Earth Journal July 18, 2013

Ultimately, everyone on this planet is a victim to the Orion system, whether they like it or not. So how do most people cope with it? They ignore the urging of their souls to commit themselves to the LBP, and instead live hedonistic lifestyles as consumers, constantly seeking to upgrade their statuses on the physical plane.

New Agers have their own brand of making excuses for their lack of accountability, and it is usually through a false pretense of fluffy love and light. They quote one-liners from Eckhart Tolle or other popular gurus and claim that there is nothing wrong on this planet, despite the obvious slavery that pervades them everywhere, and they continue to repeat their intention on love without even knowing what it really is, let alone practicing it themselves.

So what the heck is this thing called love, then?

Love is honesty and self awareness. It is the eternal essence of the soul, the warrior’s spirit, not the romantic BS Hollywood spews out every other week. It is the knowing within yourself that you are an infinite, sovereign being, and having the courage to stand up for what you know is right no matter what the cost.

So the reason I bring this up is because I want to make it clear that the cabal is not our enemy. They are members of the human family just like everyone else, and while it is important that they receive their due of karma, we must strive to bring them back home into the light, not blindly hate them for what they have done in the past.

This is not an us versus them situation; this is about combating the agents of fear that have corrupted our brothers and sisters and disconnected them from the light. We are battling an energetic force that is destroying our planet, and the only way to defeat it is to stop energizing it ourselves—that is why we are here. It’s not about getting a good job and moving up in the world; that is the temptation of the dark side that contributes to this materialistic slavery.

Life is about self development, and we use this physical experience to role-play with one another. Of course, there are times when we forget that we are simply role-playing, and we take things said or done personally.

While the daily experience should be taken seriously, it is vital that we remain self aware and maintain a sense of cosmic humor as we proceed. This is one of the main issues in modern society—the inability to remain aware of the illusory nature of the ego. We make it all up internally, and whenever someone else projects their own beliefs onto that idea in a way that is different from our own, we tend to take it personally, rather than actually listening to the words that were said.

This is why learning how to be an open listener is such an important skill. Even if someone is saying something that you disagree with, you can still effectively make use of their words and integrate them into your own knowledge and character.

2 thoughts on “Earth Journal July 18, 2013

  1. Hey Skyler!

    I like this and I enjoyed your latter comments on the post seeding this one 🙂

    I just think you misidentified something in my words from within b/c in the end I am with you on the its not fluffy banana’s and pajama’s…funny thing. last night i watched 21 & over on DvD and both our names were in the opening credits and I had been meaning to stop by and comment again.

    Synch wink…it’s the way of a warrior for a cause but filled with a peace reached from finding that infinite love and using it for something awesome!!!!!

    Take it easy,


    • Dear Patrick,

      It’s great to hear from you again. I was concerned I was too harsh in my response to you earlier, and I thought I had lost you for good. I did not intend to be so brutal, but I felt it was the right thing to do since you had asked for my opinion. I realized later that what I said really had nothing to do with you, but was just a reflection of my own stuff that I’m going through (like you said), and I thank you for catalyzing that for me. The integrity of your character is apparent in this latest response, and I have much respect and love for you.

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