Earth Journal June 7, 2012

We would like to tell you that we love you. We would like you to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. Throughout your entire lives, you have undergone many stresses, many trials and tribulations, and many atrocities that have not been a result of your doing, and we would like you to know that this negativity is coming to an end.

This year, 2012, is a very important year. Not so much in the physical sense, as it is not that this year is any different from any other year, it is simply that at this point in humanity’s history, the shift in consciousness has rapidly accelerated, and the civilization upon planet Earth is going to reach its next level very soon.

All of you who have wondered when the suffering will end, we are pleased to tell you that it is now. It is truly your choice as a collective to decide when you are going to take action, unite as one, put your foot down, and stop all of the greed, status warfare, and physical warfare.

This invisible energy war has been going on for centuries. It is this struggle between light and dark, the positive and negative polarities, that is going to come to an end. This experiment of duality is going to reach its next stage, and the participants upon planet Earth are going to transcend the boundaries that have restricted them for so long.

It is through the experiences of your many incarnations that you have gained the necessary understanding to progress forward in your society’s consciousness, and return to your rightful place as a galactic civilization in the stars, united as one cosmic family with your relatives from other planetary systems.

We want you to know that we have been with you since the beginning. We have never left your side, and we never will. We are not here to be your saviors, or to do the work for you. It is merely our duty to support you in your endeavors, and do all that we can to provide as much protection and allied support as possible without interfering with your karma or free will.

All of us who are aligned with the positive forces of Earth greatly await the day when humanity wakes up and realizes its divine nature. Every single day, we monitor the events of your world, and scratch our heads, wondering, what are they thinking? When are they going to wake up? When are they going to understand how irrational their behavior is? And this is in no way meant to judge or belittle your society. This is simply an objective observation of the present situation upon your planet.

We understand that there is very much corruption and manipulation going on behind the scenes of your planet, and that it is seemingly difficult to make any progress in the physical world. We want to tell you that it is not important to see your physical world change. What is important is for every single one of you to shift within, and understand your divine nature, and to express it with your fellow man.

We want you to know that stressing about money, fearing for your survival, is not your true nature. Human beings are not primitive. Yes, there is a sense of lower self, a sense of that instinctual, primal behavior, but this behavior is not your natural state of being. It has been programmed into you, indoctrinated into your society, very similarly to a virus.

Fear is a plague that crushes the spirit, and creates disconnection and disharmony between your people. It is fear that is the root cause of your collective neurosis, your inability to make commitments, and to see the long-term vision that you so greatly want to manifest.

It is this vision of a free planet Earth, one that is based upon equality for all human beings, that each and every one of you desires, but it is your fear, doubt, and inability to believe in yourselves that deters your path to freedom. And of course it is always important to remember that you are free, you were born free, and you will always be free, it is simply the deception of fear that distracts you from this truth.

We want to reassure you that we are here by your side. Everything will turn out for the better, and there is nothing to fear. All of your petty squabbles, all of your feelings of discontent and dissatisfaction, will evaporate like the clearing of a storm, and what you will see is the dawning of a new day, a new Earth that is fully connected, fully in tune with spirit, and based upon peace, love, and harmony.

This is the fate that is before you, and where you are now is simply the last battle before you hear the horns of victory, and when that time comes, we will rejoin with you once again, and you will know that everything that we have spoken of is true, and there will never be another child who goes hungry, unsheltered, or unloved ever again.

This is the goal that we present to you, and all that you must do is step forward and say yes. Yes, this is the reality that I desire. Yes, I am not my pain or suffering. Yes, I am a divine being of God, pure light and love, and I will not allow negativity to cloud the skies any further.

This is our message for humanity. We wish you all the best, and we know that we will see you again soon. God bless you all.

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