Earth Journal September 14, 2012

This week has been another one of those periods where I’ve been struck by bouts of fatigue each day, usually in the afternoon. By now it’s become routine for me, like a signal from my Higher Self that it’s time for more training in the altered states. Thankfully, these days the fatigue is not joined with anxiety like earlier in the year, and the sessions always turn out to be productive and quite blissful.

Earlier in the week during one of these sessions I found myself in a half-asleep half-awake state, lying down on my back on the couch in the afternoon as the sun shone through the windows in the living room, and I heard a voice coming from the kitchen, a female voice, but I was unable to turn my head to look.

I also heard a male voice in front of me, and I was able to make out the form of a man gleaming in a light blue auric field as he stood before me. I can’t recall what he said, but when I woke from the altered state, I had the thought that I had just experienced astral projection, and that fact was confirmed through divination.

I’ve also had two recent dreams where I was attending celebratory events, a graduation party and an awards ceremony. In each dream I was with people dear to me, family and friends, and I was joined with many others in large venues, an auditorium and a hotel banquet room.

These dreams seemed representative of the victory of the Light, and they gave me hope that the ascension process is proceeding smoothly, and that we will be finished with this job, or at least this initial stage, very soon.

On Dr. Stankov’s website, there has been much talk of next week, September 16th-22nd, being the period of the first wave of cosmic ascension for the PAT and other qualifying candidates. My Higher Self agrees with this timetable as far as the energetic situation goes, although it is important to remain open-minded and flexible to avoid the possibility of disappointment.

As I’ve mentioned before, ascension is a very abstract, spontaneous process, and attempting to analyze it and manipulate it into some kind of logical equation that caters to our physical perception of reality is bound to leave room for error. It’s like trying to predict the next time you’re going to fall in love; it’s not something you try to figure out, it’s something you allow to happen naturally.

But regardless, I’m glad the PAT members are approaching the situation in the appropriate way, which is to go with the flow and dream big. Posting your fantasy ascension scenario is a great idea, as it utilizes the Science of Imagery to help energize the desired events come into fruition, just like anything else.

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