Earth Journal May 7, 2012

I am here to remind you what it means to be alive. Being one with Source, the Universe, All-That-Is, is what it means to be fully alive. Any moment that you are disconnected from Source, you are not fully alive. It’s like you have a meter of consciousness, and whenever you are in a state of bliss, completely one with the Light, your meter reads full.

Last night during meditation, I transcended my normal state of consciousness. Similar to a dream, I was in my light body, and I was sitting at my desk watching a video about the process of transmogrification. After a few moments, I received an intense surge of energy throughout my body, causing my consciousness to elevate instantly. As I arose from my desk chair, I experienced myself become fully encompassed with white light.

Once the experience was over, I snapped back into my normal state of consciousness, and I had the thought that I’d just experienced death. I’ve had two other similar out of body experiences in the past, but this was the first time that I’ve ever experienced fully transmogrifying into the form of a light being, and just to reiterate, this wasn’t a dream, as I was never asleep. I was in a transcendent state of consciousness similar to what others have described while being under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

My advice to others is to simply let go. Let go of all of the traumatic experiences that are still affecting you. Let go of all of your presumptions and judgments of yourself and others. Let go of everything that you think is true, and re-evaluate your understanding of reality. You are a being of light, and I am telling you this now not because I believe it, but because I’ve experienced it myself and know it to be true.

Death is nothing to be afraid of, and in fact, it should be looked forward to like a graduation ceremony. It’s not painful, it may be a bit overwhelming, but it’s certainly nothing to be afraid of. The fear-based outlook on death needs to change, and I hope that this message helps others to understand the reality of it.

Okay, so what now? We’re beings of light, death is nothing to be afraid of, but what about money? As long as we remain in biological vessels, we still need to provide for ourselves.

Yes, this is true if you want to live in modern society, and while it’s obvious that using money is both inefficient and limiting, you still have to respect that everyone is moving along at their own pace of development. The simple truth is that if you want to trade with someone who requires money, you either have to agree with their outlook or pass on the opportunity.

The key is to maintain your integrity no matter what the circumstances are. Do not do anything that violates your morals. Do not bend over backwards to earn money. This doesn’t mean don’t work hard, it just means be conscious of the reason that you are doing something. Work hard because having a high standard of quality is important to you, not because you’re afraid of losing your job or not having enough money.

You can tell when you’re doing something for a superficial reason when you experience resistance. Everything that you do out of love comes easily and naturally, not with a moral struggle, and any challenges that come along are taken in stride and perceived with an optimistic attitude.

For example, whenever I play a sport or do any type of performance, it’s not technically easy, but there is no resistance or moral struggle involved when I’m doing it. On the other hand, when I’m involved in a project that I’m only doing to make money, there is always resistance and a moral struggle along the way. It’s your soul’s way of telling you that you’re doing something that is not in line with your values.

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