Earth Journal July 11, 2012

It has been interesting observing the growth of humanity throughout this pivotal time in Earth’s history. The signs of great change and a shift to a higher level of consciousness become more apparent with each day, and the old world order led by the dark masters of the Illuminati is gradually crumbling as light shines through the cracks in the foundation of the Orion system.

My own journey has not been one of great pain or devastating trials compared to others living in war-torn areas or deep poverty, but we all have our own subjective circumstances that we must endure, and truly no life is any more difficult than another’s from an objective point of view.

Throughout my development, I have undergone many varying levels of awareness, and it has been through my experiences in both the physical and spiritual states that I have come to understand what is real and what is not in this holographic reality. Through astral travel, meditation, and lucid dreaming, I have experienced existence in a purely energetic state, and have seen what is possible when one is not limited by the constructs of the third dimensional matrix.

It is through our collective agreements that we co-create the rules of this world, and when we are able to expand our minds and redefine what is possible, we will be able to build an entirely new system that operates according to the principles of Universal Law without the interference of self-serving interests.

This is the future that lies ahead of us, we simply need to understand this as a collective, and take the appropriate steps to bring it into fruition. Every day that passes by with us continuing to energize the old fear-based patterns is another missed opportunity, and we cannot allow this procrastination to continue.

It is our duty as the incarnated beings on the planet at this time to carry out the objectives that are required for this transition, and that means making the right decisions. I, among so many other freedom fighters, have communicated this message of freedom time and time again now, and I hope that we are not becoming broken records.

We can only remind you so many times that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. We can only empower you, inspire you, and open the door for so long until all that is left is for you to step through yourself. We are here as the wayshowers for humanity, the harbingers of light, and we will never give up this fight.

We are here to fulfill an objective duty, to achieve this victory of freedom, and we will prevail, it’s simply a matter of time and perseverance. We will deliver the changes that have been promised to you for so long, but we can only do so if we are given the proper permission by the human collective.

All that is required of you is your full commitment to consciousness development. You must desire this paradigm shift to occur in order for it to manifest in reality, there is no other way. By choosing health, both of the mind and the body, you are leading by example, and paving the way for the new society that is blossoming on Earth.

We understand that there are difficulties in this process. It is known that much effort is made to avoid pain, and many sacrifices are taken to simply get by in daily life. But understand that you always have a choice to alter your perception of reality. In each moment, you are granted a new opportunity to open yourself up to love, to give all of yourself to others, and truly become one with your divine spirit once again.

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