Earth Journal October 16, 2012

With the completion of the 10.10 portal came your entrance into your new timeline. You are now seeing with your own eyes that the previous state of being that you had been working under throughout your life is no longer relevant to your experience, and has been rendered obsolete.

Similar to visiting one of your old schools, you may still be walking through the same halls and classrooms that you experienced in the past, but something feels different, and it is not that the setting has changed, it is that you have transformed internally, therefore your outlook on life has changed.

You have reached the next level of your maturity now, and become more clear and focused on your function as a sovereign creator being to utilize the gift of free will in order to manifest the reality that you desire.

It is in this realization, that you do have the ability to manifest the life of your dreams, that you will find true freedom, and open yourself up to your divine purpose to express yourself as a being of light and manifest heaven on earth.

When you analyze those last words heaven on earth, it becomes apparent that the goal is not to leave this planet or abandon existence in physicality. The purpose of this mission is to transform the society of Earth on the ground to a place of purity, safety, compassion, love, equality, and freedom.

In other words, we did not incarnate here simply to leave before this job is done. We are soldiers of light, and we are here to fight this war on the ground, to eliminate the forces of darkness that control this world, and transition planet Earth to a state of balance and prosperity once again.

This ascension job does not have to come with so much hardship and struggle. It is merely a matter of keeping things in perspective and maintaining a positive mindset during each day. It is easy to become disgruntled, agitated, jaded, but these states of being do nothing to help you progress forward in your own life and contribute to completing this mission.

At this point, you may be wondering how it is possible for us to complete such a daunting task in ascending this planet. Well, the game plan is actually pretty simple, and it does not involve any type of rioting, protesting, or violence. All that must happen to complete this mission is for a critical mass of humans to choose the path of service-to-others, and work to manifest their own individual dreams based on peace and harmony in their own lives.

Once this is accomplished, the rest of the changes will naturally manifest, and the evolution of the planet to a state of freedom will come into fruition gradually. So it is not important to worry about how or when this process of transition is going to occur. It is only important to focus on purifying your own mind and body and doing all you can to assist others in raising their own vibration.

So what should be done when it comes to accomplishing the necessities of daily life? Obviously the financial system is still intricately entwined in the process of creation, so how do we allow ourselves to continue investing our energy into this system when we know that it is unbalanced, inefficient, and manipulated?

The answer lies in pursuing abundance from the perspective of spirit rather than material. This means focus your conscious intention on manifesting your desired reality from the fulcrum of energizing the space of being that you wish to inhabit, not from the perspective of meeting a particular financial goal.

It’s important to remember that money is merely a physical representation of energy, and holds no power without conscious agreement. So just to reiterate, it is more beneficial to pursue abundance from the perspective of its pure state, spirit, rather than allowing the illusion of physicality to distract your efforts.

Lastly, the best way to approach manifesting your desired reality is to take one step at a time. Visualize your desired outcome, and break it down into small goals that you can easily accomplish. Whenever you try to approach the entire goal all at once, you become overwhelmed by the scope of the final outcome, and it makes things much more difficult to move forward.

So whenever you find yourself overwhelmed in a place of fear, remember to take a moment to breathe, refocus your efforts on smaller goals, and take one step forward at a time. Although the final product may not manifest overnight, when you approach creation from this standpoint, the end result will grow gradually, and before you know it you’ll find yourself living the life of your dreams.

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  1. I came across Jesse’s site and facebook page and she’s all about how easy and self-regulating life can be if you just let it. Amazing positive young woman and then her SMILE, it lightens up my heart. Good persons are gradually and more and more coming into my life!! 🙂

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