Earth Journal July 21, 2012

You have now come to an understanding of what it means to fully release your third dimensional identity. Throughout your entire life, you have thought that it was your ego that was running the show, but in fact, it was your soul, the divine part of your very being that resides within the higher realms, coordinating the actions of your biological vessel like a puppet on strings.

It is this understanding of the inner workings of All-That-Is that will lead to your imminent ascension. By raising your consciousness to a higher state of being, meaning becoming more aware of all of your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions, you are changing the fabric of the universe by acting as a conduit of higher frequency vibration.

It is these higher vibrational energies streaming from the Galactic Central Sun that will build the necessary energetic structure of your new reality, and through your light body process, you are acting as a living, breathing carrier of these new energies, a blueprint for the new race of incarnated human creator beings that will walk upon planet Earth in the near future.

What you are witnessing now is the dissolution of the old matrix, the old way of thinking based on obsolete physical concepts. The new infrastructure of modern society on Earth will be based on pure principles as regulated by Universal Law and will completely change the face of society forever, thrusting humanity into its true form as a galactic civilization in partnership with its cosmic family in the stars.

At this time you will experience even greater highs from both sides of the energetic spectrum. Surges of bliss as well as upheaval will be erupting throughout the human collective as many beings begin to make the adjustment to the new energetic structure that is being forged and will soon encompass all of planet Earth.

Through your periods in stasis, your physical vessel is undergoing the primary process of transmogrification to your true form as a light being. As progress is made in your transformation, memories of your past lives will return to you and full access to your extra-sensory perceptions will become available. Through your dreams, you are being prepared for existence in a multidimensional reality, and you will soon remember how to function consciously in both the third dimension and higher dimensions simultaneously.

Through the collective awakening of mankind, the fear-based systems that once controlled society on Earth will be deleted from the human collective consciousness and replaced with new programs based on optimal efficiency for all life according to the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization. Without the interference of service to self beings, planet Earth will flourish, and the new Golden Age as prophesied will come into fruition.

Linear time is coming to an end, and it is vital to maintain a positive and open-minded perspective throughout this transition. Many beings will find it difficult to cope with the new changes that are manifesting, and it is your duty to act as a guide, a wayshower for those who are still unable to comprehend the concept of planetary ascension. It is completely natural and understandable to fear change under the conditions that the human race has been subjected to, but through enough patience, perseverance, and unconditional love all beings will be able to come to terms with the new enlightened state of being that is manifesting on Earth.

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