Earth Journal July 17, 2012

It is important to remain aware and be open to an increasing frequency of miracles and synchronicities these days. As the human collective reaches closer to the 51% positive majority for ascension, you are developing a greater access to your divine nature and true potential.

What you will come to find is that you are really not learning anything new anymore. Extracting information from external sources is an illusion, and it is much more accurate to say that you are simply remembering that you already know everything. Through your connection to Source, you already possess all knowledge that exists within the universe, you have simply become disconnected from this fact due to the fear-based programming that you have been subjected to throughout the duration of your physical incarnation.

You should also begin to notice that your capability to manifest your thoughts into physical reality are becoming much more proficient now, and you should feel much less stressed out, more creative, and have a greater state of well-being overall. This is the natural progression of this transmogrification process, as you are becoming more attuned to your true form as a light being.

Try not to become too caught up with the state of the physical world, whether it be politics, the economy, or any other major topic. The progression of this process is much more gradual in physical reality due to the greater density of that realm, and it is easy to become disappointed when events do not appear to be moving as quickly as you’d like. All will culminate into proper form at exactly the right moment, and it is not your job to worry about the progression of this process, as it is inevitable in its manifestation.

As always, maintain focus on performing your personal duties here, as that is where your true function lies. It is within the connection between all of Earth’s incarnated inhabitants that victory will be accomplished, and by everyone doing their part and supporting themselves and those around them, leaps and bounds of progress will be made, sweeping away the old system and replacing it with a new one based on pristine principles.

We understand that at times physical life can seem difficult and unfair, but this is the challenge that you have volunteered to endure. You were aware of the level of opposition that you were coming to face upon entering this world, and it is through transcending this game, this artificial intelligence program designed to control and manipulate the energetic structure of planet Earth, that you will find freedom and manifest the collective dream that you and so many other benevolent souls have worked tirelessly to achieve.

When you open your mind to all possibilities, all thoughts and ideas become a reality, and everything that you see in your movies that you so greatly desire to be true will be true once you transcend the limited mindset that you have been conditioned to uphold. It is through silence and focused intention that productive creation occurs, and through your collective efforts with your fellow brothers and sisters of Earth, you can build the society of the future that you desire without any further opposing forces standing in your way.

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