Earth Journal September 24, 2012

At this point, it is my understanding that until December we are only to expect further energetic upgrades at peak alignments in the same manner as the previous three quarters of the year, not a separate ascension process altogether.

In other words, what we’ve been deeming the cosmic ascension of the PAT is only to be seen as a separate process from planetary ascension in the same way that it would not make sense to lump the graduation of doctoral students with the graduation of elementary school students, as most adults have the spiritual comprehension of a child (and that’s even an insult to most children ;)).

This is how much further ahead the PAT, the individuals on the ground most advanced in the light body process and consciousness development, are from the rest of humanity, who are not even aware of such metaphysical concepts, let alone developed in the associated practices.

This probably sounds elitist to anyone who does not fall within the category of the PAT, but this is my honest opinion of the situation, and it serves no one to be anything other than completely frank about it.

So, it is technically not inaccurate to say that the ascension of the PAT, and the ascension of the rest of humanity in general, is imminent, since the process is always progressing gradually with new upgrades being installed every month until the big bang at the end of the year.

This is what our intuitive sources have been telling us the entire time. Yes, ascension is imminent, because we’re moving closer to it every day, but that does not mean it is going to occur tomorrow, next week, or next month.

We’ve had our deadline since the beginning, December 21st, and that is the only date that really matters from here on out, and even that is just another marker.

The point is, it’s not important to focus on deadlines for ascension as if it’s a scheduled event. Doing so is manipulating a process that is supposed to be spontaneous and effortless, not something that you try to analyze and plan out.

So how do you judge your own progress?

You see where you are in your own life. What type of environment are you living in? What kind of company are you keeping? How healthy is your lifestyle? What habits form your routine? How happy are you overall? What are your energy investments?

These are the questions that are more important to be asking yourself, not worrying about whether or not we are going to ascend according to a predicted schedule.

4 thoughts on “Earth Journal September 24, 2012

  1. I have been also discussing this issue with myself also but cannot put it into words. But overall this article added to my internal discussion and solved it nicely that I can sit back and relax. I thank Barbara for stimulating this internal discussion within myself. Below is why delays don’t activate my temperamental side 🙂

    There are different conflicting schedules and it can get overwhelming at times. My solution to this is to compare the schedule/scenario which I have charged my emotions with and compare the new ones. I can get new insights in the process. Then I decide if I can change my mind in light of the new insights. New scenarios can also appear in light of the insights.

    This is like using the Libra weighing scale. Congratulations, Skyler for effectively using the Libra weighing scale/balance.

    Dates are simply approximations of the elaborate energy optimizations that are taking place in the universe right now. So dates are lower priority compared to increasing the frequency of your vibration in 3d reality just like the strategies above can help. Dates simply gives us ideas.

    So dates are second priority, because they are poor representations of the energy optimizations that are taking place right now, which we have minimal control through our emotions. Everything eventually has an energy threshold that can make big changes happen. But the scenarios which we can create in the limited human mind now are still approximations.

    Stay charged to your own scenario while the date has not arrived yet. This can take courage. When the date has arrived but nothing has happened, we can ask what insights did the delay gave us and what can we learn from it? How we can change the unsuccessful scenario or create a new scenario in light of the insights from the delay?

    After charging an all new scenario, we can move on to the other important energy investments (above) in 3d reality, which is of higher priority than dates.

    Since I had trouble explaining this in words, I hope it is clear.

    • Aegil,

      I understand what you are trying to convey. The bottom line is, as long as we’re here on the ground, it really does us no benefit to worry about when we’re going to ascend, it’s more important to simply focus on expanding your consciousness, raising your vibration, and manifesting the reality that you desire, regardless of any external ascension scenario.

      • Yes! That is my recipe for sanity that has made my temperamental side obsolete. That side is now an like app that crashes all the time 🙂 No I won’t fix that app.

        The temperamental side of humans come from the lower chakras and the ego cannot live without these emotions that fuel irrational decisions as I mentioned in my essay about compartmentalized thinking.

  2. Haha, that’s good! – “Like an app that crashes all the time” – and to calmly observe it and not try to ‘fix’ it. 🙂


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