Earth Journal March 2, 2012

As I progress closer towards my third dimensional graduation, I am spending increasingly more time in the dream state, as bouts of fatigue caused by my ongoing light body process and the shifting energies of planet Earth overcome my body on a daily basis. It has become difficult to maintain any type of steady schedule, as it doesn’t take long for the common fatigue to set in after beginning my daily activities, and I am still being “called in” at random intervals to undergo training sessions in the higher realms to help facilitate the transition to New Earth for both myself and the other ascension candidates.

The coordination between my waking and dream states has now entered the level where I can literally state that I need to take a bathroom break during a dream, then wake up, go to the bathroom, and enter the dream state again. The lucidity of my dream state has become so prevalent, that entering into it is like flipping a switch, and it has become increasingly more difficult to function in the waking state, as my vibration has become more in tune with the higher frequency energies available in the dream state.

Also, on March 1st, after receiving a bout of fatigue around 3:30 PM, I entered the dream state, and found myself eating pizza with a close friend of mine, while enjoying an old favorite television show (the 90′s Nickelodeon cartoon, Doug) in a lounge area. After what seemed like a short while (linear time doesn’t exist in this state), I woke up, and for the first time that I can recall during this incarnation, I experienced clairalience (extrasensory smell). The distinct smell of pizza entered my senses, and there wasn’t any pizza within the proximity of my bedroom. I looked at the time, and it was approximately 7:30 PM. It appeared that my friend and I had taken a four hour lunch break!

Lastly, it has become apparent to me now that my primary function as an energy transmitter (described in my last entry) is no longer applicable at this juncture, since this duty was mainly suited for third dimensional existence. My energetic duties have been reduced drastically, as a greater percentage of Earth’s inhabitants have now taken on this responsibility. My primary function now lies in the duty of acting as a wayshower for New Earth, and completing a sort of esoteric dissertation (as represented by these writings) for the benefit of public knowledge in adherence with graduation policy.

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