Earth Journal February 4, 2013

So it appears I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been feeling quite apathetic about humanity lately, and this is due to alienation, which in my case as a Sirian star seed is the literal truth.

I of course have had to deal with feeling alienated throughout this entire incarnation, although it was much more difficult to deal with when I was younger, since I had not awakened yet, and no one else had any idea either.

This alienation has caused me to make certain decisions that humans perceive to be linked with depression, but this has never been the case.

I was an athlete growing up, and there were several times when I quit sports teams even though I was a top performer. I simply could not stand to be around others who displayed aggressive behavior and focused so much on the dualistic aspect of sports—winning versus simply playing to have a beneficial experience.

I have very little tolerance for immature behavior, and it seems the majority of humans in America are still very immersed in aggressive activities that mainly involve debauchery and dualistic competition, especially of the physical nature.

Of course where this leads me to next is the recent Super Bowl. Even as a Baltimore native (the Baltimore Ravens were the victors), it was impossible for me to participate in this type of event knowing it is merely a mass Satanic ritual, an energetic feast for the dark cabal that is still in control of this planet.

It was painful for me to see so many others participating in this modernized gladiatorial event like sheep, branding themselves with jerseys of their favorite false idol corporate employees, many of them being members of secret societies and criminals who have been let off the hook due to their wealth and status.

Even with that aspect aside, the mere capitalism of it all is abhorrent, and if the obvious demonic ritual half-time show by the Illuminati pawn Beyonce wasn’t enough to wake people up, I don’t even want to fathom what more it would take.

It is impossible for me to watch mainstream media and not see the obvious dark influence behind it all, but it seems most others are still caught up in the illusion, and at this point I really do not care. This is not out of hatred or racism, but simply objective understanding that people will wake up when they are ready.

I have learned long ago there is no saving anyone; there is only serving as a wayshower and opening the door for others if they ask you to.

Just like in Star Trek, the prime directive is not to interfere with the development of another species, and in this case, it is not my place to interfere with the free will of the human species.

As a star seed I am here as an emissary of light, and my role along with facilitating the process of ascension on planet Earth is to share my experiences living among humans with the Sirian collective.

It can be said this job is similar to that of an anthropologist, and of course there is no better way to gather data than to live among the indigenous populace, but as I mentioned earlier, it comes with the cost of being isolated from home.

While I do get homesick at times, I was selected for this duty because I am good at working independently and remaining unemotional—and this doesn’t mean lacking compassion, it simply means remaining objective in order to perform the task at hand.

Here are some notes I received from a download today:

The function of the ego is to provide a subjective perspective for the avatar (incarnated entity). The ego complements the avatar.

The ego is the character of the avatar. It is the package of traits that define the avatar. It is the subjective perspective of the avatar.

To function detached from ego is to function from an objective perspective.

The purpose of having an ego is to provide an individual experience for an avatar.

What is considered human, besides the biological characteristics, is to have an ego. This is why people say humans are imperfect, they make mistakes, etc., because it is only through ego, subjective perspective, that one can view themselves as imperfect, as separate from Source.

The real problem on Earth is that people confuse their ego with their soul. This is why so many people are superficial and care so much about their physical appearance and impressing others. It is this disconnection that creates division, thus inequality and the perpetuation of a class system.

6 thoughts on “Earth Journal February 4, 2013

  1. Really beautifully written. I agree with you in terms of the super bowl & I loved your analogies.
    You have a wonderful and enlightened perspective, I just hope you don’t grow so alienated that you are unable to enjoy your time here on this earth

    love and light
    x x

    • Thank you for your kind words, Rachel. I am always striving to make the best of the situation here, and of course there are many other enlightened individuals like yourself who are here as well to make things easier. I am typically a content person no matter where I am living, and my comments simply serve as objective observations.

  2. Watch your diet, exercise regularly and beware of “the medication”.

    Depression is a serious illness whose pharmaceutical remedies have serious side effects. The idea is to create rectangular boxes for rectangular wholes six feet deep !

    “……poor ego will always be tormented by the id and the superego”: Sigmund Freud

    Think for yourself !

    • Thank you for this advice, Bill. I do not use any type of drugs and maintain a vegetarian diet, although I could use more exercise.

      I do not attribute this issue with clinical depression as one psychiatrist inaccurately diagnosed me after one session when I was a kid.

      I’ve always had high self-esteem, but not being able to relate to the status quo perspective of humans in America makes me feel apathetic about participating in this culture.

      Of course this is my own internal issue, and it is something I’ve been dealing with my entire life. I’ve found writing about it and talking with others to be effective therapy.

  3. Dear Skylar,

    Your observations about depression are bang on – It isn’t so much about being ‘depressed’ as it is an inability to express your entire being here and literally being ‘compressed’ into a human body in 3d. I have struggled my whole life with this as well, until, as you said, I woke up and realised why. Being clinically diagnosed, as you know, means that perscription drugs can be administered and this can shut down the awakening process, which is precisely what they are designed to do.

    Too many souls here are not developed past a certain soul age, and this is why they love the competitive aspect of sports – And yes, it is a feeding frenzy for the ptb. Although, if more people analyzed ‘how’ they felt after these events, I would surmise that they would realise they feel as though their entrails had been pulled out and that psychically they have been drained like a vampire drains the blood out of a human – and they have. But, this would require that people become aware of what they are doing and how they are spending their time. We as star seeds are far more sensitive to these things and are aware of them – where as younger souls or people who haven’t woken up aren’t aware of this – yet. It will be their time soon for some of them to understand what these activities are, and how they are used against people on at an emotive / spiritual development level.

    Take care,

    • Well said, Laurie. Indeed, it is frustrating to have to deal with the massive amount of unconsciousness on this planet, but this is of course what we’re here to help change. It just feels like a never-ending uphill battle, but at least we’re making progress, and if the Pope can be forced out of power, then it certainly seems that it could happen to anyone.

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