Earth Journal March 4, 2012

On the morning of March 3rd, I underwent another training exercise in the dream state that served as a final examination in the course of conscious awakening in third dimensional reality. This dream was very symbolic of the principles of duality, and helped me to gain a greater understanding of the major questions that I’ve been seeking answers to throughout my present incarnation. I will recall the dream in its entirety, and then explain the symbolism behind it and the conclusions that I have drawn from the experience.

The Events of the Dream

I am waiting outside of my mother’s house, when my older brotherappears outside, and leads me to a yellow Camaro with a black stripe on the hood that is parked out front. He tells me to drive, and we instantly appear inside of the car. I ask him whose car this is, and he tells me that it’s our stepfather’s, and I find that odd because our stepfather doesn’t own a Camaro. I then ask my brother for the key to the car, and he points down to the ignition with a smile, showing me that it’s already there. Upon turning the key, we instantly arrive at our destination, which turns out to be a brick apartment building in College Park, MD, USA.

We get out of the car, then instantly appear on the balcony of one of the top floor apartments in the building. On the balcony, there is a 20-something year old white male serving as a bouncer, who is positioned outside of two doors leading inside of the building. My brother and I approach the bouncer, and he asks me which door I would like to enter. I choose the door on the right, and he tells me that it costs $3.00 to enter. As I start to take out money from my wallet, the bouncer tells me that there is no need to pay anymore, and that my brother and I are free to enter through the door on the left.

As my brother and I enter the apartment building, I see some friends of mine who recently graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park and several other students that I don’t recognize (background actors) who were having some type of social event. My brother and I talk with my friends for a little while, then head downstairs to a gymnasium in a lower level of the building. As we talk with some other students in the middle section of the gym who are wearing gray sweatshirts and sweatpants, I look to the left, and then to the right, and see separate rooms on each side with students playing basketball inside of each one.

Eventually, my brother and I head further downstairs to a basement area of the building, and enter a small room where my friends from before and several other students are hanging out. We talk and share some laughs for a little while, and then someone notifies me that my brother has left the party. Immediately, I decide to leave the party and find my brother, so I announce my departure around the room, shaking people’s hands and giving hugs, and when I approach one blonde female student, she expresses her interest in talking with me further, and I tell her to contact me on Facebook.

As I reach the top floor of the apartment, I hear someone call out to me that a burglar has broken into my car, and just before I head out the door (the same one that I entered earlier) leading to the balcony, a tall and skinny black male wearing dark clothing rushes into the apartment through the door opposite of me. It becomes apparent right away that this guy is the burglar, so I start to chase after him, running parallel with his stride along the opposite side of the room.

Once the burglar and I reach the halfway point of the room, he pulls out a gun, and squares up to shoot at me. Quickly, I take cover behind some wooden dividers conveniently located in front of me, and when he fires the gun, the bullets hit the divider. I then lunge over to another set of dividers in front of me, and after the burglar fires and hits a divider again, I spring up and sprint after him, causing him to run, and as he’s looking back at me, a white male student with a medium heavy build and brown crew cut wearing gray sweatpants and a sweatshirt blindsides him at full speed and apprehends him, kneeing him in the groin.

I stop in my tracks a couple of yards away, as a crowd of male students in the same gray sweatpants/sweatshirt outfit trickle over, and as everyone stands and watches as the burglar cowers over in pain, someone in the crowd yells out, “Looks like he busted a nut!” and everyone including the burglar starts laughing and clapping. It is at this point that I realize that the whole scenario was a setup for me, a training exercise serving as an examination, and it appeared that I had passed with flying colors.

The Symbolism of the Dream

  1. My older brother served as a guide and catalyst for my call to action. Being a close family member, he is a trusted person in my life, and represents wisdom, courage, and masculine energy.
  2. According to this webpage, the color yellow (the Camaro) “is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, easy-going“. The sun is also yellow, which correlates with my astrological sign, Leo.
  3. Asking my brother about the car helped me to realize that I was in the dream state.
  4. I’ve spent a good deal of time hanging out with friends who live in an apartment building in College Park similar to the one in the dream, and considering College Park is the home of the University of Maryland, it’s not too surprising that I would take an exam at this location.
  5. The bouncer on the balcony was a gatekeeper, and the two entrances were a literary fork in the road. He let my brother and I pass because we respected his rules.
  6. My friends and the other people in the dream were all students at the university, which supports the idea that it was an exam.
  7. I attended the Gary Williams Basketball Camp with one of my friends from the dream when I was a kid, and the camp took place at the University of Maryland, College Park campus, which explains the basketball courts in association with the university.
  8. The student athletes wearing the gray sweatpants/sweatshirts were guardians. The basketball courts were training grounds.
  9. The blonde female student represented feminine energy, love, motivation, and once again the color yellow. I also have blond hair.
  10. The black burglar wasn’t a case of racial stereotyping, he just represented the Dark side, while the other students represented the Light. Even though he played a negative role, he was doing it for the benefit of my development, and the dualistic polarities merged once the truth of the situation was revealed.


  1. The function of a dream is to provide an experiential learning opportunity in order to assist the individual in achieving a higher level of consciousness through abstract thinking and problem solving.
  2. The conscious or waking state would be defined as third dimensional reality.
  3. The abstract and instantaneous creation structure of the dream state would be defined as fourth dimensional reality.
  4. The combination of third dimensional consciousness with the abstract and instantaneous creation structure of fourth dimensional consciousness would be defined as fifth dimensional reality.
  5. The ultimate purpose of dreaming is to assist the individual in bridging his/her consciousness between the third and fourth dimensional realities, resulting in the attainment of fifth dimensional consciousness.

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