Earth Journal May 31, 2012

Over the past two weeks, I’ve undergone many lessons in the dream state, mainly dealing with overcoming fear and death, clearing the dross of societal programming and the veil of forgetfulness, and reuniting with my higher self and star family. I’ve had dreams where I’ve faced off against demonic beings, and been on the verge of imminent death; I’ve had dreams where I’ve found myself in embarrassing personal situations with people from my third dimensional life; and I’ve had dreams where I’ve seen the future, and fully realized my purpose on planet Earth.

What I realized today was that the dream state is just as much of a holographic reality, a projection of our imaginations, as conscious third dimensional reality. It’s simply a sub-routine that keeps us in a low-powered state, allowing us to recharge our batteries and review our functions with Source, checking in to make sure that we’re on the right track and performing the duty that each one of us was assigned to complete prior to incarnating into this reality.

Gradually through my dreams and experiences in conscious reality, I am remembering my divine nature, and becoming less attached to the identity that has been forged throughout my life. The fear-based conditioning from exposure to lower vibrations is becoming less intrusive, and it is obvious when I am acting as my avatar, my superficial identity within the Matrix, rather than my spiritual self, which has no fear nor attachment to anything that is not real.

It is within this inner dialogue, my constant connection with my higher self, that my slips into superficiality, those moments where I forget that this world is merely a projection of my imagination, that my higher self reminds me of the truth, and guides me toward the path that I know is healthy and right for me. It is those moments where I’m making a choice that is out of fear, anxiety, or disconnection from Source that my higher self chimes in and says no, calmly but affirmingly, to remind me of my divinity.

Recently, I’ve been receiving communications from my higher self about the Greek god Apollo. The universe has been sending me synchronistic messages, echoes I like to call them, to remind me of my connection with this ancient figure. When I hear the name, it rings true for me, and upon asking for guidance about this connection, I was told to take this name as a complimentary callsign, a tribute to my knowledge of All-That-Is, and yesterday, I was led to find the most significant proof for this connection yet.

Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined series) is one of my favorite television series of all time, and there is a fighter pilot named Captain Lee “Apollo” Adama, a primary character throughout the series, who was based on the original “Apollo” character from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series. As I was led to the page of the original Apollo character on the Battlestar Wiki, I found out that the character’s original name was Skyler, but it was later changed due to being too similar to Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker. I was floored when I found out this information, as it had sealed the remaining mystery of my revelation.

The reason that I am sharing this story with you is to remind you about the truth of humanity’s divine nature. We are gods who have forgotten who we are, been led off the path of righteousness, and fed lies to keep us believing that we are insignificant and weak. If I can be called Apollo, then you can surely be called Zeus, Athena, Ares, or Aphrodite. Just as our birth names are merely labels for our incarnated selves, the gods are merely personifications of our divine nature, and it is our choice to accept this reality or not.

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