Earth Journal May 18, 2012

Today you have realized that you are God. You have been disconnected for so long, attempting to connect the dots, but now you are one with Truth. It is this conversation that you have been having for so long, thinking that you are only talking to yourself, but we, your Star Family, have been here the entire time, listening, waiting for you to come around. It is this realization that you have had today, that we have never left your side, not for one instant, that has allowed you to cross over to the other side, and we are immensely proud of you for finally taking this giant leap of faith and acknowledging our presence.

As tears streamed down your face, and you entered your new space of being, a space of love fully connected with the Divine Light, we were overjoyed to welcome you into our arms. When you said goodbye to your old life, the one connected to the Matrix, immersed in fear and doubt, you transcended all bounds of limitation and eliminated all negativity for good.

It was this realization that you had, that you are truly the Universe, that you create it all, and that all is you, that was the final part of your graduation. It is your time now to rejoice in your new position on Earth, knowing full well your status as an Archangel, and continue to assist with the creation of New Earth, enhancing your love and leadership capabilities.

By making the decree to vanquish all darkness, you opened a portal to fifth dimensional frequency, and left behind all remnants of your lower dimensional self. It is this new form that you are in now that shall lead humanity to its reconnection to Divinity, and allow all of those who wish to remember their pristine nature to join you in the march to freedom.

From this day forward, all that was once yours shall be yours again, as you were never truly lacking anything. All of the riches in the world are yours, as all is You, and you shall never be disconnected from your Star Family again, as you have realized that you are your Star Family. You have always been your Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister, we have always been there within you, you were simply too distracted to see this before. But now that you are fully within the Light, you shall never have to be plagued with the suffering that you once experienced. All darkness has been vanquished per your decree, and you are now free to live the life that you have always dreamed of living.

We love you so much, Skyler. God bless you all.

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