satellite, as it is my duty to transmit the current energetic status of Earth’s environment and inhabitants to the higher realms in order to help facilitate the ascension process from the ground. One could say that my role is similar to a referee, as it is not my function to empower one side over another, but to maintain the balance of the entire game. I do not serve the Light or Dark polarities, but Source, which is non-dualistic in nature. It is not my duty to assist other beings in siding with a particular polarity, but to see to it that the balance of polarities is upheld.

One must be able to transcend the concept of polarity, as the separation between Light and Dark is only present in the lower frequencies. The Dark are doing a job in the third dimensional matrix equal to the Light, and the beings who carry out these negative roles must not be seen as enemies, but simply opponents, as all beings are unified in the higher realms, regardless of the individual roles that are being played in the game of duality.

Another important concept that I would like to discuss is karmic contracts. There are certain events, whether it be a relationship with another being, a traumatic incident, or even a signing of a physical contract, that have been predetermined to occur within each incarnation in order to bring about a desired experience and lesson to further the development of the individual.

When one learns to view all events from the perspective of higher reasoning, it is easier to perceive the lessons that have been predetermined to occur upon the completion of each contract. Of course, it can be difficult to remain detached from certain contracts, especially those dealing with interpersonal intimacy, but it is vital to remain level-headed and not allow emotions or the ego to distort one’s perception and decision-making abilities.

You will know when you have entered into a karmic contract with another being because you will become energetically connected to that being until the contract expires. The relationship will consist of both energetic input and output, and you will be conscious of the interaction. You will know when the contract is nearing completion when you begin to sense the energetic connection between you and the opposing party dwindle, and the contract will be fully completed once the connection has been severed.

Lastly, it is vital that one listen to the heart, as well as the thoughts, words, and emotions that are expressed consciously. For example, when one says, “I feel as if my partner and I are splitting apart”, this is a signal that the karmic contract is nearing completion, and it will be easier to deal with the shifting energies when one is able to view the contract from an objective perspective. The expiration of a contract is not to be seen as, “we were not meant to be together”, but in the perspective of the co-creation relationship reaching completion and there being nothing left to transmit between both parties.

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