Further Thoughts on the State of the Union Address

After further contemplation of Obama’s State of the Union address, I still have no doubt that the Old World Order will fall by the end of the year. People are just too smart and aware of the truth behind the corruption of the government to continue to buy into their agenda. Politics have just become another reality TV show, and no one takes any of these people seriously anymore.

It’s 2012, and we’re still supporting petroleum? We still need to have a strong military? We still have enemies? Really? It’s so ridiculous and pathetic that these people still think that the American people are going to buy into these antiquated ideals. Anyone with half a brain knows that there are no enemies, the wars are inside jobs, free energy and extra-terrestrials exist, the propaganda is blatant, and our real interests should be in advancing space exploration and innovating technology.

These people are behind in the times, and need to wake up and realize that the game is over, their plans for world domination are futile, and no one cares about what they have to say anymore. Human beings are their own masters and do not need anyone else telling them what to do. Anyone who wants to find out the truth behind the inner-workings of the Elite’s agenda can simply go online and read for themselves all of the horrible things that they’ve done to the human race and planet Earth.

Just like in Wizard of Oz, the veil has been lifted, and the jig is up. The big bad fear machine is really just smoke and mirrors by a group of cowardly individuals with self-serving interests and lots of big toys, attempting to compensate for their lack of integrity and self-worth by exploiting everyone else.

The bottom line is, no one cares about them anymore, and they don’t have any power over anyone else. This makes them very scared and upset, and they’re going to throw temper tantrums all the way until the last member is removed from power. All that we need to do is ignore them, and they will lose all power and motivation to continue terrorizing the rest of the world.

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